Thursday, June 30, 2011


I'm talking about The Thing. The Addams Family was one of my favorite shows when I was a child and Morticia (played by Carolyn Jones) was a synonym of beauty for me. She still is. :D

This black thing doesn't move around though. It's a ring holder and I like the way it looks. Another great item I found on Ebay (for a little less than $5). I realized I have too many rings to keep them in a box. I have to see them all to decide which one I wanna wear on a particular day.

How do you store your rings?

Thanks for looking!


  1. I've searched for something like this for ages, please tell me the eBay seller! *°_°*

  2. @Smaltoitaliano: I should have known by now... one of you is gonna want to know the name of the seller. =D It's ''retail_wholesale_factory'' Hope you get it as cheap as possible. ;D

  3. Wat a coincidence I told my mom yesterday I wanted one like this hand to put my ring on it and today u show it on your blog:)

  4. It's so cool :) My rings are put away in a box :( I couldn't find anything else to store them, so the Thing is a super idea :) Do you have an idea how to organize bunch of necklaces ? :)

  5. I love these ring holders! I have one made from porcelain and I use it to hang my bracelets too =]

    I love your one, goes so well with the rings you'v added on to it =]

  6. I have one of these black hand things and really like it :) great storage!

  7. Love your rings. I keep them inside their individual boxes, it's a pain when I'm looking for a particular one, but the rest of the time is like discovering them for the first time "ooooh, pretty!".

  8. This is what I use. I have a green one and a white one. On the white one I put my "silver" colored rings and on the green one my "gold/bronze" ones. They look very cute on the dresser.

  9. @MariaAndrea: It seems like I have a bond with my readers. =D

    @HauteBeautyBargain: Thank you! It seems you have too. :D

    @Innana: I have no idea. Was thinking about it myself too. I have them stocked in a box...doesn't look very nice, they're all mixed together. If you ever find a solution for necklace storing, don't hesitate to share. =)

    @Helga: Then you're like me, when I go through my nail polish collection. ''Ooooooh, I didn't know I have this pretty!!!'' XD

    @C: Your link isn't working for me...

  10. Love that hand. Looks great just as a piece of sculpture. I have a large jewelry box to put my rings in.

  11. I keep mine in a box like this


  12. Oh my God I LOVE this!!!! AND THAT GREEN GEM RING! :O

    and yes, Morticia is the absolute perfection of beauty ^^

  13. Oooo. I love this so much. It's a really good idea. Guess what I'll se searching for next on Ebay?!


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