Monday, June 6, 2011

Essence - Blue Ray (@ TE)

My BF took me to the drugstore today. Thank you, honey! . :-* (Yes, ladies, he reads my blog. :D)
Guess what. I found a display of ''@'' trend edition by Essence there. And who would have thought - there were also some tester items (trend editions usually don't have testers). Cream to Powder Eyeshadows were poorly pigmented and barely duochrome, Lipglosses looked boring and colorless and I didn't even bother with the eyeliners. The Body Oil looked interesting until I saw it has a blue shimmer. I don't want to look like a ghost, so I passed. The only thing that looked worth buying at that moment was this nail polish named Blue Ray.

I tried Blue Ray on one finger and realized it would be best to layer it over another blue polish. I chose Essence My Boyfriend's Jeans from the Denim Wanted trend edition. I got this one from Ivana who kindly gave me her bottle of this blue beauty and it's sibling in Forever Mine. Thank you so much, Ivana!

Essence, My Boyfriend's Jeans (Denim Wanted TE), 2 coats

And this is how Blue Ray looks layered over it. One coat of each.

Essence, My Boyfriend's Jeans (Denim Wanted TE), 1 coat + Essence, Blue Ray (@ TE), 1 coat

A blind man could see this polish is not even close to being holographic. But we knew that before the collection came out, didn't we. :D Blue Ray is a really nice duochrome though. It looks blue most of the time, but if you look at it towards the light source, you will see it's purple alter ego. And while I'm typing this (with the light lit in my room) it looks green. I swear! :)

Although it's not what it says it is, Blue Ray is still worth having, don't you think?

Thanks for looking!


  1. like the my bf color am not into the holo
    i guess cause my finishes are, cream,jelly and subtle glitter.

  2. That's a nice polish, love the colour.

  3. It's like the brazilian holo, holographic just in the name.. =/

  4. Something got lost in German holographic means duochrome? lol I love both duochromes and holos so I'd still get this one if I get the chance.

  5. Think they're trying to trick us and capitalize on the holo craze. It's working though because this is still quite a pretty color :)

  6. I hate when companies do that...they know what holographic means. Why do they tell such liess? ;__;

    At least it's pretty in its own non-holographic way.

  7. Nice layering polish. Shame it isn't a holo. Sweet boyfriend!

  8. Cool idea! I'm planning to buy Blue Ray, too. But it's a pity that you didn't showed us the original color :(

  9. This looks super pretty :) Such a shame though it isnt holographic :( I bet it would have looked awesome!


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