Monday, August 1, 2011

Most Special Polishes of My Collection: Brown

I just realized I don't own enough brown polishes. Well, I don't wear them often, but this ''most special'' post isn't that special at all. Let's see what we have here.

China Glaze - Channelesque

Ta daaaa. Most famous taupe creme. At least in my book. I got this thanks to a lovely Croatian lady and I'm gonna be thankful forever. It's pretty, isn't it?

Essence - Copper Rulez (Metallics Trend Edition)

This one is actually bronze/copper, but I decided to categorize it under browns. It can be used like regular polish or with a magnet to make patterns on the surface of the nails. It's very pretty and to be completely honest, I love it even more in the bottle.

Essence - Spicy (version II)

Best chocolate brown creme ever. It's perfection.

S-he - 439

Best shimmery brown shade. It's kind of duochrome in the bottle, but it doesn't show on the nails. It's still gorgeous.

That's it. Pretty lame collection of browns, right? Can you give me any suggestions, which browns should I get?

Thanks for looking!


  1. Not lame at all you have some very wanted colors including a few of my lemmings...

  2. I just received Nubar Chocolate Coffee Bean, it's a chocolate brown with pink shimmer, just splendid. it makes me want to be in autumn so that I can wear it!!
    And I don't know if it can be quite categorized as Brown but OPI's Teas-y Does It is just superb.

  3. I hardly have any browns either, but I really like China Glaze Ingrid with it's subtle gold shimmer.

  4. I'd suggest Rimmel's Little Brown Dress, it's a dark red-leaning chocolate polish, as well as their older shade Brunette which is lighter and is a true brown. Those would look amazing on you. You can also look for their Azteque, a... bean paste shade? It's a medium brown with a lot of red in it + some soft shimmer. Perhaps Essence Absolutely stylish? And the so beloved Essie Mink Muffs which is a classic already.

  5. I really like Catrice Lost In Mud. It's just perfect in any way (for me). The only thing that bothers me is the brush, but with your skils I think that shouldn't be a problem...

  6. But... But... You have so wonderful brown polishes and you didn't buy endless quantity of them???? I'm shocked! Your style and your sintone was perfect for these shades, absolutely! Hope you'll fall into the brown world soon! It'll get you a lot of satisfaction! ahahahaha :D

  7. I don't have many browns either. Copper Rulez looks awesome though!

  8. njami, krasni su, imam 3 od tvoja 4 a umjesto Channelesque može poslužiti i merino cool ;-)

  9. I don't have a lot of browns either. Actually, I think I only have one brown, one bronze, and a few taupes. Looks like I could use some help too! Channelesque is very pretty, though.

  10. I think my favourite brown is Eyeko Posh Polish. :)

  11. Oh my that Essence Metallic, GORGEOUS!

  12. I wish I had Channelsque. Gorgeous shade. You sure do have to get more browns. I love the collection from Nubar of browns.

  13. Just like Lucy above me, I really wish I had Channelesque too. Too bad it is discontinued! (still available at Ebay, but too expensive imo!)

    I really like these browns:
    - OPI You Don't Know Jacques Suede (matte)
    - Catrice From Dusk To Dawn
    - OPI My Private Jet (2nd version)

  14. I don't have it, but China Glaze's new Midtown Madness looks like an awesome brown.

  15. Hope you have a great holiday!

    P.S. I gave you an award on my blog, because I think you have gorgeous swatches ;)


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