Thursday, September 15, 2011

Comparison: Catrice It Blue My Mind & Essence Hard to Resist

I told you about my favorite blue shimmer Catrice It Blue My Mind. I also told you it's been discontinued. There's another blue shimmer (very similar to IBMM) by Catrice called Blues Brothers Vol. II, but I don't have that one yet. I do have Essence Hard to Resist and today I'm gonna show you a little comparison.

They are both dark blue shimmers, but are also very different. Catrice has a very subtle shimmer which is electric blue - almost purple. Essence, on the other hand, has more visible teal shimmer. It's not so visible on the photos, since my cameras can't capture the shimmer that well, but they're not so similar in real life. Catrice looks almost purple-ish compared to Essence.

On pointer and ring finger: Catrice It Blue My Mind
On middle finger and pinkie: Essence Hard to Resist

They both apply really well and both need 2 coats for full opacity. If you're still not completely sure about buying Hard to Resist ... I'm telling you: go get it! You can't go wrong, it's only 1,49€ and it's amazing. And if you're one of the lucky people who got It Blue My Mind, keep it safe. It's a real gem.

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  1. Meni je tako žal, da si nisem kupila Catrice... Vedno sem rekla "saj bom naslednjič" in sploh nisem vedela, da je šel iz prodaje :( potem pa ga naenkrat ni bilo več za dobit. Škoda :(

  2. ni essence ne izgleda loš, ali it blue my mind je definitivno moj favorit *.*
    po fotkama mi se učinilo da je ovaj blues brothers jaaaaaako sličan, nadam se da je duplić ;-)

  3. both are so pretty. but I prefere the one from essence! it deeper and more shimmery!

  4. REally similar!!
    I prefer the essence though!
    Thanks for the comparison!

  5. They're both stunning. They're not quite dupes, but I guess it's close enough if your favourite has been discontinued, right?

  6. They're very alike & both beautiful blues. The Essence looks like it has much more shimmer.

  7. I love them both ^^ but then again, I'm a sucker for blue polishes xD

  8. Oba sta lepa, ja! :)
    Imam samo Essenčka, ampak mi je zelo zabarval nohte in obnohtno kožico, ko sem ga odstranjevala, zato mi ni več tako všeč, kot prej... :(

  9. Just a quick hello, to tell you that I love your blog and all you found us. I pass here every day and I always find a good article.

  10. Oba sta čudovita ampak mislim da mi je novi od Essence še bolj všeč :)


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