Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Essence - Break Through

Breaking up is not an easy thing to do, but it's sometimes neccessary. The only thing one has to do it to break through.

Essence, Break Through, 2 coats

This is a hard one to capture on camera. It looks more blue than it is in real life and I didn't realize it has a shimmer until I saw it on my own photographs. Pretty, but somewhat redundant. What do I need shimmer for if it's not visible without a magnifying glass? I'd still advise you to get it before Essence people decide to discontinue it (like most of their good shades). The application was easy, formula is good and it's quite opaque. It dries fast and costs only €1.49 (or even less if you don't live in my country).

I know it's not Saturday yet and I apologize for this random rant, but it's hard to be a blogger in Slovenia. The salaries are miserable here and the prices are just as high (in a lot of cases even higher) as in other countries with better payed jobs. And don't expect to get anything for free here. You might get lucky and receive some samples in the stores (just like any other person), but they're very careful about handing those out as well. Unless you know the person behind the counter. Bleh. It must be my headache talking.

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Čisto te razumem ;) In meni je ful lep lakec, se mi zdi, da ga imam, ampak šimra reees ni opaziti. ;)

  2. It's a pretty colour :) I'm very intrigued by Essence polishes because I can't get them over here. I've already made a list of Essence and Catrice polishes I saw on your blog so I can buy them when I go on holidays.

  3. This is a gorgeous color. Kind of reminds me of OPI Funky Dunkey!!


  4. Sigh! I really must stop reading posts about essence, it just makes me lust after things I can't find! Being a european brand, I would have thought I'd be able to find them somewhere in the UK, but so far, no luck!

    On the upside, at least I have your gorgeous swatches to slobber over!

  5. this purple is so beautifull... maybe I should get this too! :)

  6. @lunca: Ma saj raje vidim, da ni šimra, ampak brez veze, da ga dajejo noter, če ga na koncu sploh ni opaziti.

    @Nail Stories: You know I owe you... =)

    @Alexisaurus: Based on the photos of OPI FD I've seen, they're not really that similar. This one is much warmer.

    @Sylvestrix: Essence is pretty much the only cheap brand we can get here (besides Catrice), but I know what you mean. I'd love to get some 17, La Femme Beauty, Saffron polishes, but you know how it goes. =D

  7. Cheh- it always makes me think i want something more than I really do when it's something I can't have. I've actually never tried Saffron- probably because they're not unobtainable, so I don't get the lust factor. Tut tut, me! I may have to grab a few and try them out.
    One day, I will sort myself out and launch some kind of mass international makeup trading forum, and the world will be a happier place! Until then.

  8. I'm not really sure but it looks similiar to China Glaze Spontaneous, doesn't it?

  9. Nope, not your headache talking, it's how we roll in Slovenia, I'm afraid. I got used to it by now, but I lost a lot of nerves over it some time ago. Not really worth it. I almost fell on the floor when I got free testers with my IsaDora purchase the other day.

  10. I thought it was an amazing color then the name reminded me of something and yes! it was an old swatch of mine. Actually it looked more "cyclamen purple" maybe I should check the display next time, in case they modified formula (it happens with Essence).
    Also here we don't have cheap brands (excluding Essence, Catrice and [b] Basic), if I think about all US brands of polishes and their awesome quality/price ratio I want to cry (or get mad at companies that sell here Orly, Opi and Zoya at 16/15/14 Euro). Not to count all others we never get there (for instance I'd love the R.I.P. ones)

  11. Oh that's pretty, I don't think I've seen that color here in the US, hope it shows up.

  12. Essence is haunting my life. Haha.

  13. @Sylvestrix: Things we can't have are always more interesting than the ones we do/can have, that's for sure. International makeup trading forum is a GREAT idea!

    @KimsKie's Nails: It's more in the Color Club Ms Socialite area. Not like Spontaneous at all. It really was impossible to photograph. :/

    @Ulmiel: Haha, I get you!

    @maisenzasmalto: It is cyclam purple, but my camera wouldn't pick it up. It looks a lot like CC Ms Socialite or OPI Can You Dig It.
    Yes, we're screwed here in Europe. But at least you can get those Kiko beauties!

    @Helga: It's all OK until Essence people strat to haunt you. XD

  14. I also have that color and I need to tell you that I like yours better than mine. MAybe it's the camera, but mine is not that bright. Anyway, I love purple nail polishes and I love this one.

  15. Love this shade of purple. Beautiful.


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