Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Trend Editions From Essence

I still see Essence Blossoms etc. Trend Edition on the shelves, haven't seen Holographic collection yet, but Essence is way ahead. Here is the preview of three new Trend Editions from Essence.

Welcome on board! Essence sets sail on a journey back in time to the 50’s this summer! With the new trend edition “50’s girls reloaded, essence invites you on a voyage to the retro-past this july 2011. Intensive blue shades and bright red combined with soft gold hues ensure plenty of maritime flair this summer. These fabulous products take you back to the days of handsome sailors, petticoats and rock n’ roll with their beautiful retro-packaging and 50’s design. one thing is for sure: whether you’re about to sail the high seas or enjoy a tour of the harbor – this trendy product collection promises to put you in the mood for summer! (Essence)

Who hasn’t dreamed of floating across the stage as a prima ballerina while the crowd erupts into tremendous applause? Luckily, lots of little girls’ dreams are about to come true in july 2011 with the new trend edition “ballerina backstage! The innovative beauty products for your eyes, lips, face and nails pick up on this summer’s popular ballerina fashion trend and let you take a glimpse behind the curtains: powdery pastel shades and nude tones combined with strong colors such as bright fuchsia, shining apricot and elegant black give the romantic ballerina look that certain something. The stage awaits so raise the curtains for the first act of the essence ballerina backstage show! (Essence)

When the summer reaches its height in july, it’s also time to get your finger and toe nails in top shape! Because what could be better than creating the perfect nail style to go with your outfit or your favorite high-heels? With the new trend edition “nails in style, essence is offering a special product collection in july 2011 that will draw all attention to your gorgeous nail. playful nail crystals, seductive nail polishes in cool summer colors or extravagant and innovative nail foils – with the new products by essence, your nails will really be “in style”! (Essence)

Lookie, lookie... Essence finally caught on the idea of nail transfer foils. I see some potentially interesting nail polish shades. Well, two of them, to be exact. Eyeshadow brush looks useful as well... and it ends here.

Do you see anything you like?

*Photos are taken from Essence website.

Thanks for looking!


  1. I think we have our eyes on the same 2 polishes... I hope they turn out to be goodies!

  2. I love it!
    Wish someday essence come to south america or change their polics and sell by internet.
    love your blog too! :)

  3. Nail foils, for sure!
    As for the polishes, some colors seem interesting but pictures could be deceptive, I'll wait until I see some swatches or bottles IRL (if these trend editions reach my country) *crosses fingers*

  4. Surprise, surprise, our local store brought the You Rock! LE yesterday. My sister got us some goodies from it.
    I'm digging the eyeshadow brush in the 50's Reloaded and wouldn't say no to a swatch of the dark polish in the Ballerina LE or the pseudo-holo blue polish in the Nails in Style one.

  5. OMG so flaming jealous that I don't have essence over here =(((((
    Lol every single one looks fab but I think my faves have got to be the last two =] Loving the foils!

  6. o da, crni lak s narančastim glitterom izgleda opako, moj bude ;-)
    i transferne folije, juhuuuuuu, jedva čekam, živo me zanima kakve budu ;-)

  7. Some of that nail stuff looks really cool! I personally really want all that ballerina stuff, just because I dance ballet and that lacy design is really cute.

  8. this july i will be happier than normal :P since i have to study all the time :D
    essence will be my salvation <3

  9. Can't wait for all three of them but I'm the most excited for ballerina! :)

  10. Some of these things look fantastic looking. Wish they were available here.

  11. 50s does not have an apostrophe aaarrrgh! Other than that, cool looking trend editions.


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