Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's a good thing I still have some manicure photos in my vault. I can wait for my nails to grow and still show you some pretties. You're very nice when you tell me my nails look OK and not weird at all, but that's how I feel and I can't help it. But thank you anyways! =)

A couple of days ago, I showed you Milani Dot Com. What I didn't show you, is how I ooomph-ed it up with some golden flakies.

Milani, Dot Com, 3 coats + Alessandro, 904, 1 coat

Purple and golden cuteness overload. If there's any way for you to get your hands on this Alessandro polish, I suggest you get it. It looks great over any color. And that's coming from a non-gold lover. Alessandro flakies apply nicely and removing isn't hard either. And it looks great, doesn't it?

About Stargazer 307 - I got a suggestion to layer it over another polish. Well, I tried and it's not working. I used a similar base color (teal) and it kills all the magic of the 307 shade. It just can't be done. This baby was made to walk alone. If one of you ever manage to layer it and keep it's awesomeness, I'd love to hear about it. Four coaters are killing me.

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Fantastic! I didn't think that polish could look much better but you proved me wrong.

  2. Purple and gold sparkles. That's my weakness.

  3. Well thanks to YOU I did go ruin myself on that Glitter Store or whatever it is, and my Stargazer 307 should be arriving soon. If I find a nice alternative to the 4 coats, I'll be sure to let you know. eheheh...

  4. The gold flakies look awesome over the purple :)

  5. And now I need some golden flakes. That was gorgeous.

  6. Even ur short nails looks absolutely gorgeous to me because U polishing them so preofessionally!!

  7. @olgiepolgie: A little bit of gold glitter never hurts, right? =D

    @marox79: It looks it's my weakness as well.

    @Beatlemarta: Hee hee =) I hope you'll enjoy it.

    @Anastacia: Oh, thank you so much! =)

  8. super kombinacija, sviđa mi se :-D

  9. how pretty ;)
    did u know that there's a german band called "Oomph!" ? <3 them and first thought you'll write about 'em.

  10. I love the golden flakes <3. And even though I will compliment your shorter nails again - stunning! - I know the feeling you can have about yourself. Sometimes something just isn't right no matter what everyone else says!

  11. Ooooh it's such a gorgeous combo!!!


  12. Love to add extra flakies! Really makes this even more special. My nails are the same length. I've had to keep cutting them down since they were peeling. I have one more than has to be cut again. I'll wait another month. I hate to do it!


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