Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Most Special Polishes of My Collection: Misc

Finally, here's the last post on my most special polishes. This is a group of holographic, glitter and duochrome polishes that are really something else. I didn't want to arrange them based on their color - they're too special for that. Let's take a look.

a England - Tristam
Tristam many not have the most flashy and 'up in your face' holographic effect, but it's one of my favorite polishes of all times. It's blue-ish purple, kind of muted and it's one of the best polishes ever made. Everybody should own this one. P.S: Great job, Adina!

China Glaze - 2Nite
Of course I have to mention polishes from the China Glaze OMG, the most popular holographic collection. They're still one of the best holo polishes I've tried so far. Too bad they're discontinued. If you *really* want to have them, you can still buy them on Ebay. The prices are kind of crazy though.

China Glaze - DV8
My personal favorite from the OMG collection. This teal-ish blue rocks my world.

China Glaze - LOL
As a purple lover, I gotta mention this one. My second best purple holo.

Glitter Gal - Blue
This baby came to me all the way from 'down under'. Holo trapped in a bottle.

Gosh - Holographic
I've tried a few silver holographic polishes, but nothing comes close to Gosh's take on it. This sparkles and shines like crazy. A must have!

Sancion Angel - Luna
Some say this polish isn't holographic at all. And I don't mind and I don't care. The color is amazing and it's a one coater. My best purple ''holo''.

Honorable mention:

Would you care to tell me about your most special shades?

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Amazing!!
    sucha great collection!!
    I'm dying for DV8!!
    My most specials, all my holos!!
    I love duochromes too!
    And of course changing polishes, mood and del sol!

  2. ovdje su mi svi savršeni, svaki na svoj način... i stvarno ne znam koji mi je najdraži... žao mi je samo što nemam gosh holographic, taj je baš poseban :-D

  3. My favourites are Gosh Holographic and Gosh Rainbow. I believe both have been discontinued.. And I really wish I had China Glaze DV8!

  4. Sami lepi odtenki. Osebno mi zmaga China Glaze 2Nite. Drugače pa med moje najljubše v moji zbirki spada še od Catrice Dirty berry.

  5. Amazing choices, they certainly deserved a catergory of their own. I can tell you love your cool toned polishes! They look amazing on you.

  6. wow! I love all these colors! so beautiful!

  7. How curious you would (honorably) mention Sinful "Hottie." I've always kind of looked over that one in the stores, though it's usually there. Maybe it's worth a second look?

  8. I love holo! :) Ne morem izbrat najljubsega med zgornjimi, vsi so cudoviti, se posebej tisti zeleno-moder (3.) in vijolicni (4.).

  9. My all time favorite is Sally Hansen Color Prisms in "Turquoise Opal". It started my love of duochromes.

  10. Looove Tristam... I need to get my hands (nails) on it! I ordered Nfu-oh 51 2 weeks ago, cant wait to get it!! Also do you know it the gosh holo is discontinued? I emailed the company for info but no answer :( Maybee its just not available in Canada...

  11. these colours are beautiful i wish they could be bought in ireland :)

  12. I really enjoyed this series, you did a great job!

  13. Sama še nimam v lasti nobenega holografskega in po resnici povedano še ne vem če so mi sploh všeč, ampak a England - Tristam je pa fenomenlen in res ima tisti wow efekt :)

  14. Tristam is amazingly eye popping pretty! Great swatch

  15. My brother-in-law lives in Brazil and two years ago I asked him to buy (and send me) some Sancion Angel polishes. He never did it. :(
    So, they're still in my lemming list!
    China Glaze 2nite is probably my most favourite polish... I really hope that ChG will repromote the OMG Collection!

  16. Predivni :)
    Ne znam koji mi je ljepši od kojega.

  17. Holo FTW :D
    Kleancolor Chunky holo black je tudi med mojimi najljubšimi :D sem ga dobila danes in je bil love at first sight <3
    Drugače so moji najljubši "posebneži" še Essence Circus confetti, Choose me (seveda ;) ), Glisten up! Kleancolor Chunky Copper (tudi tle ljubezen na prvi pogled) in Kiko 164 (prosojno zlat, s flakieji ipd) :) Kaj bi punce brez glittra :/

  18. Wow!Stvarno su svi posebni,jedan ljepši od drugoga O_O!

  19. Oh man, the OMGs.... Wish I had pounced back when they were still findable! Oh well, at least I have DV8. Those are some amazing polishes on your list, for sure. Gosh Holographic is jaw-dropping! :)

  20. @April: Definitely worth a second look. It looks lovely layered over cremes. =)

    @Sophie: Yes, I belive Gosh Holographic is discontinued. I hate it when they do that with the best shades.

    @Elsa P.: Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed these posts. =)

    @Christina - PeeBeforePolish: That's what you get when asking a guy to get you nail polish. =D I'm sure there are many girls that would love to swap with you. Ask one of the Brazilian bloggers.

  21. My favorite special polishes are the whole China Glaze OMG collection. Those Glitter Gal holos are also amazing!

  22. Hello, I read your posts regularly but never commented. I love your photos of pets and beautiful places you visit, besides the main, they are your nail polishes. Today I was happy and surprised to see a Brazilian polish among your favorites. I have all this collection and the colors are all beautiful, although not holographic. Tristam is my favourite polish hitherto. It's perfect!
    I hope that the customs of your country is not considered inappropriate to congratulate and send kisses to end a conversation. So ... congratulations and kisses!

  23. I've been wanting Tristam for a while now but I'm having a hard time justifying the price.. Hmm :p

  24. This might be my favorite post on Nihrida's blog :)

  25. Oh my god those are all amazing. Want them aaalll! Especially the discontinued ones :(


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