Saturday, August 20, 2011


Thank you!!! For all your comments on the matter. I think we've solved it and if any of the girls I insulted are reading this - then you ARE on my positive list. ;) I tried to answer to you all and it took me a lot of time. I hope you understand why I can't always reply to all your comments.

It's my sister's birthday today and I have a lot to do. But first:


I'm not gonna tell you how old she turned today, but I'll tell you this - she's OOOOOLD. :D Hee hee

Here are some shots from yesterday to show you how I blew off some steam. My boyfriend was very helpful. He reads my blog regularly and I think he might be my biggest fan. =) He's the best consultant as well. And he spoils my cats. A lot. Some of the spoiling involved ice cream. I say it's OK as long it's just a couple of licks.

P.S.: I can't lick that wooden stick without getting goose bumps. And my teeth start to hurt as well. It's almost as annoying as chewing aluminium foil. Not that I've done that... *whistles*

*shake it off*

Best therapy of them all - cutting vegetables. I swear! I got two giant pots of beans and I had to cut of a little of both ends and cut it in half. It took almost two hours and I enjoyed it to the last minute.

I'll be back later with nail polish photos. And I have something from the Essence 50's Girls Reloaded collection to show you too.

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Happy Bithday to ur sister! She makes some really pretty jewelry things!

  2. joooj kako lušten muc :)
    in seveda vse najboljše tvoji sestri :)

  3. This post reminded me a little bit of my childhood when my grandmother was giving to us (me and my sister - she is old too ;))beans to cut, a lot of beans :). Now in the big city this I kind of miss. I don't believe that I could say that now. I used to hate it in that time.
    By the we have rabbits there and I love them (at my grandmothers place). Please post another post with something about your rabbit Bozho:).

  4. Happy birthday to her!!
    So cute kitty!
    Just in case you don't know you're there :

  5. Lepo praznujte sestrin rojstni dan!

  6. maybe i will try your vegetable cutting therapy ;)

  7. happy birthday to your sis. she is very talented

  8. lol, i moj mačak voli sladoled... ali samo vaniliju i čokoladu, ne mari za voćne okuse ;-)
    super fotke!
    sad trčim sisterici čestitat rođendan ;-)

  9. Hvala, sestrca! In hvala tudi ostalim!

    In ja, res sem že stara ;-)

  10. Happy sister birthday! You're gloating about the age, so I presume you're younger, lol. I rub it in sometimes too, ;)
    Her cat eats lots of 'human food'. I once surprised her performing a trial sampling of an apple cake I'd just baked. We have to be really careful with her.
    Make sure your cats stay away from chocolate. Apparently they may go blind (I guess in the long term).

    Your pictures are to die for, with or without DLSR. I'd love a series on how you take your photographs, the stuff you use, little tricks and all that.
    50's girls swatches awaiting. That sounds good.

  11. @Nynaeve: I'll ask Bozho if he'll pose for me. =)

    @rock-or-not: I already posted that link on my FB wall. =) Thanks for sharing anyway! =*

    @marox79: Yep, I'm the youngest. =) I don't give my cats a lot of rubbish food. Frankly, I think I don't give it to them at all. No chocolate for my cats. P.S: These photos weren't made with a DSLR. =) Thank you, hun! :*

  12. I'm happy you're calm now! =)
    Cutting vegetables is really helpful, yeah! I'd even say, caring for them in any way. I wish I had a cat, too, I think those cuddly little creatures calm people down as well. And manipulate them, heehee :D

  13. Vse najboljše tvoji sestri.
    Muc je pa cartkan, kot tudi vse ostale slike.

  14. Happy Birthday wishes to your sister. My kitty is sitting in my lap as I type this. =) I love the photo "shake it off."

  15. OMG. I get that same feeling when I lick a wooden stick. I struggle with cooking with wooden spoons for that same reason!

  16. Happy Birthday to your sister! It's my sister's birthday today as well :)
    and I love love love the last two photos! really pretty :)


  17. @Nihrida haha, that would be one interesting post :o)

  18. Fižoleti FTW! :)
    Vse najboljše sestri pa lepo praznujte :D
    Moji mački imajo tudi radi sladoled xD zadnjič smo Sophie dobili, ko je lizala banjico, ko smo je že nesli k smetnjaku za reciklažo xD (je nismo mogli potisnit skozi luknjo in je packa izkoristila priliko xD )

  19. I used to help my grandparents pick string beans from their garden, and then we would snap the ends and de-string them. It was so relaxing and great memories. It's good you found something soothing. And spoiling the cats is always fun. :P

  20. happy birthday to your sister :)
    i love your hair, is it your natural colour?


  21. Happy Birthday to your sweet sister. Always love your photos. I bet those beans are delicious. I remember cutting up plenty of vegetables for my Mother. I used to grumble about it. But your very right that it is therapeutic. I haven't made any fresh beans in a long time. Nows the time to do it. Love this time of year with all the fresh vegetables.

  22. Happy birthday to your sister! I love your photos, they're always so amazing and well shot. Your kitty licking an ice cream stick = cuteness explosion! ^^

  23. I'm just like you with wooden sticks, I can't use them!! Same with the chopsticks they give you in sushi restaurants when you take-away: I had to buy a pair of lacquered ones to use instead! Happy bday to your ooooooold sister, I'm happy you blew the steam off :)

  24. I really hate licking wooden sticks too!
    I also hate paper sticks on lolly pops! :o

  25. @Lisa: I don't really know how my natural hair color looks. =) My natural color is medium brown and I've been dyeing it dark brown for years now.


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