Thursday, July 21, 2011

Best Blog Award

I feel like doing a little tag game... I got this Best Blog award from Pink Diamond. Thank you! =)

Name your favorite color: I love all colors. My favorite today is electric blurple. =)

Name your favorite song: Alice Cooper - Poison

Name your favorite dessert: Can't think of it right now. My BF says it's banana split. I don't agree. XD

What makes you mad? People who torture or mistreat animals - that makes me absolutely furious. When people lie to me or are hypocritical.

When you're upset you... Talk loudly, yell or cry.

Your favorite pet: Cats!!!

Black or white? Black.

Your biggest fear is? Fear of loosing my loved ones, fear of drowning or suffocating.

Your best feature is? Honesty (said by my BF again).

Everyday attitude: Laziness. The art of doing the least possible.

What is perfection? Cat's furry face.

Guilty pleasure: Afternoon nap.


7 random things:

#1 - I can't stand the heat and sun very well.
#2 - I think of CSI almost every time I scratch my itch. Hello, DNA!
#3 - I like to read random words backwards. But only in my head.
#4 - I'd like to have a reset button for my brain. Too much is going on up in there.
#5 - I like to buy jewellery, but I don't wear it that often (that goes for necklaces and bracelets).
#6 - A lot of times I buy clothes without even trying them on. I don't have the energy for that.
#7 - It took me almost an hour to write this post. Concentration problems. ;)

I tag everyone who's on my blogroll and want to do this tag. Yes, I do not play by the rules, but that's the way I roll. Well, not really. Eh, just do it if you want to, OK? And let me know if you did, because I'd like to read it.

Thanks for looking!


  1. strinjam z guilty pleasure....uh tud jz mam to v navadi:) hehe


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