Friday, September 9, 2011

Most Awesome Post Ever

Ha-ha, made you look! This post contains nail polish swatches and a cat photo, so there is a potential for it to be awesome. But to be completely honest - I'm totally unsatisfied with my blog lately. I don't like the photos, I don't like the way I write, I don't like the ... Well, I don't like a lot of things about it and I have no idea how to make it better. Should I continue using my old camera or switch to Nikon? Should I post more spontaneously (like this post) or not? I have no idea, so I'll just go with the flow. But I'm always open to suggestions.

I couldn't hold myself back. I had to paint my nails with all the colors I got, just to see how they apply, how many coats do they need... Wanna see? (*great > good > OK > poor)

Mani #1

From top to bottom:
* Manhattan, NY Skyline (Hands Up! LE), 2 coats: great coverage, formula and application
* Essence, Movin' On (Multi Dimension), 2 coats: great formula, good coverage and application
* Essence, Must Have (Multi Dimension), 2 coats: great formula, coverage and application
* Catrice, Sir! Yes, Sir!, 2 coats: good formula and application, OK coverage

Mani #2

From top to bottom:
* Manhattan, Green Piece (Hands Up! LE), 2 coats: great formula, coverage and application
* Essence, Replay (Multi Dimension), 2 coats: good formula and coverage, OK application
* Manhattan, Urban Jungle (Hands Up! LE), 2 coats: great formula, coverage and application
* Essence, Out of my Mind, 2 coats: OK formula and application, poor coverage

Mani #3

From top to bottom:
* Catrice, I'm a Star..., 2 coats: great formula and application, OK coverage
* Essence, Gabriella, 2 coats: OK formula, application and coverage
* Catrice, In the Bronx, 2 coats: good formula and application, OK coverage
* Essence, Hard to Resist, 2 coats: great formula, application and coverage

Aishila says ''Hi''!

Can you pick your favorite now?

Thanks for looking!


  1. I think you are being to harsh on yourself! You have some of the best pictures. I always love to read your posts :)
    P.S. I have same feelings about my blog...I think we just want to be perfect and always want to improve...that is what keeps us moving forward!

  2. My favourites are: Mani 1 - Essence Must Have. Mani2 - Manhattan Green Piece and Essence Out of My Mind. Mani 3 - all of them. I can't choose! They are all extremely different but equally beautiful :)

  3. Well I personally love the spontaneous posts and any post with Aishila in it is a good one. She is SO cute.

  4. I especially love mani #1! ... And the cat is cute, too :)

  5. > Can you pick your favorite now?
    AISHILA!!!! *___*

    Step by step:
    1) polishes:
    - is "I'm a star" the "dupe" of previous "welcome to the jungle" from papagena collection? If yes, it wins! I have it and love it a lot! :D
    - by the way, I advice you to try "in the bronx" in the sunlight after 3 coats, it's something... WOW!
    - and now I want more and more "hard to rexist", more and more *__* but... is almost the same then the blue one in 50's reloaded collection? because a friend of mine bought it for me :)

    2) BLOG: I think you should simply do what you want, how you want, when you want, in the way you want. Where is an option X°D. Is it too chaotic? you might have a more formal approach for swatches and a casual one in weekly posts with everything... this is my useless opinion :D

  6. Getting the hang of your new camera will probably take you a while. Take a few shots with both and then decide which ones you like most.
    Your blog is every bit as good as always, don't worry.

  7. My favourite is Aishila :P zvezda tega posta :)

  8. I can't believe how gorgeous Out of my Mind looks, it really stands out among the others, wow! ♥ And girl, just so you know: I lóve everything about your blog.

  9. your cat looks like she could be sarcastic if it was a human. adorable!!

    these swatches make me sad! so many pretty colors but i dont even know where to get half of these. )=

  10. I pick Aishila! What a sweet face!! If I had to choose among polishes: "in the Bronx".
    Go with the flow, some inspiration will surely come soon.
    Moreover, I don't feel like I can give useful suggestions, sorry, even my own blog is a "headless" one lately!

  11. love some of those colours, mainly the shiny ones! and your cat is So cute! =]

  12. I love this type of post. Definitely keep doing these. c: & I can't choose a favourite. I just can't.

  13. Beautiful cat! :) My favorite is Essence Must Have.

  14. I love reading your blog. You have beautiful swatches and the way you write is personable and relatable. I feel like I know you, in a way. :) And I like your personality very much. Keep doing what you're doing, because it's working!

  15. You could maybe change the layout? I feel that a blog's layout is like a girls hair lol. We all need sometimes a change of appereance.

  16. Hiiiii Aishila :)

    Um I think the grey one is my fav :)

  17. I love your blog. I usually read it first... actually read it, not skim the pictures and keep on going. Do what you are in the mood for, there is no right or wrong.

    Also, I do that with my nail colors all of the time. (Random colors on every nail) Sadly, I have left the house that way when I just could not decide. =)

  18. I think you have some of the nicest photos. Your writing is just fine. I love that you just don't write about polish. Nothing wrong with that but I also like to get to know you & your country better. Here's my nails, my polish & my haul, boring! Random topics are fine. I love to paint my nails with all the polishes I pick up lately. Only I don't do as nice a paint job as you! Hello back to the adorable Aishila.

  19. Aishila is soo adorable, she's a beauty! <3 But if I have to choose between nail polishes, my favourites are Catrice In the Bronx and Essence Hard to Resist :)

  20. joj, kak lušna muca. zgleda da se rada slika. :D

    my favorite pa je must have. :)

  21. Your photos are never short of stunning, and I really enjoy your writing. Potential for awesome achieved! Aishila sure is gorgeous; she looks so contemplative.

  22. My favorite is essence out of my mind!!
    Aishila is gorgeous!!

  23. Oh my! You are one of my favourite nail polish bloggers, mostly because of your great pictures and swatches and of course because I like to read your posts. I wish I was that good at taking photos and write.

    I especially love Out of my mind.

  24. The cat is my favorite ;) I enjoy reading your blog as usual so don't really know what you can change. Altho if you were to post more pictures of cats I wouldn't complain.

  25. @AllYouDesire: There's no such thing as being to harsh on myself. =D Thank you for your kind words! They mean a lot coming from you. :*

    @gnoma: I think I'm a Star isn't exact dupe of Welcome to the Jungle, but it comes pretty close. Three coats of Bronx? Really? Do I have to? XD I'll try, it looks great, I just wish it would be more opaque. You can never have too many dark blue shimmery polishes and Hard to Resist is only 1.49 €, so just get it! It's great. Thanks on your opinion, it's not useless at all. =)

    @marox79: Yeah, I'm already doing that. Maybe I'll just mix thing up until I decide what I like better. And thanks!

    @AmyGrace: I feel so honoured by your comment, I can't express it with words. Thank you so much!

    @cathryn: Like owner, like cat. XD

    @maisenzasmalto: Oh, come on! I put Zoya Kelly on my wishlist because of you. =D

    @rianne: Thanks, I will keep posting this type of posts. =)

    @Laura: Thank you so much! :*

    @Yona: I think my own hair needs even more change than my blog. =D Maybe I'll start with me and continue with my blog. Hee hee, thanks for suggestion!

    @Angela: That's so nice to hear, thanks! I leave my house with skittles (unintentional) all the time. *blushes*

    @Lucy: Thank you! =) I'm glad you don't find my rambling boring. *giggle*

    @fennelbat: Thank you! =D

    @Pamsan: I'm honored! Thank you!

    @Helga: I'll try to post more furries, but I doubt they'll be too happy about me running after them with my big camera. ;D

  26. Essence, Out of my Mind :) lovin it :) my favorite :)

  27. I can somehow understand how you feel, but if you think your pictures suck, I have to close my blog and go hide (maybe I should do that anyway), because your pics are the quality I'm desperately trying to reach... It's not much, but as it happens, you were on my Friends' Friday this week, I hope this little tribute from me will cheer you up :)

  28. These are great pics! In the Bronx really catches my eye with that shine, but golds look so terrible on me. Everything looks so great on you!!

  29. I agree with the first comment, you are being way too hard on yourself! I check nail blogs once a week or so, and yours is always the first one I go to. I love your somewhat cynical, and always honest style, and I love your photos! I have to say, your photos of Slovenia have made me want to go visit it someday. I personally like the nail photos taken with your older camera better as they seem to get more detail in the nail polish. The Nikon seems to get more detail in your skin, but sort of blur the polish. The pictures of nature and your (totally awesome) pets though look great with the Nikon.


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