Thursday, August 18, 2011

Seriously Pissed Off

*Sorry about the language. Yeah, this is me as well. I can swear like a sailor on the open sea during storm.

I've been thinking about this. A lot and many times. Now I think it's finally time to make some changes. I'm not the most tolerable person in the world and I have no problem admiting it. There are many things I can't tolerate, but in the blogging world it's ignorance that bothers me the most.

A couple of days ago I posted a giveaway for my slovenian readers. Why? I got a gift from slovenian online make up store Lič It was a Konad Stamping Special Set and since I already have enough stamping plates and I don't use them that often anyway, I decided to give it to someone who will appreciate it. I contacted Lič and they agreed.

Why was this giveaway for slovenian readers only? Lič is a slovenian store and I feel it's right to do so. Other than that - the set alone weights more than a half of kilo and you all know about the international shipping costs. Don't get me wrong, I didn't get any bullshit messages like ''why slovenian readers only, it's not fair'', nothing like that. Still, I want you to know. I appreciate all my readers the same, no matter where they come from.

What really pissed me off? Lič posted about my giveaway on their Facebook page. That's very nice of them, yes. But the amount of shit I got after that was enormous. Girls (many of them were probably underage) were contacting me via Facebook, wanting to know how to enter, where to enter etc. They could have just follow the link and read it in my post (which is in Slovene, so everybody can understand it), but no ... I guess reading is overrated. After I explained how to do it, there was another one who wanted to know the exact same thing and then came another one... By the time they finally figured it out, my inbox was full of messages, because they were obviously so excited they just had to post the same comment 7 times. I really hope they reached their orgasm by then, so they would at least have something out of this giveaway. And so I spent a lot of time erasing all the additional comments. I guess they were there in case I overlooked the first 3 messages. It's obvious they don't get the internet manners. And I seriously doubt they have any in real life either. Oh, and the grammar... holy kryptonite! I'm allergic when someone uses letter 'w' in Slovene. It's not in our alphabet and that's a good reason to not use it!

There's no catch and no mind games. No tricks. I wrote it all in the giveaway post. You don't have to be Harry Potter, neither do you have to own a magic wand to figure it out. If you follow me, you'll see the post and you'll know about the giveaway. If you'll be interested, you'll read the post and find out everything you need to know. Furthermore, if you like my blog, you'll read other posts as well. Not just the ones where I'm giving away free shit. We all know about giveaway hunters, don't we? The ones who have blogs just to post about giveaways and get bonus points for doing so... Fuck that. I don't like it and I'm not gonna support it.

I've been blogging for two years now. I had my share of struggling in the blogger world and by now I know it's not about the quantity. It's about the quality of readers you have as a blogger. I'm grateful I have some of the best readers possible. We all know about Lucy, right? Isn't she a sweetheart? She's not a blogger, but she's known in the blogger world as she would be. That's a reader with a heart and soul!

So, about giveaways... Some of them got really confusing: you have to follow on four different ways, post about it, spread the world, stand on your eyelashes and kill a pigeon to enter. I'm not doing that (anymore). Follow me and you're in. But I guess that's not enough... This is my way of thinking:

Why host a giveaway?
To say 'thank you' to your followers. To give something back, to make someone happy, to give something to someone who doesn't have it.

Who should be able to enter?
My followers of course. But becoming a follower isn't very hard, is it? Don't people who don't just follow, but actually read what I have to say, deserve better chances? Don't those who comment deserve it more? Yes, they do. I got to know many people by just reading their comments on my posts. Well, at least I think I know them. But that's way better than to spend your money on someone you've never heard of, right? I wanna spend it on someone who's given me some feedback. Someone who's contributed to my blog in some way.

So, I had to choose. Either to stop hosting giveaways altogether or start hosting them for those who truly deserve it. I chose the last. From now on, the rules are gonna be different and I'm not sure if I'll pick a random winner anymore. Thank goodness it's my blog, so it's my way or the highway.

A guide to win my giveaway:
* Follow me. Stalkers are also welcome, just keep your distance while I'm feeding. I can bite your head off.
* Comment on my posts. Say how pretty, funny and sexy I am. That will almost get you there. Oh, I'm smart as well... *hint*
* Let me get to know you. Share your day with me, send me chapters of your diary daily. I wanna know everything.
* You gotta love animals. Get yourself a cat and name it after me. Send me photos of it's freshly polished claws.

Oh, dear, I hope you'll get my sarcasm. Really. Some of them don't. And then I have to explain and then there's that big awkward silence...

What does my decision mean for you as my followers? You'll still be able to enter my giveaways. If you want me to notice you, you'll have to give me some feedback. I can't see you otherwise. And I think that's fair. My best readers deserve prizes. And that's how it's gonna be. The end.

But!!! There's always a but... I'm open to your suggestions. If you think this is unfair, let me know about it. I might change my mind. It's not very likely though. =)

Tell me what you think about giveaways, ways to enter, ways to picking a winner...? How would you do it, so it would be fair? 

Thanks for looking and mostly - thanks for commenting!


  1. You are totally right. Though I'm from Poland and would like to take part in the giveaway, I don't mind, there are rules and I understand them. Speaking of those who didn't know how to enter: for God's sake, is reading that hard?

  2. I have no idea how to choose it a fair way, but i totally understand you and your feelings about those giveaway hunters.
    I hate it it to read such comments anywhere, thank god my blog is to small to get those people entering my giveaways.
    But what i have to say too, i am German and my English in unfortunately not perfect so sometimes i´m afraid that i can not say a lot of things in English as well as in German, i´m afraif that people don´t get what i wanted to say, so sometimes i start writing a comment and when i´m not sure how to describe what i want to say i quit the whole comment. I know thats stupid, cause in the case you are interested in your readers you would probably ask (and i think you are one of these persons ;)) but still i sometimes do not write the comment.

    Thanks for understanding what i wanted to say ;)

    I love yur blog and i will give my best and write more often comments cause theres a lot i would like to say =)

  3. Fuck, are people retarded? Excuse my language but.. If one person decides to give something away, everyone who wants the giveaway should at least behave like they deserve it.
    You're a great blogger. Stand your ground. <:

  4. uau... sm pa mislila, da vsaj v blogworldu folk zna brat :) i guess i was wrong...

  5. I haven't luckily had problems with my giveaways but I've been thinking about would I really want to give something I've paid myself (this far all has been paid by myself) to someone that only started reading my blog to get free stuff.

    I don't think there's anything unfair to have a giveaway to people only in your country. A lot of people do it especially if the giveaway has products you can't send abroad or from a company that does sell products only in that certain country.

    Sad that you had to meet the vultures of free stuff.

  6. I know have been at commenting for a few months now.. But I think your idea is perfectly fair. I've had two giveaways and I was bummed because each time some new follower who had never commented on anything before won. I haven't really wanted to have any other giveaways since then.

    I love the pictures from Shrek. I'm in a bad mood today and they made me laugh, so thanks [:

  7. Well, this post reminds me of that prize I never received. Probably you don't even care...

  8. @Katie: Thanks for understanding. I know it sucks when there's ''this and this'' country only giveaway. ;)

    @JuJu: Oh, come on. My English is far from perfect as well. But you know what - it got way better since I'm blogging. =D I know what you mean. I get confused with my own words as well sometimes. Thank you for leaving your comment! It means a lot to me. And thanks for the compliment. =D

    @Lojs: Thank you!

    @urshiusz: Eni so očitno preveč lačni, da bi brali navodila za pripravo. Hehehe

  9. :) hehe, ni mi smešno, da si jezna..mi je pa smešno, da si napisala točno tako, kot si mislim sama:) zato tud sama ne organiziram giveaway-ov ker nočem imeti hunterjev:) pa praznih bralcev:P pač dobr je met folk k te res bere:P no komentarji mi sicer pomenijo tako vem, kdo me bere...samo po drugi strani pa sama po sebi gledam, da sem večinoma samo tihi opazovalec in komentiram samo takrat, ko imam res kaj za povedat.... npr. tvoj blog večinoma gledam z odprtimi usti :) ob vseh teh lepih slikah:) in pač se mi ne zdi smiselno ob vsakem lakcu komentirat ooooo pretty :) pri vsebinskih sem pa vedno zraven:) hehe skoraj no: odvisno od moje lenobe:) ...drgač pa čestitam za odločitev, edino pametno:) ---aja sem videla na fb-ju, da so ti pisale:) hehehe.....že meni so šle naživce:):):):)

  10. I totally agree with you! Since it is your blog you make the rules and if people don't want to follow because of that they were probably only following for the giveaways anyway.

    I have been hesitant to offer giveaways because I don't want followers just following me for the giveaway. I tend to not announce giveaways until I have a winner. Usually I will take all the comments from a given period of time and randomly pick one and they are the winner. I don't have to deal with too much mess that way :)

  11. @Duvessa: I'm really glad you understand. But I wouldn't really expect otherwise from you.

    @Tierney: Thank YOU! =)

    @Öyjü: I'm really glad you showed up. I do care. Even too much, if I dare say. You have no idea. You send me an e-mail a day after my cat Gaia passed away, saying something like ''how's life? where's my prize?''. I caught my breath and kept the drawing as it was. I haven't been drawing since. You won a drawing of one person on A4 format. But I guess that's not enough for you. You wanted two person drawing on A3 format. That's gratefulness... The reason you didn't get it yet. It's not finished yet. Simple as that. I can send you a material thing right a way, but this takes time. Especially since I haven't been drawing anything since that double portrait. You'll get it when it's finished. Unless you want an unfinished version. Just let me know.

  12. I think you are totally reasonable, and screw those who don't get it! It is your blog, and you have the right to do whatever YOU think is best on it. I would be sad to see you switch to a comment-based entry system since I read your blog from my reader, but hey, it's YOUR blog, and maybe it would get me off my butt to come comment more often! I really should, since you are one of my absolute favorite blogs. I love that you have beautiful nails with great photography, but I also feel like you do a really great job of showcasing your personality. I feel like I know you, even though we've never met, and not really conversed. I'm a bit shy, but I'd like it for you to know me too. So I guess I just talked myself into commenting more!! :D

  13. P.S.: That are the grateful kind of people who make me not want to post another giveaway. They're so happy when they get it, but if they don't they'll hunt you forever. Fuck it!

  14. Hi, Nihrida!
    I don't know for now long I've been following your blog, but I must say that I read it because I like your photos, your reviews, comments and not because I'm interested in getting free stuff. I won't say it's not nice to receive a nice gift, only that it shouldn't be one's goal, but then... there are people of one kind and of another.
    I totally understand you and, as you said, it's your blog, it's up to you to decide which are the rules and people are free to cope with it or to look for something more suitable to them.
    So, I guess this is my first (or second?!) comment here, I'm that kind of quite reader, although I am always looking forward to your next post and often recommend them to my friends here in (extreme south of) Brazil. Keep up with the good work, true to yourself and to hell with people who don't have a hint of common sense and manners!

  15. Wow, that sounds ridiculously obnoxious! I hate people who can't read (and I don't mean illiterate people). I have to say though, I enjoy your sarcasm!

  16. I think most bloggers (especially those of us who have had giveaways feel your pain. I'm sorry this has been a bad experience for you. I'm sure the company had the best intentions with posting the giveaway on their site. All you can do is try to ignore the whining and stupidity.

  17. This is a problem I was thinking about a lot.
    I only did one little giveaway (only my fave handcream for less than 2€).
    to enter you just had to comment. I didn't wanted them to tweet or blog or anything about that, so that only my readers knew about it.
    and to enter thay didn't had to be my readers, bc I really don't need the "readers" that follow my blog during the giveaway and than leave...

    I haven't found the right way for me to make a giveaway and that's why I'm not doing them (at the moment). So if you find the perfect solution - let me know!! :)

    and btw if I would try to polish my cats claws, she would kill me before I did the first one! :D

  18. Word!

    '...kill a pigeon...' LOL :D

  19. I think this is okay decision. I definitely think it's fair and I also think it's always good to reward your followers who participate on your blog with comments, suggestions, etc. :)

    And I really don't understand people who leave rude comments. What do they think they'll achive by doing that?

  20. @Pink_Diamond: Ma no, ti štekaš. =) Hvala za vse tvoje dosedanje prispevke! =D

    @turtlechick12: Your way of picking the winner is great. I've been thinking about doing that as well, but I still like for the people to enter: not everybody is interested in winning anything.

    @Kate: Hi, Kate! I'm glad you finally spoke up. =D And thank you so much for your compliments. *blushing*

  21. Siiiigh!
    Sorry this is such a pain in the ass. I know I've been kind of a bad reader, but I have you on Facebook so I can see posts here and there.

  22. You are _very_ right and I support you fully. I just hope you won't end up worrying about being fair, as I can imagine it'll be hard to gather all the necessary data about who comments most and how. I'd advise you just to be relaxed about it - the cool readers will understand if they don't get the giveaway and the not-so-cool readers might as well go nag someone else.

    PS: Anyone who uses the letter "w" in words such as "hwala", "widim", "w redu" and all other Slovene words should be shot.

    PPS: I appreciate it very much that you promote love to animals, kudos.

  23. Well, you know it was supposed to be a wedding gift and you gladly agreed to do 2-person version at that time. And you know why I sent you an email because the wedding was approaching and there was no response from you up to that moment. You could simply apologize and tell me you couldn't finish. But you totally ignored me for a year. The wedding is already over, you can keep it.

  24. @Mauni: Thank you! It might be your second comment, because I think I've seen you on my blog before... Thank you for your support and regards to Brazil! Wow, a lot of brazilian ladies are a nail polish addicts. =D

    @Laura: You said it! =)

    @Melissa: Well, I'm SURE they meant well. I just couldn't stand it anymore and had to vent. =D

    @Danny: And if you find the way before I do - share it with me. So, that means no polishes kitty claws? *haz a sad* ;D

    @Katkoc: Kaj se režiš? Eno življenje je pa ja treba žrtvovati... Nimaš pojma. ;D

    @Beauty Addict: Exactly. We agree. Besides, you're on my good list anyway. Heehee. Oh, don't worry, those kind of comments will always come...

  25. Evo, še sem napišem, da se popolnoma strinjam :) Po več kot letu lurkanja sem postala followerka xDDDD
    Ne si gnat takih ljudi preveč k srcu, je res škoda živcev in vsega. Takih je povsod polno in res niso vredni sekirancije, čeprav vem kako je, tudi mene razkuri, ko vidim take xD pa nimam bloga - takorekoč ni osebno xD

  26. @Skulda: But I know you and that's the thing... there's nothing to apologize for.

    @Sana: You rock!!! =D

    @Öykü: Yes, I was kind. If there was a way to finish it in time, I would (if you believe it or not). And to know it was supposed to be a wedding gift was an unneccessary pressure for me. And it's good to know it means nothing now that you can't use it as a gift. Did they divorce? They wouldn't want it anymore? I'm kind of confused. I spent 24+ hours on that drawing, wanting to make it best I can... and now it's worthless? Good to know. Very good.

  27. Uh, I see they realy pissed you off.
    I understand completely what do you mean.
    I get realy annoyed when people WrIt3 ŁIk3 ThIs.

    And one suggestions. Maybe this should be GA just for old follovers (?)

  28. @Anja: Saj ponavadi ni problemov, ampak tale blog je res postal kot en javen dnevnik o mojem življenju. In tukaj nočem nobenega sranja. Hvala za komentar! :*

  29. Wow what a mess. I have been reading your blog for quite some time and I started one myself so I can connect with some of my favorites like yours. I understand why you would like to limit who can enter your giveaways and that should be fine to your readers. I am more interested in your art photos and reading your personal comments about life. People can be so heartless. I hope you will feel better soon. Your cat comment made me laugh. Mine barely lets me trim his claws.

  30. After giving the matter some thought, we had our 50 followers giveaway only for our pre-existent followers. I thought it was just fair and as I had been checking they were really following our blog, we had no problem going through the list of participants. We wanted to thank them, not go crazy checking names and all that.
    Having no twitter/facebook (we're soo against it, we'll never get one) account really helps. I honestly don't know how you ladies can manage all that.

    As for the bad grammar, I'm the same. I'm not very tolerant when it comes to bad use of language (nobody is perfect I know, but it seems some people don't really care how bad reading such poor language use looks from the outside). I find myself mentally spell-checking, adding puntuation, etc and honestly, my eyes hurt and stop reading.
    One thing is texting your friends and other thing entirely is writing a blog, a school essay and so on. For some people, there's no difference.

  31. @Öykü: I think it's appropriate to say, that I AM SORRY. If it was in my power it would all turn out the way I though it would - like we talked. You don't need to accept my apology. It's probably too late anyway. I don't care if the drawing will be destroyed or not. I will finish it and send it out. What you do with it is your choice. I keep my giveaway promises and so will keep yours. Don't think for a second I won't.

  32. i just wanted to say you rock. hahah :D ad that i love your sarcasm. people are just weird, it's a fact :D (and i must say i agree with you on so many levels it's scary :D )

  33. @Mateja: Yes, that would be one of the solutions... Thanks! =)

    @Stephanye: Thank you! =) Well, people can be heartless, but sometimes it's my own fault. ;D
    Cats rule - they don't let anyone mess with them. I wish I was more like a cat. *sigh*

    @marox79: You know, it's people like you who give me hope that's somebody is still paying attention. That someone is reading and I'm not just throwing words on the internet and noone sees them. Thank you for that!

  34. Waouh! That was a lot of text, but still a really interesting reading.

    You have all my sympathy for all the annoyance you have encountered with this giveaway.

    And as a young blogger, I will think twice about it before organizing a giveaway on my blog :)

    Thank you for sharing your experience anyway, and I hope that you won't have as much buggers for your next giveaways.

    Keep going :)

  35. Mularija dandanes je neotesana. In ne daje nobenega veselja, tudi če bi jim podaril luno. Plus na vsakem blogu so mrtva teža - tisoče ljudi, ki se ne pojavi, razen ko vidijo giveawaye. Na tvojem mestu ne bi imela več giveawayev. No, če ti pa že ponujajo stvari za dat, pa tud ne škodi B-)

  36. Giveaways are a tricky issue for me, too! You want to be fair but avoid "prize hunters" that don't care at all about polishes, you and your blog. I think you have the sacred right to fix your own rules, your limits. It sucks not being able to enter a giveaway (for me especially when a brand I love gives away sets to the US only) but well, on bloggers giveaways, is it all about some free stuff?
    I hate people with rude manners, that enter and then disappear, and then appear again just to ask "did you picked winner?". Anyway I've been collecting stuff for a while, still postponing my giveaway because I'm not sure about the best way to arrange it. I like very much a suggestion from a commenter above: pick randomly from already left comments.
    BTW I hope you aren't that pissed anymore!

  37. Zdavnaj sem se že poslovila od vseh ljubih ljudi, ker sem (baje) zelo zaspana. Potem sem videla tvoj novi post in ostala pokonci, dokler nisem prebrala posta in vseh komentarjev! Tako zelo rada te spremljam.

    Drži se v tem norem svetu. :*

  38. Oh your English is great, i understand everything, but maybe thats normal if you/me are not native speakers :D My American friend always said its easier to understand people who learn a language too :D
    Probably i should write my blog in English too, just to practice, since i´m done with school i do not have English anymore, that sucks :D

  39. Živjo, jaz ne berem tvojega bloga samo zaradi lakov (čeprav so visoko na seznamu ;)) ampak tudi zaradi osebnih izkušenj, ki jih tako radodarno deliš z nami ter zaradi tvojega sarkastičnega humorja, ki me prav vsakič masmeji do solz ali pa vsaj polepša oblačen dan.
    Glede nagrad ti ne znam svetovati te pa podprem za karkoli se odločiš, preprosto zato ker si super ;)

  40. Once upon a time blog giveaways should be perfect and highly appreciated from both sides (I wasn't around back then but I'm sure it started that way). Then bloggers realised that they can gain follower through them so they'd ask for 1000 things in order to enter. And followers realised they can enter 1000 giveaways a day and have more chances to win. I don't agree with this. You have many loyal followers who deserve to win. So my suggestion is this: Choose one or more posts, see who commented and randomly choose one out of them. Simple but fair I think.

  41. Then everyone should be pissed off at, let's say, Temptalia, who often limits big giveaways (like polishes) for US only.

    I don't think you should get upset over it :) I'm sure many bloggers and youtubers get so much shit...

    I know it's annoying but try to ignore it...

  42. As I don't have a blog I've never thought about the best ways to host a giveaway. However I have given away make up I don't quite like on a forum I'm active in many times;
    some people were incredibly nice, said they'd like this and that of my items and that they were happy to get them, others just wrote 'Id like to take all!'
    At first I thought it's about being quick, so you're the first and thus get the item.. but when some of them didn't even say thank you when the nicely wrapped big set of excess products for free arrived, I was.. well, seriously pissed, in general, because of the attitude.

    It is really similar to giveaway-hunters on blogs imho, and it is so poor. This whole concept of thinking (or not thinking) behind it is rather foreign to me.
    ..that whenever you can get something for free that another person just like you paid their own money for, you gotta snatch it, don't give a sh+t who pays for it, what is is or being polite, just saying 'hi thre enter me gimme that!!11one1'

    and honestly I totally understand every blogger who doesn't do any giveaways. But actually I'm always happy to see giveaways at the same time even if I can't enter *lol*, just because it shows kindness of the blogger (involving some material goods this time, not that there aren't lots of other ways to share some love of course!)

    It's kind of a pennypincher speaking here *cough*, but whatever rules _you_ set up for _your_ giveaways, I'll support them.

  43. Slažem se s tobom u potpunosti....Ima bloggera koji organiziraju giveaway-e samo da bi privukli nove sljedbenike,ili ima sljedbenika koji samo vrebaju giveaway-e....Upravo iz tog razloga još nisam napravila niti jedno darivanje,a kada ga napravim,bit će to samo za moje dotadašnje sljedbenike koji me stvarno prate i vole...Ja osobno rijetko sudjelujem u darivanjima,uglavnom samo kod onih koje volim čitati i čiji rad mi se sviđa,i ti si naravno jedna od njih,iako ne komentiram svaki post,pratim te redovito ;)
    Ne daj se zezati i radi po svome,ovo je TVOJ blog ;))

  44. Hi, nihrida!
    Well, what can I say? I read your blog since the begining. I'm a quiet reader. I promise I'll try to show up more but not for the giveaway though. I never won a thing.
    I'm brazilian, so my english is far from good and I'm ashamed to write something wrong, but I think the reason why I started to read your blog was because you were like me, your feelings were, at the time, what I was feeling too, your english is so easy to read, your texts are so detailed, fun and I'm always checking to see if you posted something new, even if it shows make up tutorials (which I don't use because it makes me feel like a clown hahahah).
    I think giveaways are made for those who follow and who are always in touch with you. It's your blog and your rules. If someone's feeling offended, please get out of the internet and go read a book or do something but to hunt for giveaways? What a miserable life!!!
    I agree with "Mateja - Cool Girl". Your giveaways should be just for old followers because those who really like your blog are already here with you =)
    Although you were really pissed off, I think this was one of your funniest posts ever hahahahaha
    As you said, there are lots of people who pay attention to what you write, to what you feel. We are here with you and unless you decide to end your blog (please don't do that), we are going nowhere (I won't!!).
    I've already said too much!
    Bye (and please, don't give these giveaway hunters much attention. They don't have a life)!!

  45. You have a great blog, that many people love to read, some like me, are just more silent. You should stick to your rules, it is your blog.
    I didn't even enter in the giveaway as I am not interested in nail art, but I do enjoy yours.

  46. I think that it's YOUR blog and you should do what makes you happy and if someone doesn't like then don't enter the damn giveaway lol. I have always thought that people who made giveaways are so nice lol really, it's amazing! It feels that the person really cares about the comments and the other people who take their time to read.
    And i love when people pick the winner making a video :). Like that time when your niece picked a name from the bowl! It's fun to have like that nervousness while waiting to know if you won lol.

  47. Thank you for posting this. I just had my first giveaway, and it didn't go without a few hiccups. On the one hand, I do want to have giveaways. I think they're fun. But it's a shame that a few people have to ruin it for everyone (ain't that always the way?). In the end, I'm glad to see you standing up for doing it the way YOU want to do it, not in the way that the rest of the blog world necessarily wants it done. I've always loved reading your blog. <3

  48. I think you're going about this the right way. It's totally unfair of people to only visit your (and other) blogs for giveaways and then vanish into the ether. Don't people realise how much time and effort it takes to run a blog? I think giveaways are awesome, but it's the blog content that keeps me coming back. If you never had another blog giveaway again, I'd still be here, as I'm sure most of your other followers would too. All I can say is that I love your blog and keep up the great work!

  49. Hi, I've been reading your blog faithfully for a little over a year now, but only recently added as a follower, and I've never commented before (on any blog). I'm only commenting now to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog; yours is one of the few that I actually do read, as opposed to just looking at swatches. Your comments are always hysterical, and being a cat lover myself (my husband and I have five cats), I very much enjoy seeing pictures of your kitties. I also love seeing your pics of Slovenia; I never knew before what a gorgeous country it was! Anyway, I think that you should set whatever rules you want for a giveaway, if you choose to do them at all. I certainly think it's fair to reward readers that you know better, and since I will probably never be the type of reader to comment much, I have no problem with you or any blogger giving prizes to those who do. I don't read for the giveaways; the enjoyment I get from a few minutes of downtime reading blogs in the evening is good enough for me. Thanks for your humor, stories, and wonderful photos! I've enjoyed having a window into another country. BTW, your English is fantastic! :-)

  50. I completely agree with a lot of what you said. Yes, it's nice for new people to come and join your blog but the ones that come and then leave right after a giveaway is finished is annoying! How you choose your winner is up to you- just try to make it even so you lurker readers have a chance too. Sometimes I just use blogs to veg out and completely relax. By that point my ADHD has kicked in and I completely forget there is a comment option! lol. Or maybe they feel that what they have to say isn't noteworthy and so it's not worth the time to comment. Just a couple thoughts. Keep up the great work on your blog! :D

  51. I used to run an art site where people could make requests for specific custom pieces etc. Of course, there were detailed rules and information to read before posting a request. That way, everything was there and clear, so there would be no confusion.

    Of course, I learned the hard way that not everyone can 'bother to read' what you've wrote; even when you've taken the time to write to 'help things easier'.

    So, my advice is, if 'they', wherever they found out about the giveaway etc, cannot be bothered to read what you've wrote, then I wouldn't bother answering them, or at least direct them to your initial post.

    If they can't even be bothered to do something as simple as read what you've written, or be polite, then why should you just give them something!

    And no apologies needed. I've posted quite a few umm... more colorful ranting posts in my time, so I understand where you're coming from.

    It's your Giveaway. The rules are there for you to make, no matter what you decide them to be. That includes if you limit what country someone can enter from. Stamps to send a envelope abroad cost a fortune nowadays, let alone with the added weight of polishes inside.

    Unfortunately, I haven't got a picture of my kitty with one of her claws polished to make you smile possibly, but hopefully my comment has helped you in some way. Also, you're not the only one that detests bad grammar. And if I made any errors, it's because it's past midnight and my brain is a bit slow now to spot any. :P

  52. I almost spit Diet A&W Creme Soda all over my lappie when I read this:

    "because they were obviously so excited they just had to post the same comment 7 times. I really hope they reached their orgasm by then, so they would at least have something out of this giveaway."

    Your wicked sense of humour is a delight. :D

  53. Nihrida-stand your ground, swear when you want to and do any damn giveaway the way you want to. I love your instructions on how to enter the giveaway, too damn funny! At any rate, don't let the greedy,annoying people take the fun out of your blog and take care :0)

  54. Sasha you are a sweetheart! Thank you for the sweet things you said. I adore you and your blog. I don't care about having giveaways. I enjoy seeing the polish, your photos and reading about you. I have been guilty of going to a blog & entering to win polish and not being a reader. I don't do it that often anymore. I've cut back on some of the blogs I read. I feel I have to comment so I can't keep reading everything. I'm getting off the subject. It's first & foremost your blog and your rules. You do what's best for you. People don't like it then they don't have to read. You don't need those type with their rotten grammar. Love you!

  55. People can be so nasty. I feel embarrassed to see a reader who feels you owe her something. Lady, you crack me up, seriously. I love your wit and sarcasm. It is a breath of fresh air in the pc world we baby step through. P.S. I think you are PrEttaH! lol <3

  56. I know you don't know me, but this post made laugh when you were talking about killing pigeons and standing on eyelashes. Thank you.

  57. To be honest, I don't know what's worse; all those girlies only being here for the giveaway, or their ignorance. I myself am extremely intolerant with "stupid" and rude people, it's really very frustrating. So I'm definitely feelin' you here, hon.

    I do wish I had a good idea on your giveaway problem, but unfortunately... It's still too early for my brain to actually do what it's supposed to ;) So, I wish you good luck, and if by any chance I get the best idea ever, I'll definitely share!

    Take care, lovely!

  58. Damn, I was mildly pissed at your post, and then I read the comments and the bitching about the prize not given... I'm not gonna speak my mind about that, I make it a rule not to get angry before breakfast.
    Anyway. Whenever I see a give away that's "local only", my only thought is "ok, it's a shop giving it away, they're advertising in their own country and don't want to pay international shipping, fair enough", and I go on about my day. I know that in France, several blogs have added the "having posted at least 5 comments" line to the give-away rules. At first, I was pissed because I read a lot of blogs but don't always comment and it felt unfair. And then I insulted myself, saying "you stupid, how is the blogger supposed to KNOW that you're following if you don't show it??". So if I can't take part, I don't fuss over it. The things I want in my stash, I have them or intend to get them on my own, so I'm not gonna be angry at someone else for not giving them to me!! Any give away is a very nice gesture, and if you get shit in return, it does take a lot of patience to think about all the nice people among the stupids...
    I think you should add a line of "having my name tattooed on your lower back and taking a pic of you buttnaked with a feather sticking out" to your requirements, people have to show some love godammit!

  59. You tell them biatches off, guuurl.

    Joking. Not. Really. Joking. Not. Yes. No.

    Anyway, you're right. People are dumbasses and it hurts my brain often and now I understand that it hurts other people too. I'm one of those quiet people that have been following your aages, but have never commented, but I thought I'd start now. Just fyi! :)

  60. That really sucks. There always have to be some people that ruin it for everyone, huh? You do what you feel is best, I'll be here reading no matter what. :)

  61. Joooj, takoj ko sem videla objavo od Lič sem vedela, kaj bo sledilo. Ne vem, mogoče nekateri res pričakujejo, da dobijo nagrado pod nos?

    Sem pa zelo vesela, da je končno ena udarila po mizi. Meni se npr tak giveaway zdi še najbolj smiseln - da res nagradiš tiste, ki so tega vredni. Ravno sem našla en blog, kjer je punca obljubila, da bo na vsakih 100 ljudi, ki spremljajo njen blog, naredila giveaway. In ima ves čas po 3 giveawaye odprte in mislim da je v manj kot mesecu presegla 1000 followerjev. Meni osebno se to zdi neumno. Sama sicer ne pišem bloga ampak če bi ga, bi bolj cenila nekoga, ki moj blog res prebere in občasno komentira, kot pa nekoga ki se samo dela, da ga moj blog zanima in me po koncu kaj hitro pozabi. To mi je izkoriščanje in res malo neumno.

    Meni je všeč tvoj način reklamiranja soblogerk - ko na FB objaviš kakšnega, kar tako, iz dobre volje. To mi je res lepo, ker delaš zato ker ti je res všeč in ne z namenom, da bi zmagala giveaway.


  62. Sadly the Internet is filled with ignorant people - I think our generation might be the last with normal Internet etiquette because we weren't raised with the Internet, but it came when we were somewhat grown ups and had a somewhat decent common sense.. Now a days children are on the Internet from ages 5(maybe younger) and are on Internet forums for young people and here they get influenced by maybe the wrong stuff/people and they become like this ignorant.. And those are the people that write such messages to you. Sadly :( I hope you understand what I mean, its hard to express it on another language than my own :P I understand your frustration for sure!

  63. Giveaways are great and all, but after hosting a few I noticed the same people over and over again and some even with multiple accounts made just to enter, entering. I tried doing contests for design but that was also difficult since some people would get lots of people to vote for them. In the end nothing ends up being completely fair. Sad but true. Makes you want to smack someone.

  64. I totally agree!
    And understand why you can't send in the whole world!
    If I had a choice I would put one chance everybody, no more entries.
    For old followers at least one comment on your blog.
    not too much too ask I guess?
    And I love animals =D

  65. Ok, js zelo malokrat komentiram bloge, ki jih berem, če že je to takrat, ko imam dejansko kej za povedati... Se pa strinjam s tabo v celoti in mi je prišel prav nasmešek na obraz, ko sem to brala, ker sem ravno razmišljala, da zdej ko bo imel moj blog eno leto bi bilo lepo, da naredim en giveaway za moje bralce in to samo za tiste, ki me spremljajo zato, ker jih zanima moj blog in ne zato, ker bi radi zadeli na giveawayu :) Mislim, da je to edino fer in se v popolnosti strinjam z vsem kar si napisala!

  66. Ojej... Čestitam na potrpežljivosti!

  67. I can't think of anything else to say but thank you. Thank you for being so honest, thank you for being blunt with us, thank you for taking the shit out of blogging. I have been following you since almost the beginning, not commenting very often coz I never know what to write, but you truly are an inspiration. Keep up the great work, can't wait for future posts. :)
    <3 Lauren.

  68. Two Italian YouTube Gurus, Clio and Giuliana, pick randomly from already left comments. They have a Youtube Channel, a Facebook fan page and a Twitter profile, so they choose a comment from every "sources".
    I am a new blogger, but I have been a commenter and lurker since years, so I really don't know the best method to arrange a giveaway. I have to admit that I have entered a lot of giveaways (maybe 20?) and, in the end, I follow only 10 or 11 of the blogs where I left my "giveaway comments". I followed the other ones for a little period but then got bored because I didn't like the blogger style.

  69. I definitely agree with you. I think it's terrible that there are people out there who subscribe for the duration of the giveaway and then unsubscribe once it has ended. People also find ways to cheat and enter more than once, which is sad. It defeats the whole idea of a giveaway to thank the people who do take the time to read and comment. People can be so rude, especially on the internet.

    I think it's hard to find a way to do it that would be completely fair. I think there are pros and cons to both randomly selecting a winner and going through the comments and choosing a winner (thereby making the entrants put more effort into their answers). You could then choose a bunch and pick a winner based on their interaction with the blog (i.e. commenting). Just an idea.

    I am sorry I do not comment more often, but I do read and enjoy every blog post you put up! Thanks for being a great blogger :)

  70. Great post!
    I agree fully and I just hope that "these people" will grow up and learn the internet-code some time.
    I say; your blog your rules and if they can't even be arsed to click on a link? good riddance to bad rubbish.
    I'm one of these people who rarely comment, not because I don't like what is written but because I can't se that my comment would matter.

  71. Donkey <3 You're totally making sense! I'm at the moment slowly gathering some polishes for a next giveaway, and already decided that people who actually commented before I post about the giveaway get extra entries. It's a thank you for them, not a thank you for the hunters that managed to find my blog. And it'll be easier and faster to track the entries as well like that :)

    And FB, I only recently joined and already felt that the general attitude there is a bit different than it is on the blogs, I'm sorry you had to deal with all that. Hope it didn't take some of the fun of your giveaway away!


  72. This is the first time I comment, though I´ve been following you for a few months now (I´m the strong silent type!!!), I understand your feelings, and I´m sorry that you give so much time and energy and receive so little back, but you ARE appreciated, thats´s the only thing i wanted to say .

  73. You're entirely correct. Now, I'm probably an awful reader, because I read all your posts but I rarely comment, and I really don't enter your giveaways unless I'm quite excited about them, but the fact of it is that I read all your posts because I think you're a fantastic blogger and an interesting person. This doesn't mean I'm better than anyone else, but it means that I'm the type of reader that understands your stance and respects it, and I'm rather appalled at some of the behavior you've described. Please, don't stop doing the things you like doing because of silly girls on the internet. Even if that means including some "over-the-top" measures (that are entirely reasonable) to ensure that your readers are the people winning giveaways, then by all means, do it, because your readers will be the ones who understand.

  74. Wow that must have been really annoying :( Trying to do something nice and people being idiots. Well I think it's good you discussed the matter. Also on a side note I use to say "you learn something new everyday" and today I learned you don't have W in your alphabet. I guess I'm nerdy like that but that was fun to know :)

  75. 1. There are many stupid, ignorant people out there. (I don't like that one bit, but that's the way it is.) What happens with some of them is when their "wow, free stuff!" alarm goes off, they start acting even stupider. That should be taken into consideraiton when preparing a giveaway.
    2. I hate giveaways with conditions such as "follow me here, follow me there, follow me everywhere, follow the brand via a million different ways", aaargh, just writing about it makes me cringe. It's such a turn-off, I usually don't even want the prize anymore halfway through reading the stupid conditions.
    3. I don't even put following as a condition in my giveaways. I want people to become my followers out of genuine interest, not because they have a chance to get freebies. If that's someone's only reason for following, they'll leave sooner or later anyway.
    4. "My way or the highway" ftw!
    5. People love you.

  76. Pozdravljena Nihrida.

    Sprva nisem imela namena napisati kakšnega komentarja na tvojem blogu, ko pa sem začela brati to objavo, sem po nekaj prebranih vrsticah vedela, da je zdaj čas za to. Odložila sem študijsko literaturo (to mi pa res ni bilo težko), ki je moja zvesta spremljevalka zadnjih nekaj dni. Končno ustvarila mail, na gmailu (kar sem nameravala že nekaj časa; torej gre zasluga tudi tebi, hvala:)) in se prijavila v storitev blogger ...

    Začelo pa se je tako: tudi sama spremljam FB stran Lič, kjer sem naletela na objavo o tem, da podarjaš Konad set. Tako sem prišla do tvoje FB strani, malo pobrskala, pregledala tisto kar me zanima in kaj hitro našla objavo o Konad setu. Znašla sem se na tvojem blogu in tudi tu hitro našla objavo, ki sem jo iskala. To sem le preletela, nisem pustila svojega komentarja in maila za nagrado, saj sem običajno mnenja, da jaz pa res nisem tista, ki bo kdaj dobila kaj zastonj (tudi zato ne igram lota :)). Začela pa sem prebirati tvoj blog, vse od zadnje objave, pa do prve (do tja še nisem uspela priti). Prebrala in videla sem kar nekaj zanimivih, koristnih nasvetov. Priznam, da mi vse stvari res niso všeč, ampak zakaj pa bi mi bile, saj ima vsak svoj okus. Name so vtis takoj naredile tvoje fotografije, saj se mi zdi, da imaš res oko za naravo, pokrajino, za to, da v objektiv ujameš nekaj lepega. Tudi sama rada fotografiram, zato mi je to na tvojem blogu še posebej všeč.

    Rada pogledam in preberem objave, kljub temu, da moja angleščina ni ravno najboljša. Prav zato sedaj pišem tudi v slovenščini, čeprav si želim, da bi komentar razumele tudi druge bralke tvojega bloga. Vem pa, da z branjem izpopolnjujem svoje znanje, morda se kdaj lotim tudi pisanja.

    Naj ti povem še, da se mi je ob branju tvojega bloga porodilo kar nekaj vprašanj, ki bi te jih rada vprašala, vendar ne sedaj, ne pod to objavo ... da ne bom predolga.

    Zakaj pa sem se pravzaprav odločila, da ti pišem. Zato, da ti izrečem podporo še sama; da ti povem, da te razumem ob napadu vseh tistih punc, ki so te zasule z nepomembnimi vprašanji, saj danes že tako preveč časa preživimo za računalnikom zaradi nepomembnih stvari. Za nagrado pa se odloči čisto po svoje, to je tvoj blog, ti podarjaš, pa bo najbolj pravično.

    Pa lep sončen dan še naprej! :)

  77. I think the 70 comments here already has bought out people just like me. We read every post you do but may only comment once or twice. Whatever way you choose run your giveaways will be perfect for your blog. I personally don't give a stuff about giveaways on anyone's blogs, I'm here for for your beautiful nail pictures and kitty photos.

  78. I totally agree with you: this is your blog, these are your rules. If someone doesn't like it, go and follow other blog. I love that you are the way you are.

  79. Well I always believe in the saying "my bubble, my rules" its absolutely fair that if you are holding a giveaway on your blog you decide the rules no matter what others think..:)
    I am somebody who recently started going through blogs and your blog is one of the few that I regularly visit...but I have always been a quiet follower of not just ur blog but others too...because I don't know I just feel I am still not for the lack of a better word qualified to criticize or properly appreciate something that somebody has put so much effort instead of commenting just for the heck of it...I just prefer not commenting

    As somebody already mentioned its absolutely delightful for somebody to receive a gift but again its your blog and its you who takes the pain organizing these just go on and do what you feel is right..:)

  80. Hi Nihrida! I'm Ana from Brazil, and I just want to say that I check your blog everyday for updates and I like reading you very much, and that's why i came here, not because i want something material back! I never comment before but this situacion really pisses me off too! And I want you to know that is a lot of people out there like me, annonimous and embarrased to comment readers!

  81. I felt the same way about one of the giveaways I hosted. I wanted it to be people who actually put the time into reading it. I wanted to make sure that I wasn't just posting all that babble day after day if nobody was reading it. My giveaway was to list as many polishes that I own. That let me know who was really reading and who just went through the pictures, because sometimes I would say it was a friend's or I gave it away or something. The readers who entered said they really enjoyed it too, it was like a blog scavenger hunt.

    I think it's fair to not just follow to win a prize, and like you said it's your blog, how can anyone complain?

  82. Nihrida said: @marox79: You know, it's people like you who give me hope that's somebody is still paying attention. That someone is reading and I'm not just throwing words on the internet and noone sees them. Thank you for that!

    Thank you, my dear! *blushing*
    I was more an invisible follower, even before I joined, but now that I (we, my sis and I) have a blog, I get to appreciate the feedback and comments.

  83. You have nothing to apoligize for, it is your blog and you can do whatever you want. I'll be honest with you, I have not done any giveaways because I don't have time for all the bullshit that seems to go along with them. I appreciate my readers, but until I can figure out how to make the giveaway process easier, I am going to hold off. Thank you for your honesty, that is one of the reasons I love reading your blog! Cheers!

  84. Hi! I think I've commented two times in all this time I've been following you.. But I thought "here's my chance to clarify that", as you deserve it. First I read everything, without being a proper GFC follower, and without commenting (shy girl, sorry). But then I figured, "if I can add something to her by proper GFC following, that's what I'll do". And I did. But still no comments, I'm that shy. But now I'm using my "voice" because I think it's time to let you know why I follow you: not for the free stuff, not even for your manis (well, for that too, they're awesome) but mostly because I admire you as a person. That tiny part of you that you pour in here, that's what caught my eye. And I admire you. So that's why I come by everyday and read what you feel like writing. Sometimes I smile, sometimes I giggle or laugh out loud, sometimes I relate to your feelings and sometimes I don't. But I always come back, I like what you write. I'm sorry I don't give feedback as much as you deserve, but I just thought this you should know. Ok? =)
    Thanks for everything.
    See ya!

  85. I totally sympathize.. and the day I have a giveaway I will have correct grammar as one of the criteria to enter.

  86. I support hosting giveaways. Every blogger spends so much time preparing her/his posts and doesn´t want to write for a few readers. Furthermore, if you do comparsions, you want more people to know about them, because you don´t want them to buy every nail polish... I think there is no way for a usual blogger to get more readers then doing giveaways, guest posts, swaps, competitions, etc. Even if an unknown person comes to your blog to participate in your giveaway, there is a chance he will become a nice regular reader. Everybody comes to your blog for the first time.

    I think NatalieDouka had a good idea. But there are shy readers who don´t comment often. So, it´s up to you :)

  87. Your Blog- your rules.
    I do think that Giveaways should be for those who comment/visit/view your Blog.
    Maybe a dual Giveaway? The bigger package goes to those who are loyal viewers, and the smaller to new Followers.

    Since I've blown off the standard WV 666 Giveaway, and as my 1000 Follower mark looks to be just around the corner, I'll be practicing my own advice ;)

    Have I ever told you I Love you to pieces?
    I do.

  88. It's your blog, your rules. Who doesn't like it, is just gonna have to deal with that.

  89. 70+ posts later and I still feel compelled to leave another on this thread...

    I've never commented on the Blogs I read as I usually am too bothered by the sudden lack of anonymity it causes. However, in this I feel I must say SOMETHING (and not because I just secretly want to participate in further giveaways :P).

    Drawing? It takes time, effort, sweat, courage, and inspiration. You know what kills that ALWAYS for me? Expectation and deadlines. Fair or not, a giveaway is a FREE PRIZE. You didn't ask for a participation fee, you don't charge us daily for your witty banter, beautiful shots of global travel, insight into your daily life, and of course glamour shots of adorable kitties. I feel like I am already getting something spectacular for nothing, so why the attitude from others on giveaways that they are just taking advantage of?

    @Öyjü: Chill. Don't insult the author/artist. First, that can have further reaching consequences on an artist than your expectation bearing, selfish desires can account for. A Wedding gift? Oh, so you took your prize and made it YOUR contribution to the happy couple and then bitched when your free gift didn't arrive in time for THEM? My goodness that just screams inane and immature.

    I'm sure by now this is a dead issue, so I'll leave off with the glowing praise I keep meaning to post:

    Nihrida - You are a smart, funny, slightly dark blogger and one of my favs. I always feel like I'll read something well conceived and interesting. I never have had an issue with your English and your shots of Slovenia and the surrounding areas make me jealous beyond belief. Keep at it, giveaways or not and I'll still be a loyal fan.


  90. I can't believe that you're pissed off. I was laughing out loud when I read your post. Especially when I was reading your guide. OMG I'm not painting the claws of my cat. First of all he is a He :D and second he did not forgive me the manicure that we did to him in the vet. If you could see him you will know what the phrase Pissed Off means :D. Actually the vet gave me idea how to do it. I'm telling you because you want some advice here for painting the cat claws from one of the girls. He said that as fast you can be the easier will be. But just for me, don't paint your cat claws :). They don't appreciate it like we do :D.

    P.S. Be like a cat it is not hard, ignore these kinds of people that you're talking about.

  91. I'm not a huge blogger (and I not really am one ATM) and don't earn money yet, so can't host a giveaway, but I always live through the struggles of other giveaway hosts and I still am pretty amazed by how fucked up some people are. It's your world dammit and you decide it all. And the enormous shitloads of messages like "how do I enter" DO piss off. Anyway. Fuck them, do it the way you want to. But for the suggestions&thoughts about giveaway rules, I still think it's better to give out stuff randomly (I would do so, but that's me) to give everyone a fair chance, but in the world of greedy people I do totally understand you 'cause some that share a lot with you, be that kind words or just regural visits, RAOKs etc. do really deserve it better. But it kinda already loses that "giveaway" sense to me, more like RAOK (or not so random one) ;) You might maybe just count entries from people you want to enter? And just then choose randomly?
    Anyway, I love your blog and it's time to say it now 'cause I never did before I guess? You were one of those first blogs I discovered and who sucked me into the NPB world =) So thank you for inspiration through the months and your allover style is something I would totally copy =.= *giggles* Even though you used to neglect my comments that came from the heart and were hard to write and share, but I totally understand you can't answer us all, there's a bunch of your lovers! ;) Keep on doing what you do!

    I almost got my panties wet reading this. For two reasons: first because I know EXACTLY what you're talking about! I'm portuguese and that's how I write. I care excepcionally abou WHAT I say but it seems 90% of my "readers" look at the pics and make the most craptastic comments afterwards, clearly showing that they have read NOTHING!
    Second way in which I got my panties wet: thank GOD someone calls it like it is! And those giveaway hunter.... don't even get me started!
    I read the blogs I read because I like them and admire them. Sometimes to help a fellow blogger out. I hardly ever have entered a giveaway. Not that I don't like free shit, I just don't like it enough to be bothered, that's why!
    Carry on the good work! I really enjoy your blog, even more so after this post.

  93. Hi Nihrida! I agree with you about making changes on the giveaway rules, this is your blog and you should do it the way you see fit. I also agree that some bloggers/gurus make giveaways such an ordeal, for me at least, I may love them and want to win a giveaway but i may not meet one of the many criteria specifically liking their fan page on Facebook, since I dont have a facebook account. Giveaways are fun and cool but they are not to be demanded or imposed on any bloggers. I really enjoy your blog and have been a follower for a few months! looking forward to nail/makeup/ cat posts for the upcoming holidays especially halloween and christmas :)

  94. Oh, major P.S.: I have five cats of my own. Sorry I haven't named one after you, but they are all males. You understand, right? LOL

  95. Nažalost je vedno več takšnih ljudi in to vspovod in se jim ne moreš izogniti. :S Jaz vedno zelo rada berem tvoje poste, čeprav redko kdaj komentiram. Ti kar nadaljuj s pisanjem in se ne obremenjuj. Drugače pa mislim, da se da videti kdaj se je kdo pridružil oz. od kdaj te nekdo spremlja in tiste, ki so se pridružili samo zarad nagrad enostavno ne upoštevaš.

  96. I'm sorry to hear you had such a bad experience! There are a number of "Professional Competition entrants" out there, I have come across them before on fourms, and it really spoils the whole experience.

    I say your blog - your rules!

  97. sve si u pravu, ali moras da prihvatis cinjenicu da posto si jedan od najcitanijih blogera uvek ce biti budala koje ce te smarati kojekakvim pitanjima... to valjda ide uz blogersku 'slavu' , i dokle god ti ne prete dobro je ;) takodje se slazem da je broj pratilaca samo broj, ja racunam da ih imam svega nekoliko redovnih koji cesto komentarisu moje postove, i znam da ih citaju... apsolutno su ok sva pravila koja odredis za SVOJ giveaway, pa kako drugacije?! takav je svet, sakavih ljudi ima, bolje se ne obaziri previse :)

  98. Takoj, ko je bilo vele javno objavljen ta tvoj giveaway na omenjeni spletni strani, sem vedela, da se bo zgodilo nekaj takega. Free stuff is cool.
    Strinjam se s tabo, da ni fer, da dobi nagrado nekdo, ki ni prebral niti enega posta, kaj šele navodil. Tudi meni bi se fržmagal in gladko malo zbrisala vse "vsiljivce".
    Najboljši način giveawaya? Objava samo na blogu in nobenega zahtevka o twittanju, fb, postih v blogu... Kar si pa že tako al tako naredila...
    Ko sem še redno pisala blog, sem naredila giveaway, ampak tako, da noben ni vedel za to, objavila sem samo, kdo je dobil nagrado. Se mi je zdelo tako še najbolj fer, ker bi drugače takoj dobila še pa še "spremljevalcev", komentirali bi kr eni... Tisti k spremljajo moj blog (in še vedno vztrajajo pri tem) so zame kul. Številka ni velika, mi pa nekaj malega tudi pomeni.

  99. @Thilwen: Thank you for your support. Yeah, think well before hosting a giveaway. It can be a real pain in the a**. =)

    @Erzebeth Bathory: Ampak jaz rada dajem. Bedasto je samo, ker ne vem kdo si nekaj res zasluži. :/ Še bodo nagrade, samo drugače se bodo podeljevale. =)

    @maisenzasmalto: I know what you mean. I've seen a lot of US only. It sucks, but hey - that's the way it is. P.S: I'm no longer pissed. =D

    @Krvava Meri: Hahaha. Ti si zakon, Meri! =*

    @JuJu: Well, you know...sometimes I feel it's not fair to my slovene readers to write in English, but on the other hand - it's known all around the world, so I can say what I want to more people. Writing blog in English is the best decision I made. =)

    @MissDoll: Hvala!!!! :***

    @NatalieDouka: Once upon a time... and then they all lived happily ever after. =D It's not like that IRL. Too bad. Your suggestion is really good. I'll consider that way of choosing a winner. Thanks!

    @Tamara: I already set it to ''ignore''. =) Thanks!

    @2espresso: Isn't it nice when you give something to someone and they're genuinely happy? In some cases they look like they didn't even want to get the stuff. Is that greed or what? I'll be honest. I love giveaways. I love giving something back. If I could only see who really wants and deserves the prize. *sigh* Thanks for your support! =)

    @Nina: Hvala! =)

    @Fe_Carol: We're all ashamed at first, but you gotta try and not think to much about the errors you make. And your language gets better and better. Trust me. =) I'm not thinking about stop writing my blog. Not yet. Thank you for your support. It means a lot!

    @B.: Thanks! I don't want to be unfair to the silent readers, but there's no other way for me to know... I'm glad you enjoy my blog.

    @Yona: Oh, you remember that!? =D She was so cute and she had to repeat the draw... Heehee

    @Noelie: Exactly. Giveaways are fun! But I hate all the fuss it comes with. Thank you for your comment! :)

    @olgiepolgie: And I love you for it! Thank you! =)

    @Konad-licious: Yes, she does!

    @angela jean: Thank you so much for your first and absolutely lovely comment! Well, you're a cat lady, so I bet you know what it's like when someone gets pissed. =D Give your cats kisses from me. :***

    @Hebridean Sprite: I ALWAYS read all the comments before posting them. That's why I have my comment moderating mode on. That and rude people. =D It does matter what you say and it is worthy. Thank you!

    @Slayer3 / aka. Rbb.Red.Bull.Babe: Sometimes it's my own fault. I want to be nice and kind and I don't want to be rude. But when I get too much shit at the same time, I can explode like a bottle of Diet Coke with Mentos in it. Yes, your comment helped. Thank you! =)

    @Ice Queen: Always glad to make someone laugh. =)

    @Gottwinkies: Thank you for the support! =D

    @Lucy: And I adore you! And I'm sure I'm not the only blogger who thinks the same. =)

    @Angela: Thank you, Angie! =)

    @Lisa: No, thank you! P.S: I do NOT support killing animals. Just to be completely sure. =D

  100. @gizzmiss: I try, but even the best can fail at times. ;D Thank you and take care as well.

    @Fairy Lélie: I'm glad you understand. It's hard for me as well, I don't want to be unfair. Darn, I should have thought about that rule myself. Great one! =)

    @myawesomethings: Thank you for your first comment, you quite one. It's highly appreciated. =D

    @Alaina: Oh, those party poopers.

    @Tinchi: Saj ne rečem, kakšen giveaway na začetku bloganja pride prav - da ljudje izvejo, da sploh obstajaš, ampak potem je pa to samo še pridobivanje številk. Prave bralke me najdejo tako ali drugače, brez nagrad. Hvala za tvoj prispevek! =)

    @rijaH: Funny, isn't it? Blaming it on the web. =D I guess it's kind of true. Well, based on the things I've seen on FB, it's no wonder.

    @Mistress Zombie: I hate that. Creating multiple accounts. I've had those too. And entering more than once... Eh. It just ruins it for everyone. Voting is very unfair IMO, it basically: vote for me and you will get... Yes, we should do some smacking.

    @rock-or-not: I agree with you. One entry only... I also agree about the comments, but that's where it gets hard. It's almost impossible to check and it would take forever.

    @Sanja: Pa saj ni potrebno vedno kaj napisat. Večkrat dam vprašanje pod objavo, ker me zanima kaj mislijo bralci... Da potem dobim komentar ''lep lak'' je sicer OK, ni pa preveč konstruktivno.

    @Biba: Hvala.

    @Lauren: Thank you so much, Lauren! :*

    @Christina - PeeBeforePolish: I guess I'll adopt that way of choosing a winner as well. Now that you're a blogger, you'll maybe comment more. You'll see how much comments are worth. =D

    @Phoenix: It amazes me how much trouble some people go through when trying to win something. Multiple accounts, cheating... Eh, it's not worth it. Thank you for following me. And reading of course. =)

    @Rebecca: Every comment matters!!! Always. =)

    @Bregje: Great thinking! It's good to think about that before you actually choose your winner and realize he/she doesn't even read your blog. It's always easier when you know you have other people's support. Thanks for that! =*

    @tara_rasha: Thank you! :*

  101. @Kasey!: I won't stop doing the things I love, don't worry about that. =) Thank you for your compliments! :*

    @Helga: Hahahha. Nerds are cool. I like learning new stuff as well.

    1. Agree. I take some blame for not preparing myself.
    2. Agree.
    3. I'll consider doing that on my blog as well.
    4. Is there any other option? =D
    5. Awww. <3

    @stonoga: Pozdravljena! Nerada motim ljudi med študijem, se opravičujem. ;D Hvala za tvojo podporo! Veliko mi pomeni, da ti je moj blog všeč, res. Hvala še enkrat!

    @Kitties26: Come out, come out, wherever you are. =D Thank you for your comment! :*

    @Vilcis: Thank you! :)

    @aparajita: I'm honored! It's not really about critique or appreciation, it's about speaking your mind, telling me what you think. Because I want to know, otherwise I wouldn't ask. =)

    @Ana Paula Godoy: Hi, Ana. Thank you for your support! =)

    @Danica: That's a great way to give away something and not making a big fuss about it. I did that a couple of times as well, if I remember correctly. Great idea! Thanks!

    @marox79: Bloggers understand better when it comes to comments. Only they can see how much it means to get a comment on your post. That's true.

    @Polish Pauper: Heehee. Thanks for being honest. It's the best way to go. And thank you!

    @etherealthought: I can recognize your nickname, so I guess you've been here a couple of times. =) Thank you for letting me know. You rock!

    @lackynails: Grammar to every school!!! Oh, wait... Hmmm. I guess it's a school fail.

    @sonidlo: Every blogger chooses his/her own way. It's the giveaway hunters that bother me, not giveaways. It doesn't matter why a certain person hosts it. And you're right. People find out about you that way and they get a chance to follow you if they want to. But it's always those party poopers...

    @ainos2: Oh, honey!!! It's been so long... I hope you're doing OK. =) I love you too, sis! :***

    @Biberlee: Ditto.

    @Luna: Hee hee... Thank you so much for your compliments. *blushing*

    @Nynaeve: A little laughter never hurt anybody, right? =) Hahaha... cats rule!

    @Daria: Hmmm, I'll take your idea into consideration. Thanks for sharing it with me. =) Thank you so much for your compliments! I'm sorry for neglecting your comments, this time I stayed up real late and wrote back. I hope that makes it up. :***

    @Beatlemarta: Thank you!!!! :D And about the cat names: that's no excuse! ;)

    @impu81: Thank you for following and enjoying my blog. =) People like you make it worthy.

    @elchy: O ja. Pa komentiraš. Ker te poznam. =D Hvala za to!

    @Madame Gourmand: Hahahha @ the professional competition entrants. XD LOL

    @hermetic: Eh, jaz sem daleč od slave. Niti si je ne želim. Samo prostor, ker se bom lahko izražala in se počutila varno. To je to. Brez ''ignorantskih'' ljudi. Hvala za komentar. =D

  102. ajoj, ovo je baš bilo strašno :-(
    shit happens ;-)

  103. @Ana @ Ana na S: Ma ja... Meni je samo žal, ker so mi na Lič želeli samo dobro. Potem pa dobim stampedo. Večino časa sem porabila za brisanje podvojenih, potrojenih, po-neštetenih komentarjev. Brez veze.

  104. You are so full of awesome. High five! I totally agree about all those rules that some bloggers have to enter a giveaway. Aghh I stopped entering giveaways because it felt like I was selling out! I just buy what I want now, yeesh.

    I'm glad you've said something about it. Your blog is one of my absolute faves, and I know you have other fab readers as well.

  105. i loooove your guide. especially the cat one. lol!!!

  106. okay, my english is not soo good i think, but i'll try it ;)

    i like your blog really much, at first because it is so honest an you are really beautiful.
    you look special - not like 100 other bloggers (i hope you understand what i'm trying to say)

    To be honest: I'm to lazy for giveaways and i forget so fast about them.
    I don't need a giveaway, because i read a blog when i like it an i find it interesting.
    Of course it is very nice when you think about your readers an say thank you to them.

    At least i want to say:
    I love your blog - with or without giveaways :)


  107. The way you did it seems fair and reasonable. Don't let the riffraff bother you. I love your photographs, you have some amazing skills!!

  108. I love you. And no one who doesn't own a cat is worthy!

  109. Wow, has it really been two years since I sparked the urge to blog via a Flickr question? ;) I believe it was the comparison for Orly Charged Up and Rio Nights. Wow, can't believe I remember that. LOL

    I've kept up with your blog ever since. I may never say much, if anything, but I'm still following today. Thank you for always being honest and not putting up with people's shit. It's what makes your blog unique and my favorite.


  110. You are so right!! Your blog, you're making the rules... :)

  111. Čisto iste stvari so mi rojile po glavi ko sem naredila svoj prvi (in do sedaj edini) GA. Do te točke, ko sem že razmišljala, da bi kar izbrala nagrajenko od tistih, ki mi redno komentirajo blog. Ker se je usulo malo morje "bralk", ki mi v življenju niso komentirale bloga, ki so verjetno prvič in zadnjič obiskale blog takrat ko so vtipkale svoje podatke za GA. Na koncu sem se držala pravil, ker bi me sicer preveč pekla vest, me je pa tudi zeeelo razp* goljufanje, zdi se mi tako ... patetično? da goljufaš za nekaj lakov. Ne vem. Zelo rada podarjam stvari, ampak tudi jaz se že sprašujem, kako bi naredila GA da bi nagradila redne bralce in komentatorke. Gre tudi zato, da blog po anketi sodeč mnogo ljudi sicer redno bere, le komentira ga ne, pa se mi tudi ne zdi pošteno, da bi zviseli. Tako da te čisto razumem v tej tvoji želji, da bi nagradila redne bralce.
    Se pa, prosim, ne sekiraj za tovrstne izpade. So neumni in nepotrebni in čisto nevredni tvojih živcev in časa.

    PS: Še najbolj nesramno se mi pa zdi pomanjkanje uvidevnosti pri tragediji v življenju, zaradi katere ne moreš na rok izpolnit GA, ki je ročno delo in se potem še usajaš, češ, zdaj ga pa kar obdrži. Mi je kar čeljust pribila na tipkovnico ob tistih komentarjih.

  112. I have been suspicious that some people have already been doing this while claiming it was random. I personally think that's more satisfying to the blogger anyway, to give to someone you really liked. But then it's not a giveaway so much anymore is it? I don't know, I agree with what Lisa said, have big one for the special follower then the smaller one for random.

    In the end, it's your blog you do what you want! =)

  113. I think it's perfectly fair! I know of a few bloggers who hide their giveaways so that only people who read will win! I think it's shit that bloggers have to put up with this.

  114. I follow you using bloglovin - so I read all your posts :) but I am another one of the people who never comment. I am guessing there is A LOT of people who read and don't comment so don't let a few bad (vocal) eggs get you down.


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