Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Review: Beauty UK Palette in Amazon

''We all love beautyuk eye palettes with their brilliant colours all nicely arranged in a cool case so we thought, let's mix it up and add some eyeliner in there as well so you have one less thing to carry around. We've even added a dual use, double ended applicator so you can make twice as many statements as before. Each contains six eye shadows and two gel-based eyeliners.'' (Beauty UK)

Another Beauty UK palette. And this one is sooooo gorgeous. Just check out these colors. I fell in love with the middle bottom color the moment I layed my eyes on it. So bold and unique. I don't mind the shimmery bronze and brown shades as well. There's a double ended applicator in the palette, one side for the eye shadow and the other for the eyeliner. The mirror beneath the applicator is there, but is too small to be useful at applying make up. At least for me.

Here are the swatches. The first two lines are the eyeliners. They're pretty useful, but not very long lasting. But the eye shadows... Whoa. I just love them.

Price: £3.99

Where to buy? Beauty UK online store (international), Ličila.si (for Slovenian customers).


This palette immediately caught my eye and I wasn't disapointed by it. The shades are very pretty and they go together very well. The pigmentation is great and the shadows are quite soft. Eyeliners are OK, but I wouldn't be too comfortable wearing them. I'd be too afraid they would smudge on my oily lids. That's the main reason I don't wear cream eyeliners in the first place. But still, they're there and they're nicely pigmented.

This is a make up look I created using Amazon Beauty UK Palette. The first photo was made under artificial lighting.

Products I used for this look:
* Urban Decay Primer Potion
* Beauty UK Palette in Amazon
* Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil in Black Fever
* Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara
* ES False Eyelashes (with Eye Charm false eyelash glue)

... and this photo was made in natural lighting.

+ Great colors and good quality.
+ Price.
+ Applicator that comes with the palette is actually functional.

- The cream eyeliners smudge.
- Mirror is too small.

Do I recommend it? Yes, absolutely. I think this might be my favorite Beauty UK palette so far.

*The product was sent to me by Ličila.si online store.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Looks very beautiful. Colours are perfect for your eyes :)

  2. Love the orange one <3
    Have you ever tried Sleek's Paraguaya palette? I think you'd love it !

  3. Gorgeous colors. They are my favorite for eye shadows. I love this palette! :-)

  4. @Sarah B.: No, I haven't, but I do have a couple of Sleek palettes up for review. =)

  5. whoooooa :)

    prekrasno, boje me podsjecaju na jesen :)
    btw. trepavice su savrsene, nisam uopce primjetila da su umjetne :)

  6. Those shades are really great! All of them!

  7. Nice swatches and great eye makeup as usual.

  8. The look you did is fantastic!! The shades are very nice.

  9. Love those shades. That bronze is amazing looking. I never use mirrors that come in any of my makeup. I need my big lighted makeup mirror! Beautiful eye makeup.


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