Thursday, September 8, 2011

Catrice - Up in the Air

I bought this polish quite some time ago. I fell in love with the color, so it had to go with me. I tried it immediately as I came home and I was (sadly) so disappointed. I wanted to love it, but I don't. I don't like it one bit. Let me tell you why after the photos.

Catrice, Up in the Air, 3 coats

You know how much I dislike polishes that aren't opaque, right? Well, this one could get away with it. Just because I love the shade so much. But guess what. The shade is the only pro about Up in the Air. The formula is weird, it's neither thick nor runny, but just weird and hard to apply. The brush doesn't make it any better, the bristles are dragging and leaving brush marks. Hate that! To top it up, it takes three coats and it doesn't dry that fast. I just don't know what to do with it. Toss it up in the air? Pun (very much) intended.
I can't remember which was the last polish that disappointed me as much as this one. Bleh... I'd give it to someone else, but I don't hate anybody that much. ;)

Are there any other similar Catrice shades I should be aware of?

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  1. Zanimivo. Jaz imam tudi tega pa se mi zdi, da nimam takih težav. Jaz sem prišla skozi z 2 plastema in tudi posušil se je kar hitro. Mogoče imaš kakšno čudno izdajo? :/

  2. Ajoj, res? :( Sem ga hotela iti jutri iskati, ampak če praviš da je tak, potem pa na-a. Škoda, ker barva je reees lepa. ♥

  3. Oooh such a pretty color! I love it!


  4. Such a pretty color, too. I always just use my crappy polishes for nail art. Makes em good for something. :P

  5. Really uncool! Application might have been really painful (and result is clearly uneven). Sorry I just own a couple of Catrices and so far I haven't had a such disappointment!

  6. The colour is awesome but it's a shame about the formula! I hate when a polish isn't opaque as well! I would have to find another use for it like mix it up in a franken because I couldn't go through the hassle of applying it to my nails again! :)

  7. What a pity, it's such a pretty shade! If it was an 1-2 coater I'd suggest adding some clear polish but since it's 3, I have no idea!

  8. What a gorgeous color! It's a shame that it's apparently disappointing in every other way. (Although selfishly it makes me less sad about my not being able to get it here.)

  9. I really like this shade. Shame you can see the brush lines in this. Very disappointing.

  10. Aww, I'm bummed about the application. It's a super pretty color. I wonder if the application causes the surface to look bumpy? Cause I know you don't have ridges on your nails like that :P

  11. That really is a lovely blue. It's really too bad they didn't work harder on the formula. I'm catching a little blue obsession lately, and it has just been fueled a little more! =)

  12. yes, sand fransisco has the same weird formula ;/

    if you like the color, take a look at the p2 polish 530 charming


  13. I haven't tried Catrice but most bloggers seem to love this brand. Shame this bottle was such a disappointment for you

  14. I totally understand you, this one drove me mad!!! Sometimes I want to love a nailpolish so badly I try everything to make it work. I was so desperate to make it work I even added a couple of drops of thinner (I think 2-3), it did improve the formula somewhat, as in helping improve the dragging and brushmarks, and I waited quit long in between coats. It was still patchy off course so definitely needed 3 coats.

    Don't you think it's so cruel that it even says 2 coats??? I used Mavala thinner BTW. Good luck, I hope my tips help you to give it a second chance ;-)

  15. Be awae with Catrice Am I Blue or Am I Green;) I can't apply this shade either! The color is beautiful but the formula sucks.

  16. Well, the colour is gorgeous, too bad for the formula then :(

  17. hm??
    i have this one too! and it doesn't disappointed me! I really love the color and the application was nice too!
    maybe you got a bad batch?

  18. Škoda, ker odtenek je zelo lep. Sem pregledala svojo zbirko, v upanju, da bi našla kaj podobnega.
    Svetlo moder odtenek iz Urban Girl seta od Beauty UK bi bil dober približek, če bi vseboval še pikico cornflower modre...hmmm...Si probala rešit z različnimi top coati? Gh, I'm useless :/

  19. Apropos Apricot and the new edition of Sold out forever are also horrible. The brushes are really firm and leave strokes, and the formula for both is quite runny. I think all of the shades with the "2 coats for full coverage" label on the cap are like that, but I've only tried the two I mentioned. They've obviously had a bad bash of polishes and I think those shades are already discontinued.

  20. Seems Catrice has some different formulas on some polishes, I have 2 bottles of Apropos Apricot, the first one needs 3 coats and has no problems. But I used it for watermarbling practice, so ended up buying a new one. This one needs 4 coats that apply terribad, won't dry and it's just a horrible formula, yikes!

    But the one you're showing here, I might be wrong (I don't have it so can't check), but isn't it a bit like CG Secret Peri-wink-le? If so, that might be the right one for you :)

  21. Yes there are!! Plenty, as a matter of fact!
    Man-Go Tango is as crappy as they come. It NEVER covers the white of the nail growth no matter how many layers you apply. Please Don't Feed the Birds (I think it's that name) you might as well consider it a topcoat already. Miss Piggy Reloaded is a four coater... and so on, and so on!

  22. baš šteta, jer je boja fantastična :-(

  23. Interesting!
    I own that shade too, but mine is not sheer nor has the problems with application!
    And I think even the color is different, yours looks more bright than mine.
    Check my swatch:

    I would recommend this polish. Maybe it's that thing with Catrice: they tend to leave the name, but change the color and the formula to polish when they introduce new shades of lacquer...

  24. @Tinchi: Verjetno je čudna izdaja, ja. Sem pregledala nekaj review-jev tega laka, pa so vse zadovoljne z njim.

    @Ivana: Nikar se ne ustraši, večina drugih deklet je zadovoljna s svojimi Up in the Air stekleničkami. Verjetno sem dobila ''gnilo jajce''. =)

    @Everyday I'm Polishin': I don't do nail art that often though...

    @maisenzasmalto: Me neither. I loved all the other Catrice polishes I got.

    @elbee: Yep, it's the combination of bad formula and poor brush, hence bumpy surface.

    @hi guys ;D: Thanks for the color recommendation! I can't get P2 polishes here, but I'll add it to my wishlist. =)

    @Laura: I have nothing against Catrice - I even bought three other shades today, but this one really disappointed me.

    @Marionne: You too!? I'll try thinner as well, who knows, it might work. Yeah, I hate te fact they put a sticker ''opaque in 2 coats!!!'' on it. It makes me even more disappointed.

    @Silke: Thanks for the heads-up!

    @Danny: I read some other reviews on this color and they all seem to like it. It must be a bad batch.

    @Mortifade: Ja, meni je tudi škoda, ker je barva tako čudovita, pa še najti jo ni prav lahko (pri drugih firmah). Najprej bom poskusila še s thinnerjem, potem pa tudi sama ne vem več kako in kaj.

    @Bregje: It's not quite like periwinkle. It has more blue and less purple (red) in it. Otherwise, yes, I love me some periwinkle polishes. =D

    @Beatlemarta: Good to know! Thanks for sharing =)

    @Stickers: Yours really does look better. :/

  25. hai!
    I have this one too, it's perfectly opaque in 2 thin coats and its very even (about the same formula as london's wheather forcast)..
    but I have to admit I have my share of bad bottle's with catrice (and essence too)..
    I had a bottle of winetastic that was perfection and on that reminded me of drying glue.. and one of sold out forever that was unable to get even.. and one of miss piggy reloaded that took me 5(!) coats, but i loved the color so bought another one, and that one only took 2 thick coats?!
    strange isnt it?
    oh and I really wouldnt recommend am I blue or am I geen? because i brought 3 bottles in total (one for a friend) and they all were a disaster to work with.

  26. I have this polish and was my to go polish during Summer.. All the reviews I read were negative, but I just have wonders about it, especially how long it stays perfect on my nails (1 week, no top coat - usually I have 3 days w/ top coat). Must be storage or something (I remember some of the reviews were recent, from the winter.. well, I used on 40ºC lol)


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