Saturday, July 9, 2011

Review: Beauty UK Bronzing Palette

Here's a review of another product I got from the Lič online store. This time it's a Beauty UK Bronzing Palette. And it's quite big ...

This is how it looks inside. There's a huge mirror on the inner side of the top lid and due to it's size, this one can actually serve it's purpose.

The four shades in vertical line on the left are eye shadow colors, the three shades in the middle are described as shimmer, two colors on the right above are lipsticks and the two colors on the right below are lip glosses.
There's also one sponge shadow applicator, a wider brush (probably for shimmer application) and a lip color brush.

Swatches of eyeshadows (four squares on the left in the palette).

Swatches of shimmer shades. I noticed the third shade isn't really shimmery...

Price: £3.79

Where to buy? Beauty UK (international), Lič online store (for Slovenian buyers - use code NIHRIDA10 for 10% off your purchase ;)).


This palette made a bad first impression - it was extremely hard to open it. It helps if you stick a sharp object between the lids, something like tweezers. And from my own experience: rather use something else than your nails! The shades in the palette are really nice though. It's perfect for those who like to look flawless yet natural. If you're into I'm-hardly-wearing-any-makeup look, then this is the thing for you. You have your natural eye shadow, blush, highlighter and lipgloss in one.

I'm not a natural type of girl and these shades are generally too safe for me. I still wanted to try it properly and see how they'll work out. All my make up looks look more washed out in the photos than they are in real life and this one is no exception. You'd think I'm not wearing any eyeshadow on my lids, but believe me... I am. And it showed. My lids are naturally darker than other skin areas and I have some visible redness as well. This make up concealed that and helped me to highlight the brow bone and deepen the outer crease area. Hmmm... I kind of like it. :) What do you think?

Products used for this make up look:
* Urban Decay Primer Potion
* Beauty UK Bronzing Palette
* Essence Black Mania Eye Pencil
* NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
* Maybelline Volum' Express Turbo Boost Mascara

+ Price.
+ ''All in one'' (for eyes, lips and cheeks).
+ Big mirror.
+ Nice, natural and complementary shades.

- Hard to open the palette.
- Applicators aren't too functional.
- I wish the colors were a bit more pigmented.

Do I recommend it? If you're into natural and subtle make up, then yes. It's a cheap palette, so you're not loosing a lot if you end up not liking it.

*The product was sent to me by Lič online store.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Thanks for the wonderful review :) the palette looks lovely <3

  2. Thank you for your comment! I'm glad you like the review. =)

  3. Very beautiful packaging, even if it's hard to open it. I love that matte silky look.

    These colors are neutrals, so I don't think I would buy them because I like color on my eyes, and I would be concerned about the pigmentation as well.
    The mirror is great!

  4. Looks like the sexy Marilyn Monroe look. Very sultry looking eyes. Pretty but hardly a "you" look. Nice palette for a person that like the natural look. I have a lot of so called good brands that are hard to open.


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