Saturday, August 27, 2011

Just Like in My Head

It's a mess, so let's mix things up a bit more. I can't think straight, so this is the best I can do right now. I know you'll understand. =)

#1 - Konad Giveaway Winner

After I bitched and ranted about the giveaway entries, I decided to just pick the winner myself and get it over with. I picked a person who I think deserves it best. So, the Konad Special Stamping Set goes to...

Some of my readers might think it's unfair, but hey, it's my playground. Not because I'd feel obligated to explain my decision, but because I want to, here's a list of reasons why I picked this young lady. Just keep in mind that I don't know her in real life, I only know her as a blogger and my follower.

* She's a HUGE animal lover. If there's a cat missing or a dog that needs a home, she'll be the first person to let people know about it on Facebook. She's a cat lover, just like me. <3

* She's been following my blog for a really long time. She comments often and is always so nice and polite. And I mean genuinely nice. Faking it doesn't count.

* She doesn't own a Konad set yet. She mentioned nail stamping once on her blog, but as I found out, it didn't go the way she wanted, so she ''gave up''. This will give her some motivation to try once more. Because we love people who don't give up. =)

* She owns a blog and we'll all be able to see her creations. If she decides to post them, of course.

* She was the first that posted on my giveaway post - first come first served. Kind of.

So, congrats, Biba! I really hope you'll like your prize and thank you for being such a great reader! :*

#2 - My Little Niece

She's gonna be 2 years old in September, but she likes to act just like her auntie. I'm not sure this is a good thing. I was talking to my sister yesterday, about this slave bracelet. I don't like the turquoise beads anymore, so I decided to replace them with beads of another color. Of course, the little one was right there and she wanted this bracelet. You should have seen the way she was working it: holding her hand up, so it wouldn't fall down, passing flowers and touching them while admiring the jewellery... It was hillarious. And for your viewing pleasure, here's the proof:

#3 - Challenge Completed

I challenged myself on Thursday and I accepted the challenge as well. I'm watching way to much TV (hint: Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother). I said that Ariel eyeshadow pigment by Pure Luxe is only pretty as a color and that I don't see myself wearing it. Well, now I do.

Products used:
* Pure Luxe Eyeshadow Primer
* Pure Luxe Eyeshadow Pigment in Ariel (all over upper eyelid)
* Pure Luxe Eyeshadow Pigment in Uptown (lower eyelid, outer corner, crease)
* Pure Luxe Ultimate Liner in Sly (along upper lashline, waterline)
* Max Factor 2000 Calorie mascara

Can I pull it off or can I pull it off? All of my life I've been hearing rules and tips about applying make up. No green eyeshadow for green eyes, no blue eyeshadow for blue eyes... Well, I call it a bullshit. I'm gonna wear whatever I want, it's not like I look gorgeous anyway. Might as well have fun with it. ;)

#4 - No Country For Old Men

There are times when I see something and it haunts me. Not in nightmare haunting way, but in a way when I can't forget and let go. This time it was a movie scene - when Javier Bardem walks into a trailer park manager's office. There it is. The glass on the door. I could recognize it in my sleep, but I couldn't wait until morning so I could chech is the glass on out front door matches. And it does.

Don't ask me why, but it reminds me of Van Gogh's paintings. The circular lines I guess.

While I'm at it, I must confess. I find Josh Brolin extremely handsome. I do mean more than handsome, but I don't wanna use that word right now. Not here. ;) BTW: I find the movie interesting, but mostly because of Mr. Brolin. Without him, it would just be: meh.

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Kaj naj rečem - super post! Zdi se mi, da je prava oseba dobila nagrado, make-up pa je čudovit (kot ponavadi) in tudi sama ne verjamem, da samo določene barve pašejo določenim očem :)

  2. Čestitke Bibi, njen blog je res super in se že veselim njenih umetnij.
    Tale metalik zelena ti pa res paše na očeh :)

  3. The way used for choose the winner is... legen... wait for it... DARYYYYY! X°D

  4. Čestitke Bibi, mislim da si res zasluži nagrado. Pa res ti paše tale MU.

  5. Čestitam Biba :) upam da ti bo kompletek dal toliko zagona, da ne boš spet obupala :)

  6. Super za Bibo, ona si pa res zasluzi konad set! ^^

    Tista vrata so.. krasna, mene tudi malce asocirajo na Van Gogh-a.

    In Barney Stinson je zakon, HIMYM je zakon serija, komaj cakam nadaljevanje. Tip mi sploh ni bil vsec na zacetku, zdaj je pa.. rrr.. ;)

  7. Res najlepše hvala, nihrida! Mi je kar nerodno ob teh tvojih lepih besedah. Ne vem, če si to vse res zaslužim...


    Hvala tudi vsem ostalim za prijazne komentarje!

  8. wow those pictures of you and the eyeshadow are gorgeous! absolutely stunning!!

  9. Biba čeeeeeestitam. :* Zdaj pa komaj čakam tvoje umetnije. :))

  10. Čestitke Bibi. Se strinjam res si zasluži, ker je super punca.
    MU je čudovit, ti zelo paše.

  11. Congrats Biba ! I know you deserve it :)

  12. Čestitke, Biba! Zdaj pa želim videti tudi kakšno manikuro s konadom. :)

    MU je pa zelo lep in ti čudovito pristoji.

  13. I'm happy Biba is your winner. She also follows our blog and often leaves comments, which is always encouraging. And she's also a cat lover!

  14. 1 - that's a great way to choose a winner, f***ck those who don't agree.
    2-Don't we love when baby girls play the grown-ups?? I saw my god-daughter last week-end (2,5) and she insisted on putting on her princess dress to see me (replica of Belle's yellow dress from Beauty and the Beast that she got for a dress up grown-up party). She was just so cute!!
    3- this make-up makes your eyes pop like crazy. As for "rules", they are more "trends": my mother received professional beauty training as a student 40 years ago, she has pretty much the same eyes as you do, and she was told to wear matching colors... So in the end, it's what you like that matters and what you think looks good on you.
    4- I had a crush on Josh Brolin when I was a teenager and he was playing in "Young Riders"... and yes, the glass-door is reminiscent of Van Gogh's starry night.

    As a conclusion, I love the mess in your head ;)

  15. Čestitke Biba! Potpuno se slažem sa tobom zašto si joj dodjelila nagradu :-)

  16. I do like "Ariel" on your eyes. It's silvery.

    Yes, too, about the glass doors. Very spot on it's similarities to a van Gogh painting.

  17. Congrats to Biba!! She deserves it. I hope she does post her creations.
    Your niece is adorable. And that eyeshadow compliments your eyes like crazy!


  18. cestitam biba:) ko prejmes paketek pa pricakujem kaksne nove stvaritve na blogu - ne smes obupat nad konadom:) hehe

    ....nihrida kako lep make up:) ... meni je všeč in ti paše:) ... ceprav zelenih odtenkov res ne maram, ampak ne vem nekaj je na tvojih učkih, da ti reeeees vseee paše:):)

    ..meni se tudi to dogaja, da nekaj sanjam, me spominja na eno stvar iz realnega zivljenja:) hehe..smesno:)

  19. Little girls and jewelry. A classic combination always good for some serious posing and adorable photographs. :)

    I am sorry but I have to strongly disagree with you: You are, indeed, gorgeous. And you certainly know how to apply and blend eyeshasdow.

    I also don't believe in following most "beauty rules". I routinely wear grey shadow on my grey eyes and I think that the it looks wicked smaht. Beauty rules are for sheep. We are people. ;)

  20. Dobro si se odločila, čestitke Bibi :)

    Tole glede barv oči in makeupa pa jaz ignoriram že od nekdaj. Vsa pravila v makeup-svetu so itak brezvezna in odveč. In tvoj makeup izgleda odlično, "zelenost" tvojih oči pride še bolj do izraza.

    Brolin pa ni čisto po mojem okusu ... Nekaj je narobe z njegovim obrazom tam pri ustih, hih. Pa še prenizek je (ok, sem self-confessed fetišist, ko pride do visokih moških, tako da se lahko ta izjava smatra za nerelevantno ;P).

  21. čestitke Bibi :) mi je všeč da si se tako odločila

  22. super, Biba je res zakon, dobra odločitev.

  23. Čestitke Bibi! zdaj pa veselo na delo. :)
    Js mam tudi nečakinjo, ki bo septembra stara 2 leti. tak cukrček je. :)
    Make up je pa super in ti ful paše. :)

  24. Mislim, da se boljše ne bi mogla odločiti glede giveawaya :) palec gor! :)
    Make up pa je res ful lep! :)
    Tako steklo imamo tudi mi na vhodnih vratih spodnjega stanovanja xD

  25. I do agree with the fact that no rules apply when it comes to make up.
    I disagree about the gorgeousness though ;-)

    I've always got comments because I have weeks without make up and only wearing my comfy jeans and sweater and then I have weeks when I go "All out" with both make up an clothes.

    People seem to like putting you in a special group and it seems to disrupt their circles when you don't fit the mold.

  26. Congratz Bibi, I have that Konad set and it's really great, you will surely have a lot of fun with it. Can't wait to see your creations, if you'll share them. I hope so. ;)

  27. YaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaY! I can comment again! :D

    Congrats to Biba!

  28. I had no idea who Josh Brolin was until I just googled him. I had a thing for older men when I was younger, but as soon as I found the guy of my dreams 3 years ago, I tend to not find Hollywood men attractive anymore; unless they play a cool character in a movie like George Clooney and Brad Pitt in the Oceans-movies. Yeah.. George Clooney.. droooooooooool....

  29. What a fun and wide post :D I really liked the look you made with the green. Teach me! Haha :)

  30. Hvala vsem! Se bom potrudila s Konadom :D

    Thank you all! I will do my best with Konad :D

  31. Yes, super Biba! Ena mojih najljubših blogerk, res super oseba, tako da zagotovo zasluži. :) Nihrida, tebi pa zelena res lepo paše na oči. Hm, jaz že pol življenja uporabljam rjavo na rjave oči ...

  32. Good choice!

    Congrats Biba!!
    I agree always so sweet and definitely deserving :D

  33. Your niece is totally adorable. That's sweet that she want to be just like her auntie! Congrats to the winner. I think it's very fair the way you choose the winner. I hope she enjoys the Konad. I think Javier Bardem is a sexy guy. Josh Brolin is also. His father, the actor James Brolin is really gorgeous!

  34. I think that is a lovely way to choose a giveaway winner! :)

  35. Beautiful job on your eyes! How long does the eyeliner stay on your waterline without running/smudging?


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