Friday, July 22, 2011

Most Special Polishes of My Collection: Blue

Here's the third post in my 'Most Special Polishes' series. This time, it's all about the blues.

Catrice - Blue My Mind

Best dark shimmery blue ever. Too bad they stopped selling this shade. It was a real winner.

China Glaze - Bermuda Breakaway

Best dark blue creme. I think this might be one of the most famous blue cremes with the nail polish fanatics. It's a little muted and kind of blurple. Very pretty.

Collection 2000 - BMX Bandit

My favorite periwinkle polish. This one looks like ChG Secret Periwinkle or Essie's Lapis of Luxury, but it's far more opaque and better to apply. Low end product that beats Essie and China Glaze. Got to love it.

Essence - Chuck

Most special blue creme ever. This color is really hard to describe that's why I won't even bother. It's special. And it's so opaque and easy to apply. One of my all time favorites. Well done, Essence!

Essence - Let's Get Lost

Best aqua shade of blue. Opaque in one coat. Wowza!

H&M - Bella's Choice

Best turquoise creme. It's fantastic!

H&M - Blue My Mind

Another phenomenal shade by H&M. It's a dupe of Sally Hansen's Pacific Blue. They come pretty close in quality as well. I chose this one, because it's EU based. =)

NYC - West Village

Some nail polish fanatics claim that OPI Ink is the best dark blurple shimmer. I say not. It's West Village that stole my heart. *in Smeagol's voice* My precious....

Orly - Royal Navy

I think this one doesn't need any explaining. Gorgeous.

Pure Ice - Kiss Me Here

My favorite blue creme. It's very opaque and the shade is just right - not too dark, not too light. I love this polish.

Honorable Mention:

And which are your favorite blue shades?

Thanks for looking!


  1. Hey, I recognize a couple of those!!!!



    How are you, love?????

  2. Droolworthy post! Bermuda Breakaway and Chuck have a place on my favourites list too, love them. Other favourites: DS Glamour and Tristam from a england. ♥

  3. I love it, love P2 Gigantic but also from their current LE Deep water love the blue ans blue green one. And as a holo lover CG Kaleidoscope Him Out and CG DV8.

  4. That Blue My Mind actually hurt my eyes it's so bright! Great fun! (btw my Kleancolors arrived today and I love them, thanks for that post on them, even though they're being a pain over the broken bottle thing :/ )

  5. I have west Village is a very pretty color. and have a similar shade Bermuda breakaway Models Own it Betty blue

  6. Beautiful! Blue is my favorite color. I love this post!

  7. i also have bmx bandit and i love that!essence nail polish is such a gorgeous shade...i wanna buy this right now:)

  8. Bermuda Breakaway really is gorgeous. I also love For Audrey :)

  9. > And which are your favorite blue shades?

    Absolutely the catrice - it blue my mind! Actually my favourite blue is pupa 701 (1 perfect coat no need for topcoat!) but the catrice is almost a dupe of it, so I bought it for this reason.
    Other blues I have and love are:
    Eyeko - Rain
    Kiko - 335

  10. Wow, you own a lot of beautiful blue colors! Luckily I own a couple of them too!

    BTW: I got my Kleancolor polishes and all none of the bottles is broken :)

    Did you already receive a reply on your message about your broken bottle??

  11. oooh kako lepiii lakci:) pa tvoji nohti so perfect:)

  12. My favorite blue is Zoya's Yummy! It's so unique!

  13. Why Catrice stop selling all their best shades who does it? it's so unfair.
    And i really like that orly have to check it :)

  14. Such pretty shades of blue. I don't have many of them.

  15. i approve of this list! Bermuda Breakaway and Royal Navy are two on my list too

  16. I couldn't pick one, they all look great! I've really been in the mood for blues lately and your post sure didn't help! ;)

  17. bella's choice is best <3 I have this too and it's my very favorite polish

  18. meni je catrice-blue my mind tu favorit, svarno šteta što ga više nećemo moći nabaviti :-(
    iako... kad je plavo, meni je dobro ;-D

  19. Nimam veliko modrih lakov, ene 5, mogoče malce več... Mi je pa res naaaajljubši H&M Blue my mind. ♥ Pred kratkim mi je pa tudi Chuck padel v oči. :)

  20. Nice to look at the pics. I really love blue polish. My favourites are: Zoya Charla, Essie Greenport (almost green. but I call it blue) and CG Atlantis (also almost green)

  21. Catrice Blue My Mind looks amazing!

    My favourite blue shades are OPI Blue My Mind, Models Own True Blue and Make Up Store Dolly.

  22. Blue polishes are my favourite ones. Probably half of my polishes are blue and I can't resist when I see a new blue polish at the stores.
    Unfortunately, here in Brazil imported polishes are very expensive, so I don't purchase them very often. I would love to own this Catrice polish, it's very beautiful!
    My favorite blue polishes are mostly brazilian, like Big Universo Turquesa, Hits Mabi, Risqué Azul Hortência, Ana Hickman Jeans, L'apogee Evita Peron and Hits Ruby. But I also love Eyeko Indigo Blue (I bought two bottles, so, yeah, I used it a lot) and Orly Lunar Eclipse (one of the most beautiful polishes I've ever seen).


  23. chuck is gorgeousness!! I need that one !

  24. Gorgeous! I loooove blues. I now have a bunch more lemmings..thanks ;)

  25. Se popolnoma strinjam o Catrice BLue My Mind, Chuck in H&M Blue My Mind (joj, so izvirni ...). Orlyjev Royal Navy je že cel vek na WL ... Med moje najljubše bi še dodala DS Glamour, Illamasquino Phallic in pa OPIjevo Suzi Says Feng Shui (ali Zoyo Breezi, ki je dupe). Te tri tudi čisto prepogosto nosim, sploh SSFS.


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