Friday, July 1, 2011

Essence Colour & Go in Wake Up

I'm more of a vampy nail polish girl, you know that. But lately the bright colors are calling to me. I've seen Wake Up! on the shelves many times and this time I couldn't just pass by.

Essence, Colour & Go, Wake Up, 2 coats

I can't really decide whether Wake Up is orange or red. Let's say it's orange-y red. It applies very nicely and it's also quite opaque. I'm stunned by the quality of these new Essence Colour & Go polishes. They cost only €1.49 and can be compared with major nail polish brands. Too bad I can't say the same for the Multi Dimensional Essence nail polish line.

I had a terrible nightmare about our chihuahua Car [tzar]... That reminded me to give him some special attention and cuddling time. He loved it. =)

Thanks for looking!


  1. I love this nail polish, it's one of my favourites this season!

  2. any idea if this is somewhat similar to ChicaBoomBoom from H&M?

  3. @Caisa: I don't own CBB nor have I seen it in real life, but from the looks of photos, I'd say they're pretty close. CBB looks more reddish though.

  4. That's an amazing color!
    Car looks so happy. :)

  5. nice color on you. He loooks sooo cute ur Chihuahua
    he looks pleases indeed

  6. hihi love your dogs! :)
    and oh my gosh... what a color! this rocks!

  7. hahaha...jaz sem tudi glihkar objavila ta odtenek lakca:) haha..... ful je lep ja:) .... pa prekriven:)

  8. This is gorgeous!! I think it's a reddish orange shade:) cute pup! x

  9. Love that tomato red shade on you. Car is adorable. Love that last picture of him. He's loving the attention.

  10. the last photo is so cute!!!! and the nail colour too!

  11. I ADORE the last photo, gotta take one of may baby just exactly alike :D


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