Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Most Special Polishes of My Collection: Black & White

This is a post about my favorite and most special blacks & whites and everything in between. That includes greys, black base glitters and silver polishes as well. ;)

a England - Camelot

My favorite black creme. Opaque in one coat, but for the needs of photographing, I applied two coats. Essential one. And sooooo glossy.

Catrice - London's Weather Forecast

Best gray on gray shimmer of all times. At least for me. I love it's blue-ish hue and it's easy application. Too bad it's discontinued. I guess Catrice people must do that to every great shade they have.

China Glaze - Millenium

Best silver chrome polish. Applies so nicely, it's almost unbelievable. In the same category as the long gone Maybelline Mirror Magic polish and still available Stargazer in 232. But this one is better. Trust me.

Diamond Cosmetics - Concrete Jungle

Best light grey creme. Completely opaque in just one coat. Great formula, great color - it's overall great.

Gosh - Black Passion

Best shimmery black. I use this when I'm in a hurry or when I want my nails dark but not completely black. It looks nothing special, but it got into my heart the first time I wore it.

Kleancolor - Concrete Gray

Best grey creme. Oh, I love this one. One coater and so easy to apply. You've met this one a couple of days ago. And you need it in your life as well. Just don't buy it at BeautyJoint if you want your bottle intact. Yes, I'm still very mad at them.

S-he - 466

Beautiful greenish grey with golden shimmer. I was thinking about posting this in the green category, but I think it suits here better. This shade is still available although S-he changed their line.

Honorable Mention:

What are your favorite B&W and in between polishes?

Thanks for looking!


  1. I really love Revlon Top Speed - Hazy. It's a gorgeous light grey creme. ^_^

  2. China Glaze Millenium <3

    Tega She-ja pa nimam. Le kako sem ga lahko preskočila? Ful je lep.

  3. krasan izbor :-D
    kako ti samo zavidim na fortune teller ;-)

  4. These look fantastic!
    And I'm jealous of how nice Millenium looks on you. Mine always looks streaky and kind of rough. *softly weeps*

    I'm gonna keep trying though. *makes fuck yea face*

  5. > What are your favorite B&W and in between polishes?

    London's Weather Forecast for full mani, and Millennium for stamping ;)

  6. Your picture of Millenium makes me want it even more than I already do. What a beautiful polish! My favorites are Sinful Colors Black on Black, and Diamond Cosmetics Concrete Jungle. And Zoya Dove is pretty too!

  7. Kad su izbacili London's Weather Forecast iz stalne postave, to mi je jedan od omiljenih lakova, moram napravit zalihu dok jos mogu

  8. That Gosh polish is so gorgeous. S-he is beautiful!! Love your favorites.

  9. Black passion, Camelot, movies star, into the night ahhhh love them :) but don't have them

  10. wie kriegst du es hin, so toll zu lackieren? *staun*

  11. Essence Into the night je prepredivan, prepostavljam da se radi o laku iz Moonlight kolekcije. Super ideja o top deset nijansi, stvarno uživam čitat tvoje postove.

  12. I was looking for the perfect black polish, so thanks for the advice! And the Kleancolor grey polish looks really gorgeous :)

  13. The Gosh one looks really nice :) I'm still waiting for my Kleancolors, been waiting 4 weeks now :S

  14. Nothing beats black nails =)
    The Millenium looks really good too.

  15. i love these posts my favorites in B&W and in between are BB Couture Opposites Attract, Zoya Harley, Zoya Gaia, and LA Splash Abyss

  16. London's Weather Forecast is not discontinued :]

  17. Taking advantage of sales off on a-england website, a friend of mine ordere few polishes ofr her and asked me if I need for something. Since I don't find a decent black creme, yet, I trust of you and I chose CAMELOT, despite of others in my wishlist! ;)


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