Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Ambition

''Illuminate, radiate, make your face come alive with the colour and drama of Illamasqua Powder Blusher. Colour-intense and highly pigmented, use it to shade, brighten, enhance and define the shape of your face. Be bold, be daring, be the centre of attention.'' (Illamasqua)

Ambition is a Powder Blusher from Illamasqua's new Theatre of the Nameless collection. It's described as a neutral shade with shimmer finish. I agree. Ambition is a very wearable ''dirty'' pink color that would suit just about anyone. And what's the main secret of it's beauty? It's all about the descrete golden shimmer.

Can you see the shimmer? Beautiful.

I tried Ambition on my hand and I wasn't very impressed. It didn't seem as pigmented as other Illamasqua products and I just didn't like it that much. But this is a blusher, right? So I applied it to my cheeks and it was a whole other story. It's so easy to apply (I used Sigma Large Angled Contour F40 brush) and is also quite pigmented. I'm definitely gonna use this blusher as my evening cheek color. The golden highlights are a bit too much for me to wear during the day, but in the evening, I bet it's gonna rock. =)

A bit of blusher abuse. I didn't expect it to be so pigmented. Notice the golden shimmer on my cheek bone?

Price: £16.50

Where to buy? Illamasqua online shop.

*Product was sent to me by the company.

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. It's a pretty colour, but the gold sparkle makes it awesome!

  2. OMG, this shade is *perfect*! I need this in my life. Thanks for the review!

  3. This is a pretty shade. I like the gold shimmer. You won't need a highlighter with this blush.

  4. That is really beautiful blush. I wasn't too wild about it in the pan, but on the skin, it is just magically deliciously pink and gold. :)

  5. lep odtenek ;)
    Pa fulll maš lepo kožo <3

  6. Krasen blush, ta zlat shimmer mu res da karakter :]

  7. @Ivana: Ja, imam tak poseben obraz: manj kot se ga vidi, lepši je. XD Hvala!

    @cupcakes_doughnuts: I have some problems with blackheads, but other than that, I guess it's OK. Thanks! =)

    @olgiepolgie: Without the golden shimmer, it would be just a blusher. I agree.

    @VijiiS: You're very welcome!

    @Lucy: Exactly, it's like a blusher and highlighter in one product.

    @Makeup Zombie: Thank you!

    @Ice Queen: I know what you mean. It looked ordinary to me as well, but it really comes to life on the cheeks.

    @sandryca: Hvala!

    @S.: Kot sem že napisala, brez šimra bi bil čisto navaden, kvaliteten blusher. Tako je pa res nekaj posebnega.

  8. HAHA si me zdj nasmejala. :D Ampak nimaš prav. :)

  9. Upravo sam ga dobila na poklon i pronašla tvoju recenziju i swatch. Stvarno prekrasno izgleda! Jedva čekam da ga isprobam! <3


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