Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Essence - Hard to Resist

Hard to Resist is a new shade from the Essence Colour & Go nail polish line. I didn't get to see the complete new line of shades in the store since I got this one from the preview Trend Edition called I Love.

Essence, Hard to Resist, 2 coats

This polish is just amazing. The brush is flat (like with all Colour & Go shades) which makes it so easy to apply the polish and the formula is great as well. Hard to Resist is very opaque, but you're still gonna need two coats for the complete opacity and depth. You think you don't need another dark blue shimmer? I still advise you to get this one because it's simply awesome. This is actually the first polish after a long period of time, that I didn't remove the next day. I've been wearing it since Saturday and it's not coming off yet. Staying power is great and while most polishes chip on me on the first day, this one is pretty much the same as the day I put it on. I love it!

Another photo made with my Nikon. I guess I'll keep mixing photos made by both cameras. They tend to show a different side of each polish.

Since we're already talking about Essence ... You know they sent me a not-so-friendly e-mail and asked me to take off the photos from the upcoming Vampire's Love TE, right? Well, I guess it's not such a secret after all ---> CLICK
Way to treat your long time customers and people who advertise your brand for free. Really classy, Essence. *rolls eyes* By the way, I've sent numerous e-mails to Essence regarding their products and online content, but I never got a reply. I wrote them back right after they sent me that e-mail ... and still haven't gotten anything. Their customer service sucks. Isn't their job to reply emails?

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  1. wow, lak doista izgleda fantastično :-D
    ali essence... e to nije dobro :-(
    p.s. jučer sam obišla splitski muller i dva dm-a i iznenadilo me kako su cure bile vrijedne i pokupovale skoro pa SVE essence lakove koji izlaze iz prodaje... za mene je ostao tek jedan... go girls ;-D

  2. This one looks gorgeous! I want it :)
    I really can't wait to see the new polishes in stores...my wishlist gets bigger and bigger everyday :P

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Ahw... It's so hard to resist :°)

  5. This is a gorgeous blue shimmer. I already have a few but this one would still have it's own little place in my stash :) I might just be able to get my hands on some essence after all as I'm going on holidays to Switzerland in November!
    And about Essence's CS. What's wrong with these companies nowadays? You do a better job freely advertising for them than anyone I've seen! Do they want to openly upset bloggers?

  6. Oh, such a good colour! I'm definitely buying it.

    I think it's crappy Essence treated you like that. Besides, what is the reason? You weren't breaking any law or whatever. It was as you've said free advertising. They should work on their client approach.

  7. Gah, people who don't email back are the worst! WORST!

  8. I had it in my hands, but I didn't bought it.
    It is so pretty! but I thought that this might be very similar to a few other polishes I have! :)
    I'm just a blue-polish-junky :D

  9. It is really hard to resist :> I've grabbed a few new shades just two days ago, and it's one of them.
    Talking about CS: I just don't get it. I almost understand when they don't give a damn about rookie bloggers like me (wanna hear the story about that? :>), but YOU?
    This world is coming down - to quote Peter Steele...

  10. @nail crazy: Tukaj v Sloveniji je podobna situacija. Kadar znižajo ceno izdelkov, ki gredo iz prodaje, so police takoj prazne. =)

    @Maki: I didn't know German bloggers get it for free. Well, nothing is free here in Slovenia. And the price of the polishes is also higher here. I wanted to ask Essence people how come the polishes are even cheaper in the US, but as I said - no response.

    @Nail Stories: Not all companies are like that though. They're lucky their products are as cheap as they are. If they weren't they'd have no customers at all. Illamasqua sets a great example on how the company should work... Thank you for your compliment. But you know, bloggers aren't worth it ... we do it for free, buy their products and we still get slapped in the face. It's sad.

    @Kolorowy Kot: Exactly! Or start firing some people who apparantely don't do their jobs as they should.

    @Sophie: Yep, when it comes to companies/brands that's the worst thing. Why do they even have a contact e-mail address if you can't reach anyone in the first place. They suck!

    @Danny: Get it! You won't be sorry. =)

    @Pani Skeffington: You know what - I don't really care if they don't send me free stuff, but to treat bloggers like crap (and it doesn't matter how many followers they have), it's just unprofessional. It's free advertisement. Wonder who would do it, if it wasn't for bloggers.

  11. What a silly way to react. It's not like you *have* to promote their brand at all. Why would they not want you to get people excited about their latest collection? Weird.
    Regardless, that blue is amazing. it reminds me of Wonder Woman!

  12. Krasen je! Me spominja na It blew my mind od Catrice. Po moje bi bil kar dober nadomestek, ko tistega porabim (še zdaj sem žalostna, da ga ne prodajajo več).

  13. I am so sorry that Essence doesn't realise the potential of Southeast European bloggers. There is a number of very hard-working people and devoted customers, blogger who deserve to be treated as kings because they are the best advertisment they can get. I rarely buy polishes which I have never seen swatches from. A large number of those swatches are yours.

  14. Oh, this polish is really hard to resist. I need to have it! :D
    It looks georgeous on your nails! :)

  15. Prekrasan je,valjda će uskoro i do nas doći ;)))

  16. Essence reaction sounds quite silly. A few pics bother them but they don't bother to reply to bloggers' emails who after all give them free publicity on a regular basis.

    Awesome colour. My sister would love it too. Btw, I got a phone call offering me a job for the next school year. Great!!

  17. Essence Hard to resist really IS hard to resist!!! I want it O.o

    oh, and yeah, the customer service is crappy, here in Croatia you can never tell when a collection is coming (or will it at all) -.- we still haven't got anything new...

  18. @olgiepolgie: Well, those were their photos, but if they want to keep it a secret, why is that link working? Yeah, their bussiness methods are plain weird.

    @tami: Super, da si me spomnila. Bom v kratkem naredila primerjavo. =) Zadnjič sem na Catrice stojalu videla podoben odtenek: Blues Brother Vol. II. Bi znal biti enak kot It Blue My Mind.

    @Biberlee: Exactly. I often look for swatches when I buy nail polish. It's all because of bloggers, not magazines.

    @marox79: Congrats! =D

    @Nanethiel: Well, it's not any better here in Slovenia. If you live in Ljubljana you have a chance to get the TE's, but only if you're there first. In smaller stores it's always a lottery.

  19. Wow - why do you still post Essence swatches? I feel like I'd be pretty bitter with such treatment.

  20. So ridiculous. Essence should be damn glad your featuring their polishes. Hard To Resist seems to be exactly that. Beautiful shade.

  21. That is truly one blue shimmer that is hard to resist!

  22. Not so nice how they treated you.. I don't like it when they are all demanding and stuff while you are advertising for them!

  23. Res je lep odtenek in se že veselim tvoje primerjave z It blew my mind od Catrice, me pa še zanima če ga je težko odstranit in če ti je obarval nohte?
    Meni ITBMM kljub podlaku pušča rahlo oranžne nohte, mogoče je pa problem le v bazi...

  24. OMG o_O

    Like you said... this is advertising for free -.- i cannot understand o_O

    If you would be a german blogger- essence would say: hey youre welcome... take everything :)

    And you should take off photos? BIG LOL -.-

    //I really like this blue color *.*

  25. hmmm, this thing about Essence has happend before, check the english forum if you want but I think they erased all the evidence pfff! -roll eyes- They are kinda sensitive about releasing info about the future t.e., I don't get it. Anyway, the nail polish is really hard to resist, I can't, I definitely need it!!

  26. Gosh, how are you able to color your nails SO accurate? I never get it that good... :(

  27. I'm wearing it.
    I've seen it, i've loved it and I've bought it.
    I must say I'm a blue addicted so I own hundreds and tons of different shades of blue, but when I saw it I couldn't resist to the deep violet and green shimmers I noticed against the light.
    It's a strange nuance, quite difficult to catch in photos.
    It looks just like an ordinary blue, but actually it's something more.

    Anyway, I'm ashamed of Essence customer service. That's not the way a brand should behave. I mean, they should thank bloggers for their free promotion. Where's the problem? Bah.

    Cheers from an Italian deep-follower but hard to comment ^.^


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