Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Review: Beauty UK Eyeshadow Palette in Earth Child

Another Beauty UK review, but this time it's a little different. I bought this palette myself after I was blown away by the quality of their Pearl Eyeliners. I'm into natural shades lately and Earth Child palette was an obvious choice. You can see other palettes HERE.

Earth Child (aka #4 Beauty UK eyeshadow palette) contains 10 very useful shades. It's a perfect palette to take it with you on a vacation. The range of colors will allow you to create a natural as well as a smoky evening look.


Price: £3.99

Where to buy? Beauty UK online store.


Here's an eye look I created using only this palette and a mascara (I believe I used a primer as well, can't remember anymore). As long as you have a proper set of eye make up brushes, you can use the colors in this palette as eye make up colors, highlighter, eyeliner...

+ Great range of shades.
+ Good quality.
+ Price.

- The shades in the lower line could be more pigmented.

Do I recommend it? Hell yeah! :D

Thanks for looking!


  1. Hello! I love the colors in this palette are super easy to wear! And another question I'd like to ask you, what type of lighting used to take photos? I have a mini studio in my room but even with two white lamps are not my photos come out as nice as yours! use a nikonD3000 to see if I can help ... thanks

  2. gorgeous! I love the shadow on your lower lid and lashline

  3. o kok lepa kok lep make up:P popolno <3

  4. Look exactly the same as my Claire's palette, the colors are a bit different but the packaging is totally the same!

  5. Pretty makeup look. I love that palette. The green look gorgeous. I love these shades. I also love palettes. So hard to resist buying them all!

  6. Not exactly the colours I would take on vacations... I would maybe wear those in autumn.

  7. It reminds me of Claire's eyeshadow palettes.
    Anyway, it looks nice. You'll surely make many beautiful looks with it.

  8. @PaO*: I use a work lamp I got from my father. It has three lamps in it and is quite strong.

  9. following u nice review n esp EOTD visit my blog too:)

  10. nice review am follwing u do visit my blog:)


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