Sunday, August 14, 2011

Most Special Polishes of My Collection: Green

Let's continue with my most special series. It's all about the greens today. =) This one is for you, Feline! :*

China Glaze - Emerald Sparkle
I don't think this one needs explaining...

China Glaze - Re-Fresh Mint
My favorite mint green. Not that I wear it often.

Diamond Cosmetics - Don't Teal My Heart Away
Best teal creme. It's wonderful. You need this one as well.

Essence - All Access
Best shimmery green. Ever.

Kleancolor - Military Green
Everything about this polish is special, even the smell. =D

Misa - Dirty Sexy Money
I remember this one being sold out almost all the time in some online stores. Best muted green.

Sally Hansen - Mint Sprint
It's bright, the formula is just right and guess what? It's a one coater, people. Amazing polish. Truly.

Honorable Mention:

So, tell me - which are your favorite green polishes?

Thanks for looking!


  1. My two favorite greens are Pretty Edgy by Essie (a bright grass green creme) and Recycle by Rescue Beauty Lounge (a forest green creme). Reclaim by Nubar is a beautiful green holographic polish that I love as well. :)

  2. My absolute favourite is Barry M Racing Green.

  3. Lep seznam =). Moja absolutna favorita tukaj sta pa All acces in Emerald Sparkle =), bi pa za sebe dodala še zelen lak iz beautyuk seta urban girl =)

  4. Jooooj kako si želim imeti Emerald Sparkle... Tako lep je :(
    drugače pa je moja zbirka zelo green-free, imam samo par zelenčkov. Najljubši pa mi je Mermaid tears.

    btw, tako pogosto postanje mi je zelo všeč :D

  5. Ohh, I love Re-Fresh Mint from China Glaze! I haven't seen such a cool colour before. *.*

  6. Haha, before I clicked I was like "I bet CG Emerald Sparkle is there..." and it was!

  7. My favourites must be Isadora In the Army and Gosh Golden Dragon.

  8. wow, emerald sparkle bi i kod mene bio na prvom mjestu, iako mi ni jedan od ovih lakova nije mrzak :-D

  9. I love 'All Access' too. Pity they discontinued that and now they'll do the same with the entire Multidimension range. :(

  10. Amazing that as many greens as I have, I don't have any of these. That CG Emerald Sparkle is gorgeous! Do you have Zoya Shawn to know if it has dupe sister in Kleancolor Military? They look awfully close!

  11. Ooooh greens, my recent polish obsession... ;D
    I agree with your choices, especially about some polishes I have too: essence - all access and china glaze - refresh mint, and some are in my wishlist: misa - dirty sexy money and china glaze - emerald sparkle.

    More, I have some green polishes I love A LOT, and I must to mention them.
    - china glaze - mistletoe kisses
    - nubar - reclaim
    - nyx - emerald forest
    - catrice - welcome to the jungle
    - zoya - irene
    - china glaze - zombie zest
    - pupa - 900
    - pupa - 710
    - kiko - 305
    - kiko - 349
    - milani - hi-tech
    - sinful colors - call you later
    - isadora - bonbon mint
    - catrice - sold out for ever
    - opi - jade is the new black
    - eyeko - vintage
    - zoya - envy
    - revlon - emerald city

    I know, they are a lot, but I warned I'm obsessed with this color recently!!! X°D

  12. @heta: awh! I was forgetting about 2 AMAZING polshes: I haven't got them, but they are in my wishlist *__*

  13. I love green polish! My favourite of all time though has to be Nubar Reclaim- most amazing holo grass green shade!

  14. I love China Glaze - Re-Fresh Mint! :)

  15. Oh no, I had forgotten about Re-Fresh Mint. I guess it´s back on at my wishlist now... :)

    I don´t wear green that often but It´s Not Rocket Science (Orly) is my new flame - yeah I seem to lag behind the trends LOL. The minty shades are in more frequent use on me.

  16. I have never seen All Aces before! Is this from the old collection, or the new one?

  17. moj omiljeni je Essence In The Jungle

  18. Lime Light - color club
    Viridian - illamasqua

  19. My favorite greens include CG Emerald Sparkled, CND Green Scene, SH Mint Sprint, and NYC Hint of Mint.

  20. My most favorite polish color! I'll have to get Kleancolors Military Green. That's gorgeous looking. i have most of these.

  21. My favorite greens are CG Four Leaf Clover, SH Mint Sprint, which IS truly an amazing polish, Zoya Ivanka and SH Going Green.

  22. Oh man, i gace the CG Emerald Sparkle to my best frieds cause she loved it a lot, i never tried before, now i see this beauty and i want it back :D damn



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