Monday, July 11, 2011

Giveaway: Sponsored by Amikadeja [CLOSED]

My sister (Amikadeja ustvarja) is creating some really gorgeous bead necklaces and bracelets lately. The latest gift I got from her was the red and black bracelet on the left photo in the middle. Beautiful, isn't it?

So ... I asked her. And she said yes. She agreed to make a bracelet or a necklace for one of my readers. The winner will choose the style and color.

Here are the rules:
* You must be my follower.
* One entry per person.
* This giveaway is international.
* The giveaway ends on Monday (July 18th).
* If your entry isn't correct, you'll be disqualified.
* The winner will be chosen randomly.

How to enter:
* Check out my sister's blog - Amikadeja ustvarja and tell me what piece, style and color of jewellery would you choose. You can still change your mind later, if you win.
* Write a comment with the following information: how you follow Nihrida, which style of jewellery would you choose and your e-mail address.

EDIT: Just to make sure you all got it. The winner will not get one of the pieces shown on the photo. Amikadeja will make a special piece just for the winner- his/her choice of style and color. 

Thanks for looking!


  1. Thank you and your sister for the wonderful giveaway! She has a very interesting blog.
    I would like to own something like this:

  2. I follow you through GFC and my name is piccininnil

    I would love that blue bracelet with lots of strands listed in the picture above..maybe in black or a pearly white.

    My email address is:

  3. Your sister's work is amazing! Really beautiful stuff. This is a wonderful giveaway, thank you :)

    I follow via GFC (turtlechick12)
    They are all gorgeous but I love the black and red bracelet.
    my email is tjs_truelove at

  4. Najbolj so mi všeč kvačkane kačaste verižice/ zapestnice. Verjetno bi si izbrala tako zapestnico, v mavričnih barvah. Res ima noro lepe stvari!

    Sledim ti z GFC in na FB :)
    mail: guchi.buchi(at)

    sestro pa res lahko pohvališ, mata obe nadkul umetniško dušo.

  5. I follow your Blog via Bloglovin and Facebook :)
    I absolutely love your sister's jewellery! Everything is so gorgeous <3 I would love something like this: in turquoise and black :)

    Love, Mella

  6. Thank you and your sister. Her work is really amazing!

    I follow you via GFC: Angeles

    It's very difficult to choose only one but I love the green necklace. It looks like a snake!


    Thanks, again! ;-)

  7. Your sister is surely gifted with beads, her pieces are wonderful.

    I follow your Blog via Google Reader, and it's been several months now.

    The black and red bracelet from your post is awesome, if I was to win the giveaway I'd love to have one like this.

    Thanks to both of you :)

  8. I follow your blog via GFC and bloglovin.
    Ooooh, your sister is really talented! I'd choose your bracelet style but the emerald green coloured one, it looks amazing!!
    My email is
    Thanks a lot!

  9. I follow through GFC.

    I love the look of the bottom, centre, black bracelet. Something simple but pretty that I could wear every day!

    lily175 [at] hotmail [dot]

  10. I follow you with GFC (at least I hope so, the thingy on the side doesn't seem to work right now..) and with Facebook.

    The necklace with the forum post title "Pa še zelena." looks really pretty!
    I would pick that in black with red and some orange swirls!

    monticka at gmail dot com


  11. To be completely honest, I'd choose those beautiful jewellery boxes! The bracelet with brown beads and pearls is also pure love!
    Good luck all of you!

  12. What a nice giveaway! Your sister is very talented! I really love all the things she has made, but I really like the solid black beaded bracelet the best. It's gorgeous!

    I follow your blog via GFC - Tropical Mind

    My email is -

  13. I checked Amikadeja's blog even before and I am amazed by the thing that she pays so much attention to details of the bracelets, but also packaging. Every necklace has a box in maching color, and sometimes I think I would enjoy the box itself, even without the jewelry! I also liked her first necklaces, with wooden pieces (I think)

    I follow Nihrida blog via Bloglovin, via GFC (Biberlee) and on Facebook (Ena Hodžić)
    Mail: ennica(at)gmail(dot)com

    Thank you and your sister for this giveaway!

  14. I would choose the green bracelet that looks similar to the red and black bracelet above. I love those gift boxes that she has on her site. Does she make those too? Precious. I follow you through blogger, GFC

  15. Ooops! and my email is hautebeautybargin at gmail dot com.

  16. Beautiful pieces! I follow Nihrida by Facebook (Ariane), which style of jewellery your e-mail

  17. I follow on facebook, twitter and blogger.
    I really love this post!/NativeHunny/status/90557859527536641 and the way she made these bracelets and I can't decide what colors so she can decide for me to make it easier on me! haha ;-) I'd be happy with anything!

    Email: twistedness_69 at hotmail dot com

  18. Hello, thanks to you and your sister for the giveaway. I follow your blog through I really like the pink and white necklace in the baby gift box. They are all very pretty and look delicate.

  19. Awesome giveaway, thanks for the chance! I'm a follower via Google Friend Connect, ID: vedra
    I'd love a bracelet like this one:, with a pattern like this:; colors: black, grey and white (though if there are taupe beads, I might reconsider ;))
    email: vedra(AT)

  20. I've looked through pages of her blog, and I love all her work but the blue multi-strand bracelet you posted is still my favorite! I would probably want it in shades of red, red is my favorite.

    I also love all the paper crafts she does, she is so talented!

    Sarah T
    s.beatrice26 @ gmail . com

  21. Your sister just incredible work! I love all that I have seen!!

    I follow via GFC: Delaynee

    The piece I love the most - well, lately I have been loving bracelets.. She has a wealth that I quite like, but this one might be my favourite right now ( OK, and that amazing green on green gem!

    My email is delaynee88 [at] hotmail [dot] com

  22. hi,
    i followed via GFC
    gfc name: glimmo
    name: fatima gill


    and i love this one

  23. I follow you with GFC = Innana ( and I love this purple necklace (2nd picture above) but maybe in black/white or black/dark purple combination :) It was hard to choose - everything is so lovely..

  24. I follow you through GFC and my name is Anamarija T.

    I that red-black bracelet, it's pretty:)
    i checked your sisters blog, she has golden hands:) Wonderful and crafty!

    My email address is: marisssa86 (at)gmail DOT com

  25. Following: teycha
    Black bracelet posted above looks amazing!

  26. oduševljena sam, sestrini radovi su FANTASTIČNI!
    pratim kao nail crazy preko gfc (sada i sestru),
    email je
    a rado bih nosila crno-crvenu narukvicu ;-)

  27. Hvala? I hope thats the style, I'd choose a metallic grey bead...lovely!

  28. Hi I follow you through GFC and my name is Monika
    I would choose that red/black bracelet(where are 3 rows of red pearls). it's beautiful and that colours
    Your sister is very talented

  29. I follow through Blogspot!
    I would totally choose that green-on-green bracelet, (it's amazing!) but maybe in a pink or red.

  30. Wah, crafty giveaway, that's great! Your sister makes great stuff.
    I follow you via GFC (Daria)
    Soo, I'd love to win a necklace like this one:
    in matte white(used in the original) and black.

    doublemint at live dot ru

    thank you! ^.^

  31. I can't beleive how beautiful your sisters jewelry, boxes and paper goods are. She's so talented. I assume she did the illustrations also? I love the most recent bracelet with the greens in them. All those different shades are lovely. I Follow you on Google Friend Connect.

  32. I follow you via GFC and RSS :) I would choose that bracelet on top right, maybe all black. :)


  33. Hi, mi name is Roxana, mi GFC roxytheone and email is
    I found your blog in another blog in the net, i think it was konad-licious.
    I'll use the necklace that your sister posted on april 8, the light purple... but all her creations are beautiful

  34. Your sister is very talented, I've always admired people who can make such beautiful things!

    I follow you via bloglovin and I love this style:, but I love purple color.

    my e-mail:

  35. Please enter me!!
    I follow you via GFC as Tras el Secreto de Venus.
    I love this:

  36. Such talent! Thanks, both of you!

    Please count me in for this! I follow as "etherealthought" and my email is

    These are the styles I was most fond of when browsing though her blog:

    I like bracelets the most; color-wise, I'm into blues, purples and cold tones in general. But I'd be thrillhed to see a rainbow bracelet, LOL!

    Thanks! See ya!

  37. I follow your blog via GFC. Nick: Gabriela

    I like bracelets like this:

  38. I forgot my email conbdebelleza(at)gmail(dot)com
    Thank you!


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