Sunday, August 21, 2011

Review: Kim Professional Makeup Brushes

I was contacted by Kim Professional Makeup a while ago and asked if I want to review their brushes. I'm no expert when it comes to brushes, but since I use make up and work with it on a daily basis, I've come to know what a good brush is. And the bad ones are even easier to spot. :)

I got three different Kim brushes. One for face, one for eyes and one for lips. They also have a nail brush range, but I don't do that kind of nail art, so my review wouldn't really be reliable. Brushes were sent to me in a Baggu bag (every order over 50 USD receives a free Baggu bag).

This are the brushes I got: Hair Mix/Round brush F251 for face, Small Angle brush E131 for eyes and Narrow Lip brush L311 for lips.

Let's take a look at each brush separately.

Small Angle (E131) - ''A flat angular brush, perfect for precise lines and detailed work. Emphasizing lining and shaping of the eyes and the eyebrows.''

I still don't own any gel eyeliners (hard to believe, right?), so I couldn't try applying it with this brush. I did use it to apply black eyeshadow along my upper lash line and it worked great. The bristles are very soft but dense enough. This brush is too soft for me to use it for my brows, but it works great as an eyeliner brush and for smudging out the eye pencil line.

Hair Mix/Round (F251) - ''A large round brush designed specifically for application of wet make-up. The white synthetic and soft hair combination allows for maximum color and liquid retention.''

This is my third stippling brush and it's very similar to the Sigma Duo Fibre F50 brush. This one is a bit softer though. It's still dense enough for proper liquid foundation application - I used it to apply Vichy Aéra Teint Matte Fluid Foundation. I believe using this kind of brush is the best way to apply your liquid foundation and I'll believe that until I'm proved otherwise. This one is very good and I like it a lot.

Narrow Lip (L311) - ''A flat, tipped brush, for precise lining of the lip contour and for perfect application of lip cream and gloss.''

I used this brush to apply my NYX Round Lipstick in Tea Rose. It's a very creamy lipstick and this brush did an amazing job. I never was to fond of lip brushes, but sometimes, I need a little help with the lining. That's where Narrow Lip brush comes in handy. As the other two brushes, this one is also soft and dense at the same time. Great one!

* Small Angle E131 - $10
* Narrow Lip L311 - $9
* Hair Mix/Round F251 - $39

Where to buy? Kim Professional Makeup online store (they ship internationally).


Since I got a brush for face, eyes and lips, I though about doing a full face look with them. It's not much of a look, but still. =) At least I got to try them out and see their good and bad features. As I already mentioned, I used:

* Vichy Aéra Teint Matt Fluid Foundation (with the Kim F251 brush)
* black eyeshadow from Sleek I-Divine Original palette (with the Kim E131 brush)
* NYX Round Lipstick in Tea Rose (with the Kim L311 brush)
* Wet n Wild Powder Rouge in Heather Silk

+ Good quality.
+ All of the brushes are super soft and dense at the same time.
+ Eye and lip brush are very affordable.

- Price of the face brush.
- The face brush (F251) sheds a little (and I really mean a little).

Do I recommend them? Yes. If you're willing to pay for them, you'll get a great quality, there's no way for me to deny it. I was kind of surprised by the softness and I couldn't believe that brushes can be as soft as these are, but they still do the job. I also like their look - they definitely don't look cheap.

You can also buy Kim brushes in sets. They offer:
- Basic set (set of 4 brushes for $68)
- Full set (set of 6 brushes for $84)
- Pro set (set of 9 brushes for $118)

*Brushes were sent to me by the company for reviewing purposes.

Thanks for looking!


  1. I use e.l.f. Studio Powder Brush to apply liquid foundation and not only that it's an awesome brush, it's a cheap one too! :)

    I'm a bit surprised that there is such price difference between eye/face brushes. I took a look at their website, they do have some interesting brushes I would like to try :)

  2. The brushes look really nice. Your makeup look impeccable. I rarely use a lip brush. Sometimes it's needed and then I think I should use it all the time.

  3. @Beauty Addict: I might have to order some of the ELF brushes as well. I hear only good things about them. I'm not sure why there's such a price difference either. It's bigger and has more bristles, but still...

    @Lucy: Thank you, Lucy. Well, it makes it a lot easier to apply lipstick with a brush. Especially if your hands are shaky. =D


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