Saturday, June 25, 2011

Review: Yimane Cracking Nail Polish

Here's another product I received from Born Pretty store for review. This time it's a cracking nail polish.
The bottle looks just like Nicole by OPI ones. It has the same asimetric shape, but I doubt it's connected to it in any way.

There's a label on the bottom of the bottle, which suggests this color is named A Nice Girl!!! Yes, three exclamation marks. I applied it over dried layer of Diamond Cosmetics' Concrete Jungle.

These products really amuse me. There's always something that puts a smile on my face... and I doubt this was made in the Necherlands.

Price: $5.50 for 15 mL

Where to buy? Born Pretty store


OK, let's just clear something. I'm always ''making fun'' of these labels... That doesn't have anything to do with the quality of the product, but it does make me feel kind of uncomfortable to use it. It looks like something they would put on the bottle just to make it sound more fancy. Hollywood, Europe ... then it must be good. ;) But come on, at least spell it right! And I bet that recycling sign is there just because it's cool to recycle. That's just my suspicion, not a fact. That reminds me: I wonder what are the ingredients. Or better yet, I don't wanna know.

This polish is thin and runny, so you have to be careful while applying it. It's opaque and it dries quickly. It turns matte once it dries and I experienced some chalky bright red spots. Don't know why that happened. It tried to layer it over not fully dried manicure as well as over a dried one. It works either way and it doesn't rub off. It's interesting that the removal is a lot easier than with some other cracking polishes.

+ Nice formula: the polish is thin and opaque.
+ It dries fast.
+ Easy to remove.

- Doesn't work on dark colored bases. 
- Tricky application.

Do I recommend it? If you like the look and you think the price is good, then yes. It's nothing too special, but the quality is OK, so - it's your call. Well, at the end it always is. :)

*Products were sent to me by Born Pretty. Read my disclosure policy for more information.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Great review! And LOL at the way they'r trying to copy high end products! =P
    But still it seems like a nice crackle polish =]

  2. I like the crackle effect and the color, but I refuse this polish based solely on the shape of the bottle. I hate those damn club foot bottles!
    If they wanted to copy a popular company's bottles, they should have copied OPI's standard bottles, or better yet, Deborah Lippmann bottles. Not the club foot bottles. *end rant*

  3. Looks great! Thank you for reviewing and sharing.

  4. @ChaosButterfly: I know what you mean. This is the worst nail polish bottle shape ever.

  5. I think the fine crackle looks awesome! And about the bright (red) spots, I also have white spots when I apply my (Essence) matt topcoat too thick, so I guess applying thinner coats should avoid those spots.
    I also loved your previous post btw, scrolling through your blog and pictures makes me calm :-D

  6. The manicure looks great. So annoying with these weird bootles.

  7. mene pri crakle lakih najbolj prepričajo temni odtenki:p te svetli mi niso tako všeč:P ampak na tvojih nohtih vseeno lepo zgleda:P

  8. They work really well I'm suprised!

  9. @Jane: Yeah, but as I mentioned, the application is a bit tricky and the polish dries really fast. Thank you for such a nice compliment!


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