Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kleancolor - Concrete Gray

I was extremely excited to receive this Kleancolor polish in Concrete Gray. One more reason to be completely pissed that it came in such a bad shape ... And I still haven't gotten any reply from BeautyJoint. Not good, people. Not good at all. I know their prices are low, but I do care about the customer service as well. And fail at that completely.

First two photos were made in my Crappy II (aka the lightbox). Don't freak out if colors aren't completely accurate. Concrete Gray changes quite a bit. It goes from dark, almost navy grey to lighter shades in the sun. It always keeps it's blue-ish hue and I adore that. Cold greys are the best. And another great feature: it's a one coater! Oh yeah!! :x

Kleancolor, Concrete Gray, 1 coat

Here's a photo taken in the shade, in natural lighting. Beautiful, isn't it? Grey lovers - go get this one. It has basically no negative features (if we count out the horrible smell). It's opaque, the formula is great, it applies like a dream and it dries fast. Pure winner.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Yes! I love cold grey colours and it seems that warm greys have been so in this season. I love this polish, shame about the terrible service you have received :(

  2. Wow, the color is beautiful. And it's nice to know that the quality is good! Too bad they don't answer your message. Maybe they will eventually. Or just write another message to them? I ordered some polishes too, can't wait to get them and hopefully they aren't leaking or broken...

  3. I love this! I only own 3-4 gray polishes and none of them look like this. I think this is a justifiable purchase for me.

  4. Very pretty! I love looking at your nail polish swatches because your application is perfection! Very neat and clean. I appreciate that :)

  5. I love how it's pulling purple? in that last pic LOL. I can't even tell. what a great shade!

  6. OOOOHHH! This is beautiful!!! Those idiots have no idea that they are really screwing up their rep by not responding to you! If only they knew that you were reviewing their products and that the reviews are being seen by so many people! That being said - it shouldn't matter who the customer is, they should just take care of it asap no matter who it is! They fail!

  7. loveee it was looking for something like this, is the same color as essence Movie star or darker?

  8. @lycanthropica: I guess they won't be seeing my money anymore... Shame.

    @KimsKie's Nails: I hope you'll get all your polishes in one piece. And no leaks. I think you won't regret it. ;)

    @Ms. Prettyful Girl: Thank you! =)

    @nicnacksnails: It does look kind of purple-ish, but I guess that's because of the lighting.

    @Steph: That's right. It doesn't matter who the customer is, they should take care of it. And I'm not buying from them anymore if this thing doesn't get solved. That's for sure.

    @MariaAndrea: It does look a lot like Movie Star. But this one is actually a shade lighter and has more blue in it.

  9. I hope they'll answer to your email because customer service is obviously very important for an online shop :/
    Anyway, the colour is so pretty, I would love to wear it during fall/winter!
    Btw, your nails look great :D

  10. Pretty shade of grey. Really like that it has that blue leaning of color. Your crappy does a great job. Your photos are always the best.

  11. OK, love this grey color! I'm starting a list of Klean Colors I want and this is on it!... :D


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