Monday, August 22, 2011

Review: Illamasqua Masquara in Raven

There's nothing like a good mascara. For me, it's the beauty product and I use it more often than anything else. Pretty eyelashes make me happy. =)

Illamasqua just launched their new mascara called Masquara (it's not available yet, but it will be soon). I like the little word play right there. If I remember correctly, they were asking their fans for names for this mascara on Facebook. I wonder whose contribution they used.

Here's what Illamasqua says about Masquara: 

''If the eyes are the windows of the soul, Illamasqua's new Masquara reveals a heart of darkness with a formula that lengthens, defines and dramatises lashes to extremes...''

Here's a close up of the brush. I like big brushes ... they make me expect volume. Lots of volume.

Price: £15.00

Where to buy? Illamasqua online store (coming soon).


I could write about this mascara and it's features, what it does to me and so on and on, but I think it's best to just look at the photos. Here's a before shot with my bare lashes.

And this is after shot. I applied one coat of Masquara. I like the lengthening, but I expected more volume. On the other hand... where would it come from? I like it. It reminds me of my Max Factor 2000 Calorie mascara. This mascara doesn't clump, but I'm sure you could get a stronger look by applying more coats.

+ Big brush that's not oversized.
+ Great formula (nor too thick nor too runny)
+ Doesn't clump.
+ Easy to wash off.

- I expected more volume.
- Price.

Do I recommend it? I think it's very hard to recommend a mascara. It's not like recommending an eyeshadow or a lipstick. There are so many different types of eyelashes and one mascara can't have the same effect on all of them. For me, it works. I like it a lot more than most of my other mascaras, but it's not a holy grail. To be completely honest, I still haven't found my holy grail mascara (I'm open to suggestions!). It's definitely gonna be my to go mascara from now on and you can't be sure I'm gonna post some eye looks with it. =)

*Product was sent to me by the company for review purposes.

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. mhm, se strinjam:) meni je maskara edini kozmetični pripomoček, ki je res vedno prisoten:) ...ker senčilo res redko uporabljam:) ...jaz ne zamenjam svoje dior maskare :)

  2. Dior Diorshow Iconic je top shit! ˘˘

  3. Your eyes look so feline and green in the first pic!
    I'm not very demanding when it comes to mascara. I like them to look longer and more defined, but if the volume comes from adding a gazillion coats, thanks but no thanks.

    This one looks great, but definitely not within what I'm willing to pay for a mascara. I'd feel I was wasting my money in a product -as gorgeous as it is- that you're supposed to discard after 6 months.

  4. Huh, and I was just waiting for them to release a mascara! You definitely made me want to try this one, I liked the brush and it didn't look to thick in the formula!
    Thanks for a good review!

  5. I like the brush and formula seems great, but unfortunately I need more volume. Actually I'm using Lancome Hypnose, I don't like it at all, and I'm dreaming about my old Dior Diorshow Iconic, I love it!

  6. I prefer length and definition over volume so I might really love this mascara. It makes your lashes look soooooo long and defined! It looks really amazing on you! :D I use mascara more than anything else too...and I've probably tried more mascaras than any other product. I've tried everything from high end to drugstore and I still don't have a true HG. I hope so much Sephora gets this because I'd give this a try for sure.

  7. lepo deluje, za tu cenu i morala bi biti dobra. moja najnovija i ujedno trenutno naj-naj maskara je Max Factor False Lash Effect - preporucujem!

  8. I like the word play! For me mascara and eyeliner or eye pencil are essential, but I'm more a fan of "volume and lenght", possibly without clumping (I know, it would be the HG!)

  9. Hmm, seems too expensive considering its effect ... Though it could be that it would look better with two or three coats. I really liked Artdeco's Lash Designer - it gave me lots of volume and length without clumping. But you have to apply at least 2 coats.

  10. Really does lengthen! Pretty. I'm using Tarte's Gifted and it thickens and lengthens. Love the stuff. I also like Lancome's Hypnose.

  11. Looks nice :) I use mascara maybe 2-3 times a month but I should probably buy a new one since mine is reeaally old. Haha

  12. @Januška: Očitno bom res morala investirat v eno, da vidim kako in kaj. =D

    @Marox79: Well, if I'd find the holy grail mascara, I would be willing to pay a bit more for it. I'd be using it every day and I bet I'd run out before it would spoil.

    @EyeGraffiti: You're welcome! =)

    @idrinknailpolish: It sounds like you could really love this mascara.


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