Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Most Special Polishes of My Collection: Pink

I don't own a lot of pink nail polishes. From the few I have, these are my favorite.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab - Croquet

Best bubble gum pink.

China Glaze - Strawberry Fields

Not really my favorite, but it's very special. It doesn't look good with my skintone...

China Glaze - Sunset Glow

Best pink shimmer ever. Completely opaque in one coat and soooo gorgeous!

Color Club - Vintage Couture

Best pale pink.

Essence - Mr. Big

Best darker pink creme.

NYC - Magenta Flash

Best bright pink creme.

Savvy - Ultra Violet

Best layering/sheer pink.

Tell me about your favorite pink polishes.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Hey honey! I've been meaning to comment on your most special posts, but every damn time I've been too busy! So I'm commenting on the pink. ;) See, this is where you and I differ! I'm not so keen on this type of pinks, as Im still a bit reluctant, but damn I can these days sport a hot or neon pink, sometimes even a raspberry one! But I do believe hell will freeze over before I'm into pastel pinks. :) <3

  2. Oh damn, I hate you and your beautiful hands!!! Even with pink polishes you manage to make me want some of them!!! :p

  3. I love pink!!
    So I love all the polishes you showed today ^^

  4. meni pink i nije nešto napeta ali vintage couture by color club bih rado imala u svojoj kolekciji :-D

  5. ChG Strawberry Fields is top!

  6. OOO I love that BPAL one.
    My favs are:
    Color Club - Warhol
    Zoya - kiki
    China Glaze - Heli-yum
    MazGlaze - FOAD

  7. I think my favourites are sunset glow and vintage couture. Pinks are hard to get right, a bit like reds and yellows.

  8. I love hot pinks. China Glaze makes several great ones like "Designer Satin" for a darker berry, or "Pink Voltage" which is almost a neon pink. Many of my blog posts feature konadicures with a pink background! NYX has one called "Hot Pink" which is great too. I use an old, cheap Sally Hansen one called "Cerise" which I love too. I seem to always want to buy more pinks! I'm not one for shimmers normally, but "Sunset Pink" really seems to flatter your skin tone.

  9. I have a lot more pinks than I expected to have :)
    They look good on me, and I like them...
    The best pink I have would be S-he 462.

  10. Mr Big looks very beautiful and Sunset Glow has been in my WL for some time now. And yes, you were the culprit for that. ;)

  11. Sunset Glow and Ultra Violet are gorgeous!

  12. This time I must to pass. Pinks are like cryptonite for me, except for few dusty/antique/nude pink >__<
    SOrry >__<

  13. oh, ta barva od china glaze je d best:) drgač te pa kar nisem navajena z rozikami:) heh....

  14. Can't believe Sunset Glow is so opaque! Most shimmers like that tend te be sheer... My favorite pinks are OPI Dim Sum Plum (one-coater!), Barry M Shocking Pink and Essence Ultimate Pink. Thanks for posting these most-special-polishes-posts, I really enjoy them!

  15. All of these look really nice especially Sunset Glow :)

  16. Pretty bunch of pinks you have here :D

  17. Ahhh, vse so lepe. ♥ Pa itak ti vse barve pašejo. :)
    Moje najljubše pink? Ha se je malce težko odločiti. :D Ampak definitivno prvo mesto zaseda Fancy Fuchsia (Orly), to je bila ljubezen na prvi nanos. :)

  18. This post amost makes me want to wear pink polish. ^^

  19. You've got an award on my blog. I think you'll like it ;)

  20. I need Sunset Glow. That's gorgeous and I love the look of it. I have loads of pinks.


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