Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Eye Make Up Looks with Everyday Minerals

Five of the looks I'm about to show you were made yesterday. One after another. My eye is still a bit sore to the touch from all the rubbing (from MU removal, not MU application). These looks are gonna be featured on Ličila.si online store to help customers when choosing the shades. I used dry application on all of the looks. That means you can get stronger look if you use a damp brush. All make up looks were made over either Urban Decay Primer Potion or Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy eyeshadow base.

Look #1
I used following EDM eyeshadows:
* All Spice (browbone)
* Art Girl (all over upper eyelid)
* Change of Scenery (inner corner)
* Rock Anthem (lower eyelid)

Look #2
I used following EDM eyeshadows:
* Parasail (browbone)
* Floating Feathers (inner corner)
* Starlit (all over upper eyelid)
* I'm Keeping Your CD's (outer corner)

Look #3
I used following EDM eyeshadows:
* Rare Silk (inner corner, browbone)
* Passion Passport (all over upper eyelid)
* Room Addition (lower eyelid)
* Little Black Dress (outer corner)

Look #4
I used following EDM eyeshadows:
* Jane Eyre (browbone)
* Pressed Olive (inner corner)
* Cypress (all over upper eyelid)
* Volcano Blossom (outer corner)

Look #5
I used following EDM eyeshadows:
* Driftwood (inner corner)
* Ginger Peach (all over upper eyelid)
* Boardwalk (outer corner, lower eyelid)

Look #6
I used following EDM eyeshadows:
* Live Austin Live (all over upper eyelid)
* Smokey Pink (inner corner)
* Wish You Were Here (above crease)
* Anna Karenina (lower eyelid)

The next look isn't made with EDM, but Sleek Oh So Special palette. I though I'd show it to you now...

So, what do you think? Which look do you like best?

I think I have enough eyeshadow pigments for now. These are Everyday Minerals, Pure Luxe, TaylorMade, Fyrinnae, Aromaleigh ...

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Uaaau! So many good looks. I realy like Look #4, because the color coordinates whit your eyes.
    And I like picture of eyeshadow pigments.

  2. Lovely looks. I think my favourite is #3 :)

  3. 1., 4. in 6. so mi zelo všeč, zadnji še najbolj.

  4. Number 4, 6 and the look made with the sleek palette! Georgeous :D

  5. Najboljša sta 4.in 6. look... ful dobr,drugač so pa usi cool ;)

  6. These are amazing. I'm always in awe of your eye looks.
    Look #4 is my favourite. You've got my lusting after those green shades now!

  7. What do you think about EM's roll on-eyeshadows? I'm a bit sceptical to the packaging!

  8. bis auf nr 6 find ich alle toll

  9. Meni je najbolj všeč 4. pa zadnji s sleek paleto :)

  10. @Mateja - Cool Girl: That's my favorite look as well. =) Besides no. 2.

    @Elizabeth: Thank you! =)

    @Nastika: Hvala!

    @Sammersaurus: Thank you so much! *blushing*

    @Malin: Well, they're not my favorite. I like to apply my eyeshadow with a brush, so I take the roller off and just dip the brush in the pigment. =) It works better that way.

  11. wow! the look with the Oh So Special Palette looks fantastic!
    I really like them all, but if I had to choose I would go with look 4!

  12. Za tale post je pa blo potrebnega kar nekaj časa, ne?
    Uglavnem, meni najljubši je številka 2 ;)

  13. I love 1 & 4 but 6 brings out your eyes the best. I also really like the Sleek Look - so soft & pretty!

  14. It's really hard to choose, I must say, as they all look nice. But in the end I must go with #6 and the Oh So Special looks. I remember you swatched the eyeshadows before and Wish You Were Here and Anna Karenina were among my favorites, so it's actually no wonder. I can hardly wait to receive my Oh So Special palette now to try something along those lines too. =)

  15. Very pretty looks :) Though I would never trade my Sleek palette(s) with mineral eyeshadow. And yes, you have enough of eyeshadow pigments. However, a girl can never have enough make up, so ... ;)

  16. This is tough to choose. The makeup is beautiful. I think I like #4 & 6 the most. I couldn't choose which is my favorite!

  17. I can't choose only one of them! My fav are 1,2,4! Besides having gorgeous eyes, you're really skilled (yep, I'm jealous)!

  18. My favourite pigment is Little Black Dress. I love the last photo! :)

  19. težko sem se odločla, kateri mi je najbolj všeč, ker so vsi res lepi, pa naprimer da je 4. tisti! :)))

  20. I looooove youre Blog Hooneey <3 :*

  21. These all look absolutely amazing. I loooove #4!!

  22. I like the last one best! That's an awesome pigment collection too :P

  23. čudovite make upe delaš! sploh se ne morem nagledat. upam, da bodo na licila.si kmalu dopolnili zalogo.

  24. I love look 4 :)
    very very beautiful


  25. Wow! I just discovered your blog this evening, and you've inspired me to actually start making an effort with my everyday makeup! These looks are all absolutely stunning, I want to experiment with everything.

  26. Great looks, I enjoyed all of them. I was looking for something wearable featuring EDM and this is just perfect! :)


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