Thursday, June 9, 2011

Essence Lips

These are the latest Essence lip products I purchased. Two lip liners, two lip glosses and a lipstick.

Essence Lip Liners in Soft Rose and Red Blush. Price: ~ 1.30 €. They're quite soft and pigmented. Definitely worth buying.

Lipstick in Sparkling Miracle. Price: ~ 2.00 €. This is not a full coverage lipstick, but it's also not sheer. It's just right if you ask me. I like the subtle scent and the fact it doesn't dry out my lips. Very good product.

Stay with Me longlasting lipgloss in I Like Cotton Candy. Price: 2.49 €. I don't like the applicator at all. It's weird and it doesn't make the application any easier. Other than that it's a great lipgloss. Not sticky and quite pigmented. Though it's not as long lasting as it promises.

XXXL Shine lipgloss in Rock On. Price: ~ 2.00 €. I love everything about this one. It's cheap and I have nothing bad to say about it.

All in all, Essence lip products are definitely worth trying. If you like to wear color on your lips and don't want to spend a small fortune for it, then I strongly recommend it to you. These products won't last whole day on you, but they also won't dry out your lips or empty your wallet. Since I don't wear lipglosses or lipsticks very often, Essence is my to-go brand when it comes to my pout.

What do you think of Essence lip products?

Thanks for looking!


  1. Last time I visited Germany I bought some lipliners and two Stay With Me lipglosses, and I just absolutely love them! They're amazing!! :D God, I wish I could get Essence products easier.

  2. I like the stay with me gloss. Smells good and is very smooth. I think for such a low price a real good product!

  3. Meni je pa fuuul vsec tale nov aplikator. Totalno zabaven in enostaven za uporabo je.
    In moja najljubsa sminka je od Essence (This is Me), tako da... so mi vsec te zadevice ;D.

    Aja in najboljsi prosojen lipgloss je tudi od Essence! :D

  4. I got both lip liners you showed! :)
    I was thinking about trying the Stay with me gloss but now I don't think I will because I wanted some original longlasting colour and I already have all of those but it looks great on you. :)
    Many kisses :*

  5. I think my sister has 'Rock On' and though we're not too fond of Essence lip products, we like that very much. I think we have the old version of the lipstick too.

  6. I love Essence lip products, especially Stay With Me Lipgloss. And I do like the applicator though it takes some practice to learn how to use it.

  7. I love Essence lip products! The Stay with me lipgloss applicator is good, you have to place the curve in the center of your lips. The product itself is great, it reminds me of my Korres cherry lipglosses but the Essence ones are more affordable!

  8. the first lipgloss has a beautiful pink shade! #want!

  9. Beautiful colours, especially "i like cotton candy" shade :)

  10. Super nakup, sem ravno gledala tele xxxl glose in po resnici povedano sem mislila, da imajo malce več barve v sebi in niso tako prosojni ampak če si ti zadovoljna si ga bom naslednjič kupila, le še pravi odtenek moram izbrati

  11. I love lip products. Lipsticks are my favorites. I have tons of them and also lip glosses. Plenty of lip liners also. I'm just addicted to makeup and nail polish period. Nothing better than a sparkly pink lipstick! Love them all on you.


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