Thursday, July 7, 2011

Swatches: Everyday Minerals for Eyes

Are you ready for a huge Everyday Minerals post? Okey dokey then.

I was contacted by sweet Maja from Slovenian online store Lič She offered me some products and in return I'm gonna do some swatches for her store. That's a nice deal, right? Yeah. The only problem is that the photos are never good enough for me. And I DO try, believe me. I've been swatching and taking photos for hours and hours. My camera will need a vacation after this, that's for sure. The back of my hand is all red and swollen and I still think I could do a better job. Obviously, I can't. :) You might think I hate swatching, but you're so wrong. I love it and I'd like to thank Maja for giving me this opportunity. Thank you, Maja! :D

Without further ado, here are the pigments in their jars.

Let's break them down... First, the softer shades.

Swatched on the back of my hand, over Urban Decay Primer Potion.

All Spice (''Like a soft neutral pink champagne laced with delicate white shimmer.'') - It's basically what the description from the EDM site says. A very delicate shade which I'll be using for my browbone and my natural make up looks.

Parasail (''Light pink matte shade can be used all over eye lid or as a brow highlighter.'') - Cooler than All Spice, matte but still somehow similar. Another great one to use as a highlighter and for the inner corners of the eye.

Rare Silk (''Like a delicate soft white fabric elegantly highlighting your eyes.'') - This one looks like a pale face powder. I'd use it after applying my primer and sweep it all over my eyelid, so the other pigments would blend easier. Kind of weird to use it as an eyeshadow, but very useful indeed.

Driftwood (''Part of the Sandcastles Collection. Warm caramel beige matte shade.'') - Another ''face powder'' shade. Warmer than Rare Silk.

Ginger Peach (''A light tan marries with a pale peach to produce this sparkly shade.'') - Ladies who dig the natural eye look with a little sparkle are gonna love this one. It's subtle, but it can become quite shimmery and foily when you apply it with damp brush.

Jane Eyre (''A soft, demure pink beige with a hint of sparkle, part of the Jane Austen Collection.'') - Another powdery shade, but this time with a twist or better said - sparkle.

Second set of pigments... Again, these are all applied over Urban Decay Primer Potion.

Art Girl - For all the artistic (and those less artistic) and mostly: daring. Art Girl is a beautiful purple shade with shimmer that would suit any eye color. One of my favorites.

Change of Scenery - Light lilac shade with shimmer. Goes perfectly with Art Girl, don't you think? Nice and subtle. For 'natural' beauties. ;)

Rock Anthem (''A super romantic shade with unbelievable natural Fashion Fuchsia.'') - The name of this one reminds me of We Will Rock You song. Don't ask me why. I think it's cemented in my mind as a rock anthem of some sort. This shade isn't really romantic. Unless you're like me and think spikes and leather is romantic. You gotta be at least a little wild to pull this one off. Could you? Would you? Hee hee.

Anna Karenina (''Part of the Jane Austen Collection. Midnight blue shade with lots of sparkle.'') - I can almost see her. Anna in her gorgeous midnight blue night gown... Another beautiful one.

Room Addition (''Dark kohl gray with a pearly flash.'') - Whoa, this one will blind you if you apply it with a damp brush. Pearly, dark and light at the same time. For that extra kaboom-pow-wow.

Starlit (''A dark pearlescent grey with hints of sapphire.'') - Grey, teal, green? I'm not sure, 'cause this is one chameleon shade. Gotta love that.

And the last set of shades applied over UDPP.

Floating Feathers (''A frosty white with flecks of sparkle.'') - It is what it is. A shimmery white shade, ideal for inner eye corners and highlighting.

Little Black Dress (''Like a show stopping parade of white diamonds cascading from the heavens.'') - This one is so pigmented it can also be used as an eyeliner. Great shade for smokey looks.

Passion Passport (''Passion Passport is as radiant as a shooting star.'') - The EDM description doesn't tell you much about the color Passion Passport is. But photos speak a thousand words. Gorgeous gunmetal grey with loads of shimmer.

I'm Keeping Your CD's - Another shade that is pigmented and dark enough to be used as an eyeshadow AND eyeliner. I absolutely love this one and not just because of the name. =)

Pressed Olive - Yeah... Not really olive color. More like a pastel olive, or warm mint green. Nothing too special, but it still looks really nice. I advise you to apply it with a damp brush for a special pop of shimmer.

Volcano Blossom (''A deep black with a brilliant infusion of rich gold shimmer.'') - Whoa!!! I'm speechless. This is one of the most stunning blackened shade ever. I mean, just look at it. All my words are unnecessary. LOVE!

Boardwalk (''Part of the Sandcastle Collection. Chocolaty shimmery brown with tons of sparkle.'') - All I have in my mind right now are the Pirates of the Caribbean, so I'm gonna rename this shade into 'Walk the Plank'. :D Beautiful deep brown with shimmer. Another top color for me.


I also got four travel size shadows. They come in a cute little roll-on bottle. I was a bit sceptic at first, 'cause I've never tried this way of eyeshadow application before. It went OK, I just need a little practice.

I couldn't do better color drops than these... Different packaging, you know.

I swatched them on my bare skin (no primer). I applied every shade twice: with a dry brush on the left and with a damp one on the right.

Smokey Pink (''Pretty, soft, pearlescent pink with lavender undertones.'') - Although this is a nice shimmery pink, I consider it as one of the boring shades. Give me some color! Smokey Pink is a great chameleon too. It can be innocent looking, but when applied wet... well, it looks less innocent then.

Cypress (''An evergreen shade with earthy browns.'') - Quite subtle shimmery olive green. I like it.

Wish You Were Here (''An intricate cluster of fuchsia sparkle, woven together like a band of gems.'') - It's red and it's purple as well. This is one weird color. I love it anyway though.

Live Austin Live - Purple with golden shimmer. This reminded me of Sally Hansen Arabian Nights nail polish and I can already see a matching eye and nail look. This purple is really something worth owning.


Yeah, I made it through. Somehow. Now I need to rest. Or better yet - I'm gonna read A Storm of Swords. Hopefully I won't be cross-eyed, drooling over the book after half an hour like yesterday. Yeah, I was so sleepy, but the book is too darn interesting to close it and go to sleep.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Volcano Blossom and I'm Keeping Your CDs is stunning!
    And make sure to give your hand lots of lotion tonight LOL.

  2. ...ej prou super si tole swatchala:) ...ful lepo se barve vidijo:)

  3. your pics are so pretty!
    and these eyeshadows looks great!

  4. Hi there. I seldom comment, though I always read, but despite the fact that many of these eyeshadows are super pretty, I had to jump at this "Jane Eyre, part of the Jane Austen collection". Seriously??? There are not enough heroins in Jane Austen's books to name a collection and they linked Jane Austen and Jane Eyre??? I know, nothing to do with you, nor with the quality of the make-up, but I couldn't stay still reading that!! :p
    And I have to say your swatches are really good from this side of the screen :)

  5. Beautiful swatches. I love mineral makeup. I have so much of it and don't use it. I've got to find a easy way to store them that I can use them easily. Lots of samples also!

  6. I have a shitload of old Everyday Minerals shadows (and blushes, and foundations), but they don't stick very good on me. Also, their eyeshadow range is pretty... bland. Some of these are new to me, I don't think I have ordered any in at least a couple of years, but Room Addition is one of my favourites! It's a total me color. Now I feel like getting I'm keeping your CD's. ;)

  7. Great swatches! Im dying to know what camera you use?


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