Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cherry Blossoms in September

This is what out cherry trees looked like in June - CLICK. And now, they're blossoming again. In September! Can you believe that? What in the world is happening to Mother Nature ... These photos were taken today, on September 13th 2011.

Even the bees are here ... This is just weird.

It was a hot summer here in Slovenia. The temperatures were very high and still are for this time of year. Today they're around 28 degrees Celsius (83 degrees F). It's crazy.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Wow. What if autumn cherries appear? ^^

  2. I'm jealous of the temperature. It's about 19 celcius here :(
    Your photography is amazing as always. Were these done with your Nikon?

  3. Old people say that the winter will be daaamn cold if this kind of thing happens.

  4. nakon svega što smo napravili majci prirodi, nije ni čudo da je i ona malo dezorijentirana... ali lijepo je vidjeti ovakav cvat i zaposlene pčele :-D

  5. Zanimivo, da češnje svetijo septembra. Naše so čisto posušene od suše. :( Je pa res zelo vroč september, ne spomnim se, da bi bila kdaj taka vročina septembra.

  6. Crazy indeed. I doubt you'll have fruits out of them though. :D How weird they might be for the season, these photos are blissful. Who could complain about 2 Spring a year?

    It was a cold/cloudy/rainy summer here, mostly 17°C all the time, sometimes even 13°. We had no more than 4 days of real summer and my tomatoes are having really hard time getting red... but the frogs on their side are damn happy. =)

  7. Nothing to worry about, just an internal hormonal hiccup. Happens occasionally, there are even some ornamental cherry trees especially bred to flower in autumn.

  8. OMG - what is going on with this world that we're living in... But still nice :D I bet you have watered it a lot..

  9. @Lojs: No, I doubt that will happen. =)

    @Nail Stories: Yes, I made these with Nikon.

    @Biberlee: People used to be so much more connected to the nature... Now it's all about money, money, money.

    @nathalie: We don't expect cherries... Not in the fall. But it's still interesting to see it bloom now. I'm not too happy about the high temperatures. I like summer, but it's too much for me.

    @Anonymous: These aren't ornamental and it's the first time I saw a cherry tree blossom in September. I find it extremely interesting.

    @Innana: Not at all. We only watered our tomatoes, not trees.

  10. wow this is crazy, but this year the weather has been more out of control than ever... I love the pics AMAZING!

  11. We had 28 degrees yesterday but today it's again freezing cold! But it was nice because it was a really cold winter here.
    Cherry Blossoms are actually the reason why i always carry my camera around :). They're my favorite flower!

  12. Kot vedno čudovite fotografije! Kako nenavadno odzivanje narave.

  13. @Polish AMOR: I guess it gets crazier and crazier every year.

    @Yona: The temperature differences are huge here as well. They can drop for 15 degrees in no time.

    @Mamy: Hvala! Ja, videla sem že marsikaj. Cvetenja češenj v septembru pa še ne. =)

  14. As much as I love cherry blossoms this is indeed scary :/ Been such a weird weather this summer in Denmark too... never had this much rain and wind in a summer and I just wonder how Autumn and Winter will play out.

  15. oh thank you so much for these beautiful pictures
    you are such a great photographer
    i wish i could smell them too

  16. Beautiful picture of the cherry blossoms. I hate when that happens & then you get a frost. I'm always afraid it will kill the tree. The weather seems to be changing around the world. Crazy!

  17. Slovenia seems to be an absolutely beautiful place. I'm always jealous when I see your lovely pics!


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