Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Bit of This, A Bit of That

Sigma Giveaway

There was a total of 905 entries for the Sigma 'Make Me Up' Collection giveaway. Some of you entered twice and some of you entered three or four times. I took the time to check all the entries and everybody got the amount of entries they deserved. I chose my winner randomly with a little help of Random Number Generator and the lucky number was the #846. The name behind that number is Nic. Congrats! She has a blog and I'm sure we'll be able to see the prize there once it arrives. Here's a LINK to the winner's blog.

Thanks to all of you who entered the giveaway and better luck next time. If you're planning on placing an order with Sigma (now that lady Luck had failed you), make sure to click on the banner on the right in order to receive a free gift with your purchase.

Edible (Fat) Dormouse

Such a beautiful animal and such a horrible (english) name for it. Fat dormice are quite common here in Slovenia.. I saved this little fellow from Aishila last week. He tried to escape, but was too tired to run away. He climbed on the wall and it looked like he's going to fall off, so I held him until he regained his strength. He got away this time. But he better be careful, 'cause my cats are monsters. Fat dormouse is a delicacy here in Slovenia but I've never tried it nor do I intent to.


After I finished reading the second book from the Martin's Songs of Ice and Fire series, I got the first book from the His Dark Materials triology by Pullman. I was so disappointed by this book. I know it's a book for children, but to me it seems it doesn't belong nor here nor there.
It doesn't matter. Now I'm at the beginning of the third Martin's book - A Storm of Swords. Wooohooo!


Our small bunnies are getting quite big. I thought you might want to know. :D 

Thanks for looking!


  1. Wow, the doormouse is interesting. He must have been shaken up to let you touch (or maybe they are more tame than the furries in my yard).

    Cute bunny, too!

  2. Congrats to the lucky winner! and thank you Sasha for hosting it.

  3. How cute that little dormouse! They eat them? How sad is that? LOL Your bunny is getting *quite* big. I know they're giants.

  4. Meni je pa cela triologija bila super, ko sem jo brala..
    Morem se enx prebrat da vem ze zakaj se je slo :)).

  5. Aww the fat doormouse is so cute! Sweet big eyes, and the big bunny! Adorable.

  6. Sorry you didn't like Pullman's first book... the second and third in the trilogy are even worse :P

  7. I showed the picture of the dormouse to my youngest son. Now I know that was a mistake because he wants a dormouse as a pet;)

  8. @KarenD: He wouldn't let me touch him if he didn't have a near death experience a couple of seconds before. These babies can't be tamed.

    @Tamara: Zarad enga Prahu... pa enih vzporednih vesolj.

    @Cilucia: Good to know. I won't even touch those books. =)

    @Silke: If your little one knew how bad these dormice can bite, he'd ask for a rat instead. =D

  9. Eww, a delicacy! I know every country has delicacies like that. Every nationality has their weird things to eat. Glad you saved the poor little things. I had two cats that were great hunters. We fed them so good and I didn't understnad why they hunted. Melainie was my baby and she used to bring me presents of chipmunks, mice and birds practically every day. She would just drop them at my feet and seem to smile. I'd want to throw up!


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