Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pure Luxe Fall Runway Collection

Pure Luxe came out with the Runway Collection for fall 2011. It consists of 8 eye shadows and 2 flashcubes which are basically a cosmetic grade glitters. I got 5 shadows and 1 flashcube - all in sample sizes as always.

Color drops of the eyeshadows/flashcube in the jars...

Swatched over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy.

RSVP - ''Quite a chameleon of a color :)  It may look a little plain in the jar, but apply it and ~POW~ you get a smoky base, the more you blend, the smokier of a look you get.  No matter how you apply it, the finishing touch is an AWESOME metallic light pink highlight.'' I never knew I was gonna love this one as much as I do. They say it's a little plain in the jar, but the transformation is amazing. Smoky, muted lavender with pink shimmer. It's amazing.

Grand Finale - ''Rockin' smoky base, with a reddish pink highlight.  Amazing super micro red glitter highlight.  My absolute new favorite!!'' This one surprised me quite a bit. It looks brown in the jar and purple-ish once applied. It's pretty, but it didn't wow me.

Front Row - ''Smoky emerald green.  Metallic yellow-gold highlight.'' All the praise for the other shades and nothing for Front Row? This shade is stunning! Emerald green with golden highlights? Hell yeah!

Strut - ''Dark, smoky purple.  Medium metallic finish.  Shimmery and sexy :)'' It looks grey, but is really a muted purple. Maybe a bit too shimmery for my taste, but still pretty.

VIP - ''YOWZA!! You want a get noticed color??  HERE YOU GO!!  A kickin' bright plum shade.  Extra pearly finish.'' Hmm, this is a nice color, but I'm afraid it wouldn't work with my green eyes. I bet it would look awesome on brown-eyed ladies though. Quite rich color, I like it.

Stiletto - ''Bold, deep fuschia, packed with a sparkling punch!'' This flashcube is full of awesome. It looks so much better in real life, I only have troubles applying it. I guess I'll have to use a little eyelash glue to keep it on my lids.

I'd never guess just by looking at the photos/jars, but my favorite are RSVP and Front Row. And yours?

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Front Row in pa VIP sta super :)

  2. grand finale & front row are lovely shades thanx for swatches

  3. I went to their website and there is soooo many colors, I think that some people lost a chance of knowing nice products because wants to wear a brand not the product.

  4. Front row je božaaaaaanska senčka!

  5. I'm liking Strut and Front Row. Ooh baby.

  6. Front Row is stunning! Strut also is my favorite. Love minerals!

  7. I think you should try VIP. I've got green eyes, too, and colors like that usually look pretty good on me. I guess it's the red in it, since red and green are contrasting colors, it makes my eyes look greener than they are.


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