Thursday, August 11, 2011

Novigrad (Cittanova) Pt II

Here's the second (and last) part of my vacation photos. After this we can continue with nail polish and other beauty related stuff. Excited? =)

view from our apartment

bell tower, influenced by the tower of St. Mark in Venice

I don't know what plant this is, but it was just stunning - a giant tree of blossoms

can you spot a crab?

sea anemone... yuck... sorry, but I can't even think on stepping on this thing

the weather got bad and I ended up watching TV in my 5 years old (maybe even more) bikini - as long as it fits... right? XD

sunset - caught it through kitchen window while making pancakes

Thanks for looking!


  1. Lovely! Looks like a great vacation :)

  2. You take such wonderful pictures!

  3. Thank you for posting these, I have really loved seeing these pics of your holiday. Amazingly beautiful!

  4. These are some spectacular photos. Made me jealous as I sit here shivering in the cold Sydney winter.

  5. You take some fantastic photos. Looking gorgeous in your 5 year old bikini!

  6. Your photos are gorgeous, thanks for sharing them!

  7. Cool! The anemon-thingie looks like spaghetti :O


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