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Buying Kleancolor Nail Polish via BeautyJoint

As you already know, I purchased some Kleancolor polishes from BeautyJoint a while ago. Here's a reminder - One of the polishes came in really bad condition. Although the polish bottles were packaged quite well, with bubble wrap around them, I noticed some of the caps to not be screwed on tight enough. Seven polishes were still looking OK, but they did have some dried up polish on the rims. One of the bottles looked like this:

At first I thought it was a case of badly-screwed-on cap, but after I cleaned it up, I realized it was in fact a defective bottle. Visible on the photo below.

I moaned and bitched and ranted about it... I also wrote to the BeautyJoint customer service about my problem. Noone else seemed to have any issues with BeautyJoint (and there's a lot of Kleancolor polishes all over the blogs lately and most of them were purchased at the same online store) until I read someting from a girl named Ashley on Makeup Alley's Nail Board.

Ashley purchased 20 Kleancolor polishes from BeautyJoint and four of the polishes seemed to leak in transit. Here's her e-mail to the owner of the BeautyJoint:

''I got my polishes today and they are really lovely. Four of the polishes leaked in transit however - I guess the caps were not screwed on tight. The colors were 112, 155, 201, and 235.

Could you please send replacements or credit me the value of the four bottles?''

After that, she contacted BJ (BeautyJoint) via phone and talked to CS/owner (don't really know what's his position at BJ) Brian. He requested photos of the polishes and Ashley sent them to him. Here's one of them. I cropped the photo a bit, so you can see how much of the polish is missing.

Brian got the photos and this was his reply:

''Thanks for the photo. I could see the leak in couple of the bottle, but can't really tell on the other ones. It looks like these are still useable, just slightly short in volume, can I give you full credit for two bottles?''

Can you imagine that? I really couldn't tell about the leak on the black (fourth) polish, but it's very visible that all of the three polishes above are not full.

This is how Ashley replied:

''I didn't order used/damaged/leaked polish from you. I paid for new bottles. I would like a refund of $7.00 or replacement of the four damaged bottles. If you pay for return shipping, I will return the damaged bottles to you. I understand you run a business, but these did not arrive in new condition.''

And Brian:

We are the actual distributor for KleanColor which means that we sell wholesale and retail so for you to state that we sold you a used product is bit offensive! It clearly states in our website that we are NOT responsible for any items damaged during shipping as that's the responsibility of the buyer. I was trying to accommodate you, but if you reject my offer, there is nothing I can do for you further.''

Whoa. Right? Ashley doesn't have her own blog where she could share her experience with the rest of the nail polish fanatics. That's one of the reasons I decided to contact her and ask her about it myself. She admited that there's no way to tell if the polishes leaked during the shipping or if they were already sent that way. I, from my experience, wouldn't think twice. It was obviously a badly tightened cap... If the polish bottle breaks, that's one thing, but for the polish to leak - that can't just happen by itself. The caps didn't just unscrew by themselves. OK, so that's one thing. And the other thing that caught my attention was the way the CS person talked to her. Right after I read that, I didn't wait to get a reply from them. I opened a PayPal dispute and asked for my money back. Money for one polish + shipping for that one polish. And I got the money before I got a reply from Brian. The reply was polite and he said that they would have taken care of it one way or another. I guess it depend on whether they have a good or a bad day.

Let's look at the facts:

* BeautyJoint is an online store where you can get Kleancolor polishes super cheap. One bottle of this polish will cost you $1.75. But don't forget about the shipping. For 10 polishes I'll pay $17.50 + $16.76 for the shipping + $1.00 handling fee. Not so cheap anymore, is it?

* Accidents happen. There's always a chance of something happening to the goods you buy online during transit. That's not buyer's fault neither is the seller's fault. Unless the seller doesn't make sure the items are packaged properly, that is. From my experience, BeautyJoint packaged the polishes quite well, with a good amount of bubble wrap.

* When a nail polish bottle breaks, that's one thing. But when the polish leaks, it's probably (!!) because the cap isn't screwed on tight enough. The seller must take care of that and prevent it from happening. It doesn't matter how much of the polish leaked... you payed for the new, undamaged item, so that's what you must get. The same goes for defective bottles.

* My experience with BeautyJoint is good after all. I got my items soon after I ordered them. The packaging was OK, one of the items was damaged, but I got a refund. And there's one thing I gotta thank for that - paying via PayPal.

I'm probably still gonna buy at BJ and this post isn't about making them look bad. It's just to warn you about your rights and to advise you to buy safely. Pay via PayPal if you can. That way you'll have some sort of security. Not only when you buy at BJ, but always when buying over the internet. Oh, and one more thing - honesty is the best policy. And it goes both ways.;)

Thanks for looking!


  1. If they say on their site that they are not responsible for damaged bottles, then the customer should not complain. You buy at your own risk! It is GREAT when websites do not say this and will fix the issue with a full refund or exchanging the polishes... but I don't think costumers should complain like that. In the case of your bottle where it was missing a whole piece, that's different.

    That does make me feel like BJ has bad customer service though! He should not have replied to her in that manner!

    Paypal is great at least :)

  2. naručila sam kod njih lakove 12-og... i još uvijek čekam... i sve se bojim :-(
    eto zašto najviše volim ebay ;-)
    za koliko su tvoji stigli?

  3. Thanks for the tip. I made a purchase and had no issues, but I will use PayPal in the future just in case.

  4. @Sophie: Their site doesn't say anything about damaged bottles. And if the bottles are damaged during shipping that's one thing, but if they sell you an already damaged item, that's wrong. I don't believe in the ''customer is always right'', but I do believe that manners are in order. =D Thanks for sharing your POV.

    @nail crazy: Mislim da sem jih dobila v roku 10 dni. Meni se je zdelo hitro, glede na to, da včasih čakam 2 tedna in več. =)

    @Leticia: You're welcome. =)

  5. Thanks for this informative post! Wow, but I can't believe he responded to her that way. It's really unacceptable in my books. Honestly, I didn't find anything offensive about her response. Either way, the customer should always be treated fairly. :/

  6. I was thinking of ordering some of these polishes from this website but I have to say that after reading this post I have reconsidered. The way the company's rep talked to the consumer was very unprofessional. Plenty of other etailers out there with good customer service.

  7. Hmm, I've been thinking a bit about this. Mainly because I bought 9 kleancolor polishes from Ebay and one of the polishes had leaked and sort of melted the cap, just like in your pictures. I didn't complain because it wasn't stated anywhere that the polishes were brand new- I just assumed they were. But now when I see that the exact same thing has happend with a bottle that is supposed to be brand new I started to wonder if there might be something defective with the cap itself. Kleancolor has a very strong odour so I'm not absolutly sure what's in them. I think I'm going to contact the KC manufacturer directly and ask if this is a known problem.
    But none the less the customer service shouldn't have given that sort of response. That is completly out of order.

  8. I just recieved an order from Beautyjoint too, five bottles from which one had a minor leak. Cap not screwed on properly there either.

    And aaaaaaalso, when I had placed my order I recieved an e-mail from them where they told me that one of the polishes I ordered weren't in stock, and that "credit is available". I had to reply and ask them what they meant, if I would get my money back automathically or if I should do something. The answer I got back was a rambling about me getting the bottle of polish in my next order, and then, let me quote the e-mail: "If you do not plan to make any future purchases with us, then we can simply refund the money back into your PayPal account (we don't like this option)". I SNAPPED! What do they mean, "we don't like this option"? It's their fault, not mine. Goddamnit..

  9. I'm a bit disappointed with Sophie's comment. They're responsible for damaged bottles in shipping whether they say they are or not. If you pay with Paypal it counts as having an item arrive SIGNIFICANTLY NOT AS DESCRIBED. You can dispute for that regardless of what the seller says and I find it disheartening that there is ANY consumer who wouldn't agree with that. You paid for a whole, undamaged item and that's what you should get.

  10. I hate when retailers get defensive or act like they are being taken advantage of without considering the whole situation. The amount Ashley was asking to be refunded was only 20% of the order, which I don't think was unreasonable.

  11. Years ago I was a bit sceptic about Paypal, as people working at the local banks had no idea about it. I used other payment methods at the time, until one day I told myself that if people all around the world were using it and were satisfied with it, it had to be good.
    I'm very happy I finally decided to open myself a Paypal account. I haven't had had to open any disputes yet, though I've had some problems (thankfully I got full refunds after contacting the seller).
    The truth is sometimes you have no idea what your rights as a customer are -and this applies to other fields in life-, so thank you for telling us your experience.

  12. Selling cheap products doesn't mean that you are not responsible for damages, e.l.f. sells cheap products but they always help you with damages, either with refund or by sending a new item. Thanks for this post, sometimes I'm too shy to ask for a refund or something but we should defend our rights!

  13. Thanks for the information! When a company has to deal with an issue their emails should especially be polite and professional in my opinion. I don't feel like Brian's reply was professional at all.

  14. :( thats the risk with shipping once i got one
    iteam i didnt purchase i saw it after i opened

  15. I ordered three shades from them last week, let's see how it will end...

  16. I ordered some Kleancolor polishes from BeautyJoint recently, too. Out of the 5 bottles I ordered, one had a defective cap - it's cracked right up the side, which caused the polish to dry out a little and thicken up. When I saw the bit on their site about claiming no responsibility for damaged-in-shipping, I figured it wasn't worth arguing with customer service that caps don't crack like that in shipping.

    But I wonder if I should go for a PayPal dispute now, since they also charged me $5.60 for Priority Mail shipping, and then shipped it First Class at less than half the cost.

  17. Mmm, A few of my polishes and also some of my friend's were not completely full. Just like these. I guess Kleancolor doesn't fill all the bottles up completely. If it was one isolated happening I'd say is BJ's fault. But I think it's a KC production issue.

  18. Hmm, tough situation. It definitely sounds like a KC quality control issue, not so much the fault of BJ. I'm reminded of my old job, I worked at a hot tub store and sold spa chemicals. My boss always stressed that we should tighten the caps on all bottles that went out, and I think that's a very good m.o. BJ is packing these products and is obviously having multiple issues with this, I'd hope they would make it standard procedure to check caps before shipping.
    It is entirely unacceptable for the rep to respond in such a manner though. I too don't believe the customer is always right but if you want repeat purchases you should always treat them with respect.

  19. I bought some KC's from BJ with no prohlems. Everytime I order polish from any company or person I also put in the notes please make sure caps are tight and please bubble wrap really well.

  20. it never stops to amaze me how rude people can be... =/

  21. haha ko sem vidla prvo sliko sem si rekla: ta lak morem imet! tako lepe flaske se nism vidla!!! in poool komaj opazim da je lak razlit in da to ni dekoracija :( skoda, pa tako lepo je zgledalo :) drugace so pa lakci cudoviti! :)

  22. I ordered a set of Kleancolor polishes from Amazon. I had one bottle with a damaged bottle. It also leaked like yours. I never bothered with asking for a refund. I had plenty of polish left. I think the problem is with Kleancolor. It just seems like too many bottle caps that are loose.

  23. Wow, thank you for posting this. I'm about to order from BJ. I think Kleancolor should look into it too, as this may be an issue with QA. However, I think BJ should also double check before packing the stuff to alert Kleancolor (if this is a recurring issue). I will also use Paypal for my transaction, so I guess it'll be OK. :) I hope!

  24. I ordered from them last week, and I luckily had no problems.

  25. I also had some problems with my order from Beauty Joint. Out of 27 bottles that I ordered, two caps were broken (luckily there were no leakage) and I think it was 6 bottles that looked like they've been used already. The caps were difficult to unscrew due to dried polish in the rims, and the amount of polish in the bottles were quite obviously a lot lower than they should have been.

    I pondered sending a mail to them, but decided not to do it because it was so cheap and the delivery was fast. If my second order from there comes in the same state though, I won't hesitate to let them know about the issues.
    Lets just hope that they'll have a good day at the office if they recieve my complaint!

  26. I just placed an order a couple of days ago, and thank heavens I used paypal! It's my first order from BJ and I'm pretty sure it will be my last one too, on the sole account of Brian's response, I value civilized manners very highly and don't like my money being any part of this guy's salary...

  27. thanks so much for the information. this is great to hear your story, and all the experiences from the commenters, too.

  28. I love kleancolor polishes, I've purchased all of mine on Most of the people selling it charge more than the $1.75 that BJ charges, usually around the $5 mark, but you can earn photon$, and when you have those it decreases the price by quite a bit (depending on the amount of photon$ you have). I have purchased all mine from the same lady, her name is Cindy Fraga. She charges $5.50 a bottle, but that includes s & h. And she always packages them very well, never have leaks, or missing parts on the bottles. I almost ordered some holos from BJ tonight, but changed my mind. I'll just stick with yardsellr. :) You might "pay" a little more, but if you get your friends to join you get more photon$, and they work just like money. There's a lot of pretty decent deals on there too, I've found polishes for $1 including shipping before.
    The way the CSR responded to your friend was just down right rude!

  29. I'm starting an online nail polish site and I came across their website because their polish was super cheap but after reading the post you made plus the $15 shipping without insurance clearly and the nature of the response from the owner made me think I really have a market here.. Even though the person who experienced such behavior did not have a blog I'm glad you were able to voice it for her

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Another way to buy a TON of Kleancolor polishes to to search local dollar type stores. There is a discount store about 15 mins from my house called Dollar Mania that has 2 display cases of Kleancolor polishes for $1 a piece. That's right a dollar and no shipping costs!! I go with about $20 at a time and get a bunch of bottles. No shipping worries, no customer service issues. its great! :D Look around at some local stores you might be able to find it cheaper than online :D

    1. That's great if you live in America. We don't have those kind of stores here - plus, none of the stores I've been to has Kleancolor polishes in the first place.

    2. I first found kleanclor polish at the flea market for a dollar.never a problem with the bottle,or caps the metallic colors


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