Sunday, June 12, 2011

Inspired by Killer Colours

I tried to recreate the intense eyeliner look Viola from Killer Colours did a while back. I wasn't really successful, but it's OK enough to show it to you. I think. Eyeliners cause me the most trouble. I can work with eyeshadow, pencils, mascara ... but I need to work on my eyeliner skills. 

Products I used:
* ELF Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Midnight
* NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
* 88 Matte Eyeshadow Palette (black and nude)

For this photo I also added some ES false eyelashes I got from KKcenterhk. Unfortunately I didn't take any useful ''open eye'' shots.

Shortwidenails wanted to see this Lucky Swallow necklace in action. Here you go, sweetie. =)

What beauty product causes you troubles?

Thanks for looking!


  1. False eyelashes are NOT a friend of mine.
    I can put them on and all that. But they never stick on the inner bit of the eye. If you know what I mean.

  2. I think the eyeliner looks fab :) i'd love to be able to do it that well. Still something i'm practising a lot, winging it out is so difficult at times!

  3. False eyelashes are tough for me...I can do them, but it takes me forever and a day. And stuff like concealer and blush is hard...I always come off looking like a demented clown. *sad face*

    But anyway, I love the eyeliner look you did! The wing is so sharp and precise. n_n

  4. Prelep MU in tudi ogrlica je fantasti─Źna! <3

  5. I think you did the eyeliner great!

  6. Bronzer- I always look like I've been mining chocolate! I think your eyeliner is pretty damn good btw and I wear it daily. X

  7. Your liner looks great.

    I am working on other liner looks than the standard smooth line on my upper lid from corner to corner. I am learning to tightline and I have gotten back into lining my waterlines. But wings and so forth give me fits! But I will conquer it! I will! I think I need a good gel liner for that... :)

  8. Your eyeliner always looks so precise and gorgeous!

  9. im getting the necklace now woot!!!!

  10. the color of the eyeliner looks great


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