Thursday, June 16, 2011

Move on... Nothing to See Here.

Diseases aren't what they were anymore. In the past years, when I got ill, it was either a cold, a flu or toncilitis (angina). Now the syptoms got all mixed up and the doctors can't even tell me if it's contageous or not. I got sick literally over night. My toncils swelled, I got a massive headache, pain in my joints and fever. OK, I can handle that. Then came the sickness. After kneeling in front of the porcelain throne (aka the toilet) for a few minutes, I wanted to get up and take my meds... and everything got blank. I can remember opening my eyes, seeing the tiles and I felt just so sick, like never before in my life. It was a mess of heat flashes, dizzyness, sickness... I was confused and couldn't move. All I could do was call my mother... and it got _____ again. Then I remember my mother holding me, my father calling the ambulance and I thought I was gonna die. Well, not really die, but close enough. I could smell the dirt... but maybe that was because I was lying on the floor. Now that I think back - I'm such a pussy. :D

I got to the ER 10 minutes later. They took my blood, did a ECG and I also got an infusion. I felt OK one hour later and wanted to sit up. And it started again. My blood pressure fell to 70/50. Here we go again, more IV, etc. The only good thing was that I got a needle in my vein (I love needles and I love it when they take my blood, did I mention that? Yes, I'm weird.). The fact that a young, not so bad looking paramedic took care of me was not so bad either (I hope my BF isn't reading this... khm). Four and a half hours later I was dismissed. Diagnose: angina (toncilitis). WTF?!

I had toncilitis a numerous times before, but I never had such problems. Dehydration because of simple angina? My fever wasn't even that high. And the best part is - I was almost completely healthy the next day. No more joint pain, no toncil pain, headache or fever. Nothing. Well, there was pain in my behind from falling on the floor while passing out, but that's it. Now I've only got this red rings on my shoulders, where they put those ECG vacuum thingies. I'm actually feeling quite well. I don't know where the disease went, but I'm glad it's gone. Do you also think colds, flus and other similar illnesses are getting all mixed up and weird? Pharmacy industry conspiracy? Hee hee.

Whoa, I got carried away. For those of you still following (and for those who just skipped the upper part, I can't blame you), here's my new necklace. I just gotta shorten the chain...

Octopus Necklace, Ebay, $3.25. I named the necklace octopussy. :D What else.

Talking about pussies... Aishila says ''hi''.

I'll be back tomorrow. Unless I ''sign out'' again.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Hope you are feeling better :(

  2. That must have been scary! Luckily it's all fine now. I also got unknown sick one time in a H&M fitting room when I was shopping alone... couldn't move and it felt like my head was exploding... never had it before & doctors still don't know what kind of attack I had =S
    Nice necklace! x

  3. Get well soon. (Conspiracy sometimes it takes the headache away but u get a stomach problem of it for example.
    Ashila picture is beautifull

  4. Take care of yourself! Hi Aishila, you look pretty!

  5. Oh that sounds scary :s
    It's frustrating when you're ill but medicine isn't developped enough yet to discover what it is.. then they say something rather bizarre like angina, that you're just stressed out, or that you're an hypochondriac. :P
    It sucks when doctors aren't able to help you. But I'm really glad it's gone, and keep my fingers crossed it never comes back!
    Take care & good luck xx

  6. I'm feeling your pain. I got ill on my bf's birthday, April 15th. It started out like a simple flu, and it just went worse. They finally had to hang an IV bag to make me better, and I had to use 5 different pills to recover. I don't know what's wrong with the viruses lately =/

  7. My sister had a similar experience just so that they could tell her it was a simple migrane. I mean seriously?!
    Anyway, I hope are feeling better now and it doesn't happen ever again and you live happily ever afer. :)
    Love the necklace, btw.

  8. How scary. I'm glad that you are feeling better. I hope that you stay that way. :)

    The necklace is pretty and I like it with the doubled chain. 'S a great look, actually.

    Aw, pretty kitty.

  9. Sounds like Lyme Disease. Ugh!
    I hope you are doing much, much better.

  10. Glad you're ok. That's some scary shit you went through D:

  11. Thats is a really cool necklace it reminds me of pirates of the caribbean

  12. Body's are random! Glad you're feeling better-ish and have war wounds to show for it ;) But you're not alone and NOT a wuss. I may have to go into hospital tonight if my own random affliction doesn't go away as I'm bordering dehydration and that can trigger premature labour :/ at 4 months gestation that's super bad and nobody knows why or how I'm ill. It's 'just a bug'. And I feel ok... The fact you were passing out and all sorts just shows how bad it can go and how quickly. If anything you've made me take my sickness (or suckness... Don't know lol) more seriously so thankyou!!

    Speedy full recovery to us both eh?! X

  13. nadam se da si ok i da se to vise nece ponavljati :/
    ali zadnje vrijeme je stvarno cudno, razboljevaju se svi od reda. recimo ja sam jucer imala strasne vrtoglavice, tlak 100/60 (a uvijek imam normalan) dok mi je puls bio 140. danas se probudim i kao da se nista nije desilo.
    u svakom slucaju ono sto me zacudilo je pozicija ovog priljepka od EKG-a, recimo u hrvatkoj uopce tamo ne stavljamo :)
    i bas sam nedavno gledala tu ogrlicu na ebayu i razmisljala hocu li je kupiti :D

  14. I'm glad you're ok! It is really strange that this cause you so much trouble. Strange is also that everywhere people get sick now at this month around me. Even you :). I was sick too and now I'm having bad cough

  15. OMG :O It's so good to hear that you're well and that it wasn't nothing serious. Take care :)

  16. Wow, what a scare! I know what low BP does, and I know it's not nice :S Glad you're feeling better!
    And the necklace is adorable :D

  17. That sounds scary! Glad you're feeling better now. :)

  18. Hope you are feeling better now. take care & get well soon

  19. This sounds so scary Sasha but I am glad you are feeling better now. *big hugs* :(

  20. Glad you're feeling better! Must have been scary for your parents!

  21. What a frightening experience! Hope your doing much better now. It's scary not getting a diagnosis you can understand. Just make sure you get your butt to the doctor for a good checkup. You really need to follow up with this. (((hugs)))


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