Thursday, August 25, 2011

Swatches: Pure Luxe Pigments

I can't believe I forgot to show you swatches of these pigments I purchased a couple of months ago. Well, better late than never, right? =) Let's take a look at the pigments in the jars and swatched on the back of my hand over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy.

Chocolate Grapes - ''Medium brown base with violet/purple interference.'' It's more purple than brown, it's subtle but shiny.

Careless Whispers - ''Medium coppery brown with just a slight hint of pink.'' I'd say it's orange brown with multi-color shimmer.

Charisma - ''Salmon pink with golden yellow interference.'' Pink and gold duochrome. Gorgeous color, subtle but very pretty. It reminds me of those pink/gold shifting shades from the Sleek palettes.

Peach Champagne - ''Medium peach with yellow gold interference.'' It looks gold on skin. At least on mine. Very pretty though.

Enlighten - ''Cool beige with golden beige shimmers.'' It looks cool gold to me.

Risque - ''Crushed velvet in a jar! Warm red/brown.'' Reminds me of Molten. Very strong color, warm red-ish copper. For bold ladies only. ;)

Ariel - ''Like the original Mermaid shade, only with more "UUMPH"!'' Pretty but only as a color. I can't really see myself wearing this color. Wait...what? Challenge accepted!! :D

Olive You! - ''Beautiful fall shade! Subtle olive green when applied dry, when you wet it, WOW it shines!'' Yes, I agree it's beautiful. It would look amazing on brown eyed ladies.

Uptown - ''A refined, classy green. Buffed, the undertone is a smoky green - the midtone is blue/green, and all of it is highlighted with a lighter green sheen.'' Meh.

English Ivy - ''Medium muted green with gold highlights. A very classy color!'' Whoa! I love, love, love it! It's green, it's gold, it's amazing. Must have!

Khaki - ''A gorgeous khaki with golden metallic highlights.'' I see khaki in the jar, but all I see is gold on my skin. Stil, it's pretty.

Moss - ''Medium mossy green with a pewter/silver interference. Low shimmer.'' It's mossy and it's green. That's it.

Cashmere - ''Medium mocha brown with a lighter beige pearl highlight.'' 

Amber - ''This is a beautiful amber with black undertones.'' Amber belongs to the Liner Ultimates.

Godiva - ''Rich chocolate with coppery pink overlay.''

Wild Thing - ''Deep brown/black with metallic orange/copper flash.  HOT!'' This one is also from the Liner Ultimates, but I'm gonna wear it as a smokey eye color. It's beautiful. 

Asp - ''A two-tone holographic shade. Reddish brown and green shimmer. Reminds me of snake skin. Very sexy!'' I'm not sure what snake they were thinking about, but I can't see it. Maybe it needs a bit of a damp brush to get it's mojo running. I don't know yet. I'll know better once I get to play with it.

Rockstar - ''Ultra deep burgundy/black with a 24kt. gold metallic overlay.'' Yet another one from the Liner Ultimates. It looked so cool in the jar, with the red sparse glitter, but I don't dig it on me. Glitter just looks too random.

Heather Mist - ''Soft heather purple with a grey undertone.'' Greyed out purple. It's not very pretty as a color, but I bet it will look amazing as an eyeshadow.

Blue Jeans - ''Medium blue with a brighter blue highlight.'' I hoped this one would be darker/more pigmented. It doesn't ''wow'' me.

Sensual - ''Silvery taupe shade.'' I didn't know sensual is another word for boring. :/

Regal - ''Medium jeweled true green.'' I need more pigment over here! Nice, but please... we need something more green.

Sly - ''Dark forest green with a black undertone. Contains added green cosmetics glitter for a touch of flash.'' This one is from the Liner Ultimates. It does contain green glitter, but it's sparse. The color itself is very pretty, not?

Dream On... - ''Shimmery turquoise blue.'' Another one from the Liner Ultimates. It reminds me of exotic, Caribbean places. Very summery color.


Pure Luxe pigments are my favorite besides Fyrinnae ones. I used to love TaylorMade minerals as well, but they went out of bussiness. What I really love about Pure Luxe are their hidden gems. Some colors may not look like they're something special, but once you apply them, they rock your world. Yes, I'm talking about Charisma and English Ivy. I also like the price of the pigments. A sample jar costs only $1 and you get enough product for a couple of make up looks. You know I mean more than a couple (more than 2), but that's how you say it. I think.

You can purchase Pure Luxe pigments on their site HERE. They offer international shipping as well and it's really affordable. Check them out - but beware: their site isn't too guest friendly and the categories move around like staircases on Hogwarts. Don't give up though, it's worth it.

Tell me: if you had to choose only one eyeshadow pigment from this post, which one would it be?

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. If I had to choose one, it'd be heather mist. Lovely photos!

  2. Wow! all these colors are super! But for only one shade I'll choose Enlighten! So gorgeous shade! Can't wait to see some of ur new eye make up with this e/s :)

  3. That'd probably be Godiva even though I love green, Godiva seems more versatile.

  4. Only one pigment? Well, now I'm dreaming on Dream On, so that's my choise!
    I love also Ariel, Blue Jeans and Uptown!

  5. English Ivy for sure, what a beauty :D Really stunning but wearable too :)

  6. I'd definitely take Risque. And once again - I love your swatches, they're one of the best I have seen on blogs so far (and I read many many blogs) :)

  7. If I had to pick just one, it'd be Ariel. Such a pretty shade, and I don't think I have anything quite like it!

  8. Definitely Wild Thing! Never bought from this brand (and when I wanted to try Fyrinnae they just stopped shipping to my country).
    BTW LOL for "Hogwarts staircases"

  9. Now I can think only: "Gotta catch them all!". Such a lovely colors! Need them! Especially Ariel!

  10. Is the international shipping as same as ground US?

  11. @Sana: Thank you so much! =)

    @maisenzasmalto: Why did they stop shipping to your country? That's just weird.

    @Biberlee: Yep, the shipping table on their website is for US and international shipping. =)

  12. Unfortunately my country is a "troubled" one concerning customs (for certain products, including MU) and sometimes postal service, often Ebayers and other etailers refuse to ship here or ask an additional fee for insurance.
    When I tried to order from Fyrinnae (last September/October) Italy had just disappeared from shipping countries and for what I know they never replied to inquiries from many italian former customers (I wrote a couple times, too). And now on their website there is clear statement on register page "Country: (we do not ship to Italy)" :-((

  13. Ahhh Godiva :inlove:
    so pa videti zelo lepo tudi vsi ostali

  14. Hey there! I haven't tried any kind of mineral pigments yet, but they look so amazing that I must give them a try in a near future. =) I absolutely loved English Ivy and Heather Mist. I thought the blue ones would blow my mind, but they looked rather dull next to these - not ugly, just not so stunning as I hoped.

  15. I think Rockstar. I haven't bought anything from Pure Luxe in ages, but the last time I did, I think I got about 40 samples or something ridiculous like that! I have Blue Jeans and it's one of my absolute favourite blue/purple colours ever.

  16. So many beauties! Love the greens.

  17. Wow, such pretty colors. If I had to pick one, I guess it would be English Ivy, just 'cause I don;t have many wearable greens, and that looks very wearable. But I love so many of them, like Ariel, Dream On, Charisma, Chocolate Grapes, Godiva... Ok, all of them, lol. I just keep adding on more 'cause they are soo pretty. :)

  18. Oh wow, these are gorgeous! But I can hear Risque calling me!

  19. I think I'd have to go for Risque and Rockstar. They were awesome! I used to love makeup and trying on different things, I still do, but life caught up. These beautiful new colors are making me want to go back tho! *checks wallet*

  20. Wow these all look great! You must have a million eye shadows ;P I've never applied a loose eye shadow. Is it hard?


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