Friday, August 26, 2011

About Theft and Respect

What is up with stealing photos from other people's blog? I don't get it, I really don't. Is it so hard to put up a link to where you got them? I'm used to getting e-mails from random (and not so random) people telling me about stolen images from my blog on Luuux. But to see my photos being stolen from people who are also quite respected bloggers... Well, that's just not OK. And those are people whose blogs I read, whose blogs are on my Google Reader. I'm disappointed. I really am. This happened before. Sometimes people just need a short comment, an email or something...

But this time I'm talking about the New From Essence post. 

#1 First of all, those aren't that new. The products are new to me (I gotta admit that), but they've been on Essence website for a while now. I only saw them yesterday and I had to post about it.

#2 Those images aren't mine. They belong to Essence website, where I got them. I didn't ask for permission, but since it's advertisement for them, I think I'm OK. Besides, I put a link at the end of the post saying the images are a property of Essence (even though I edited them, that doesn't make them mine).

#3 If you look on Essence page, you won't see those exact photos. Why? Because I spend a lot of time cropping and editing them, pasting them together and adding the names products. And then I see this. It makes me sad, mad and disappointed. From a girl that obviously follows me and who I follow as well. If you come to my blog and right click, save and then copy to your blog, at least have the curtesy to link back. That's all I ask. It's called manners. And those different fonts don't fool me. Not at all.

Respect, people! Respect other people's work. If you really don't have the time to do it yourself and you wanna just copy it from another blog - at least take the time to link to the site where you got the images from. Otherwise it's just called stealing. And besides: put yourself in my shoes. Would you be happy, if you took a lot of time to do something and then someone came and took all the credits? No? I thought so. The end.

EDIT: The lady from the blog I mentioned contacted me and told me her part of the story. It turned out she forgot to link back. I'm not the person to hold grudges for a mistake like this. I'm happy to say that we cleared this out and that we're both OK now. =) Still, I cannot read and follow every blog under the sun to remind you, so please - link back when you use other people's work. Thank you!


  1. That sucks. The exact same thing happened to me a few months ago with a similar post with a 'collage' that I made too so I sympathise.
    I've just started experiencing photo thieves recently and it's the most frustrating thing in the world.


  2. I just saw that post and I completely agree with you. Those photos are definitely STOLEN! I mean she hasn't even given you any credits for it. It's a shameful act.

  3. You are so right. It is not fair at all. I was put in a strage position also but kind of different. I received e-mail from a lady that asked me if she could use my pics from flikr and she will give me credits for my work. Then when I wrote her that she needs to link my blog or/and flicr account she wrote back that she did not give links to other sites freely. I was so pissed off so I just respond to her that I do not give my pictures freely too.

    So long story short, I totally understand you. I wonder why people don't have manners at all, I've never ever thought about using something that wasn't mine. You're soo right!

  4. ain't life a bich :-(
    ma ne znam šta da ti kažem... ima nas svakakvih, ne znam zašto neki ljudi misle da bi njima trebalo biti dopušteno ono što ostatku populacije nije :-(

  5. I am so sorry that your hard work was stolen and not credited back to you. I hope that person credits back to you.


  6. What a jerk! I really enjoy your photos and I guess you put a lot of effort into them so even more annoying with these thieving ____(insert ugly word)!

  7. I was wondering where you got the photos when I read the post on Essence products, because I check their webpage regularly and I didn't see such pretty photos there. So I thought that maybe you got special promo material, because you're a known blogger etc. Now I see that was not the case and I appreciate your blog even more now :)

    Maybe (really just maybe) the girl who took your photos didn't know you edited them and thought you got them like this? In any case, she still should've mentioned your blog in her post, which is really nothing but a copy of your post. I just hope you won't be forced to start using watermarks (I hate those). I think that exposing people who steal your photos on your blog is the best way to deal with this problem - these "thieves" will get very bad publicity and I doubt they'll ever want to take someone's photos without their permission again.

  8. I was searching my reader, so I could delete her if I followed the blog. That blog was not on my list. I am glad, I would not support someone who steals others' content. not cool.

  9. waw. eni pa res znajo presenetiti.
    meni se to res ne zdi fer. ko bi res vsaj objavila link nazaj do tebe.. ali pa vprašala, če lahko vzame. ne vem, meni se tako stvari zdijo res nedopustne. jaz na kaj takega niti pomislim ne, da bi lahko kaj takega storila.

  10. Whenever I use someone else's image, I always link back.
    We haven't experienced image/content theft so far, but I fully understand your frustration.
    Taking good photos takes time, editing them takes even mooore time. Is it sooo difficult to include a link?? Come on, all you have to do is copy and paste. If they're capable of doing it with your photos, why not to give you credit for your post/image linking to you?

  11. Wow....after all this time and all the various posts us bloggers have written about other scumbags who just waltz in and STEAL someone else's hard word & efforts, you'd think that this disgusting practice would have stopped already. You're right; how lazy do you have to be to not even add a lousy little link, letting people know where the photos originated from? I mean COME ON, people! It's not that difficult to give credit where it's due. My only consolation is that what goes around, comes around and let's face it: karma is a bitch! I'm so glad you wrote this post to let us know; that's what we need to keep doing (the only thing, really) is to let the world know when we come across a heinous act like this and support one another.

  12. se strinjam:) ..Nič ni narobe, če kakšno fotko vzameš kot inspiracijo - samo nujno pa je potrebno in edino pravilno je, da napišeš izvor fotke:)

  13. I understand what you mean. Since those aren't exactly yours, you cannot put watermarks, but then you also cannot prevent anybody from stealing as well. That kinda sucks, especially when you see that she didn't "just" stole the pictures, but the idea as well, with the names. Changing font (because the font you use is pretty much your signature) was done on purpose.

  14. amen to this whole thing, photo stealing drives me crazy. We take a lot of time to put things together for our blogs then people just come over and take it, no credit given. My favorite is when I find out then ask for credit to be given or my images to be removed and the photo stealer comes at me like I am some kind of asshole for it.

  15. More... She could sharpen images after editing, this is a base rule. Ah! Photoshop! This stranger! ;)
    Don't be sad/mad, sometimes copying just comes from envy or/and admiration. It's annoying anyway I know... :/

  16. Same with Sana, I noticed the font was different between pictures and thought Essence sent some "selected" bloggers the promo images that were not available on their site (I'm a dummie but can't recover pics from their flash site)...
    Only you knew that it came from hard crop-paste-edit work.
    BTW I really appreciate it and yes, you deserve respect (and asking before copying/using wouldn't have hurt)!

  17. @Sammersaurus: Well, I've experienced it before, but to see that it's a fellow blogger... That just hurts. I'm really glad you posted a comment here, 'cause now I know about your blog. I love it and I'm so gonna follow. =)

    @Sara H.: I'm glad it isn't just me being overprotective of my work.

    @Nynaeve: Now that's a weird experience you've had. You did the right thing. I always say yes, when people ask me to use photos from my blog, but linking back is the rule.

    @Helga: Hold your horses! =D

    @Sana: Nope, I get no special promo photos from Essence. I don't even get their e-mails anymore. Their PR people suck. It's possible that she didn't know about the editing work I did, but that's no excuse to copy paste. And she has a 'right click' function disabled on her blog, so I guess she's not too fond of stealing as well. I already use watermarks, but only on photos which are mine. Essence photos aren't.

    @Angela: I stopped following her as well.

    @Tinchi: Ma to je že dolgo znano v blogerskem svetu. Če nekaj hočeš - vprašaš in je to to. Seveda bi rekla, da lahko. Še zmeraj sem, če je le človek pripravljen linkat nazaj. V nasprotnem primeru ima pa še vedno na razpolago Essence spletno stran in naj si sama naredi svoj kolaž.

    @Marox79: Good girl! =) I keep asking myself the same questions. Yeah, I know!

    @Biberlee: You get what I was trying to say. This just sucks.

    @Jen: I didn't have any bad experiences when I contacted the ones who were stealing. They just put up a link or something and that's it. That was mostly on Luuux - what bothers me the most is the fact it was a fellow blogger. :/

    @maisenzasmalto: Thank you!

  18. It's so wrong. You're so right on every point. It's so sad that people can't even take the time to post a simple link (which we all know takes like 5 seconds to do!). Someone stole a set of photos from my Photobucket account which were of rare Essie mint shades. I actually went to the site and saw them posted there like, WTF?!?? I wasn't given credit and they were posting the photos as their own (it was a post about "the mint green trend"). Urgh. :(

  19. I just assumed the photos you pasted were some promo email as well. I'm sure this girl didn't realize that she was taking your work - she probably thought she just didn't get the promo email and she wanted to link the pictures. Did you let her know already, out of curiousity? I'd be surprised if she keeps them up without credit once she knows.

    I've just started a nail blog and I could see making that mistake. Of course, this post has reminded me that even promo pics may not be without editing/polishing, so I'll definitely be crediting even promo pics I find other places! So thanks for bringing that to my/our attention. :)

  20. @idrinknailpolish: It sucks, doesn't it?

    @Theomanic: Why did she change them and added the names with her own font then? I don't think it was a mistake. Yes, I did leave a comment on her post.

  21. This makes me so sad :(
    I can't believe people would do this...

  22. thats really sad and it sucks because i follow her too. Good thing you posted a comment letting her know how you feel, i "liked" it so she sees there are others who also agree with you on this. Makes me think thats what she does on her blog, steal ppls posts...

  23. I can very much relate, having my work stolen daily. It's very disrespectful. You definitely should get recognition for your photos and blog posts as they are really great and insightful.

  24. Changing the font is hilarious as if we wouldn't be able to tell. That shows intent to try and hide the fact that she was stealing. Obviously she didn't think it was a promo image or she wouldn't have felt the need to change the font. I can imagine how frustrating this is. =(

  25. Wow, I almost can't believe how rude that is! I think it's really great that you wrote this post about it, I bet she's feeling pretty shameful right about now.. As she ruddy well should!

  26. Ok, so I haven't been on this blog before, but came here from the blog you're all talking about.
    While I completely agree that stealing is wrong, I do think you're all jumping to conclusions and judging very quickly. And judging somebody without hearing their side of the story is a bad thing as well, in my opinion.
    If anybody is interested in her side of the story, it's on her blog. She did indeed think these were promo pictures she missed out on and never had the intention of stealing.
    So several people here came to the wrong conclusion about what happened here and commented about that quite harshly.
    If I were you I'd give the blogger a decent amount of time to respond as well, before calling them blatant thieves on your blog. It would've been nice.
    Either way, I'm off to have a look at your blog now, since I hsven't been here before,

  27. The thing is: even if she did think they were promo pictures, she should have provided a link for where she got them from. That is just the right thing to do.

    Also, I truly doubt that she thought that the pictures were purely promo - if she did, it would be really strange for her to change the font before posting them on her blog.

    If I were to post promo pictures on my blog, I would also state the fact that they are promo pictures and where I got them - its just common courtecy.

  28. Instead of stealing a photo from a blog, just ask a simple question to the owner. It would be something like this: 'Would you mind if I use this o that photo from your blog? I'll include a link', or if you don't ask for permission (even though you should do it), at least just link the owner.

  29. I'd take it as a compliment to your work. It really sucks that she took it, but out of all the pics out there, for her to choose yours... it speaks of your good work!


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