Monday, July 18, 2011

EDM Eye Look: Little Rare Passion Room

I finally got to play with my new Everyday Minerals eye pigments I got from Lič I wanted to create a look that doesn't scream for attention ... like some of my previous looks (spoiler: ... and some of my forthcoming ones). I ended up with a very calm but shiny eye look. I'd totally wear this in public.

In case you're wondering which shades I used, here are the names and color drops to remind you...

Products used for this look:
* Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
* EDM Rare Silk (inner corner, browbone)
* EDM Passion Passport (all over the upper lid)
* EDM Room Addition (lower lid)
* EDM Little Black Dress (outer corner)
* ES False Eyelashes A500

All shades were applied dry. I'd get a super shiny look if I used a damp brush instead, that's for sure.
So, do you like it?

Concrete Gray by Kleancolor looked pretty good on it's own, but I just couldn't leave it alone. A nice creme always makes me wanna add something to it. Don't ask me why. Does that happen to you as well?
Anyway. I layered a coat of my grey Essence cracking franken. Now I wish I had stamped over it. Oh well, tomorrow is a new day. =)

I wanna thank you all for your comments on yesterday's post. It means the world to me. I also got a comment I didn't feel comfortable posting, but I did anyway. And to that girl, if you're reading this - I'm not here to tell lies, neither am I here to give false hope. I'm here to share my story and optimism with the ones who appreciate and need it. That's it.

I have a lot of posts coming up and I have a tough time choosing which one to post first. That's why there's a poll in the side bar. Please take a few seconds and vote. Thank you! :*

Thanks for looking!


  1. I love the grey on grey! There are so many people doing crazy crackle manicures that some simple colour combinations that look great are overlooked.

    I saw the comment you mention on your other post. I am glad you still posted it. My mother has been on anti depressants for 30 years, I doubt she will ever be free of depression but you have to do what you can to ease the pain of it and being negative is NEVER going to help you. I should know I am in a wheelchair, have been my whole life and will be for the rest, it makes normal everyday tasks difficult and it can be overwhelming, combine this with depression and it sucks, but I will tell you this, being optimistic always helps, maybe not 'oh yay one day I will be cured' but definitely thinking there are great things and times in life not only sad ones! So good on you! :D

  2. The eye look is beautiful. Really subtle and flattering :)

  3. very nice post! Loved your eye make up.
    hey, I'll order a cake like this ( for your birthday, what d'ya think? :P
    see ya!

  4. Beautiful look! Brings out the green in your eyes. I'm so glad your doing much better. Sometimes it's hard to be optimistic. I try and find something good about the day.

  5. This look is so lovely, and the nails just llok perfect!!
    I love your blog and I have awarded your blog:

  6. I always love your eye photos, they are so pretty :)


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