Friday, September 2, 2011

Review: Sigma Cleansing & Polishing Tool

Sigma Cleansing & Polishing Tool is a product I was very eager to receive and try. It reminds me of the Clarisonic tool, which I'll never have because it's way to expensive. And here comes Sigma, like an angel with an answer to all our beauty addicted prayers, with a similar product for much less money. Hmmm ... they know what brings them the green ones, don't they?

Now that I've received and tried the product, it's time for me to review it. And this is the review I'm not too happy to post. You'll see why. But first, let's take a look at what Sigma says about it.

''Say goodbye to dull and uneven skin. With the new Sigma Beauty Cleansing & Polishing Tool you can polish your skin to be perfectly smooth and flawless before and after your makeup application. The Sigma Beauty Cleansing and Polishing Tool comes with 3 brush heads carefully designed to exfoliate and polish your skin. This multi-purpose tool is guaranteed to change and improve your makeup routine.''

Sigma Cleansing and Polishing Tool package (comes in a plastic box) and it includes:
* electric brush tool
* 3 polishing brush heads

* 2 rotation speeds
* water resistant (NOT water proof)
* power source: 2-AA batteries (not included)

Three exclusive brush heads:

Price:  $39

Where to buy? Sigma online store.


*takes a deep breath* Let's start.
As I said before, I was really excited to try this tool. It seemed like something from a dream that will make my skin so shiny, smooth and perfect. Well, it's nothing like that. And I should have known better. When I was thinking about this review and how exactly to write it, I just had to check other people reviews, just to make sure I wasn't doing something wrong with this tool. But it's not me. It's this tool. Other people seem to like it and I was watching a review on YouTube and thinking - this is bullshit. I'd never lie to you, just to get your money via affiliate program and I'm not doing it now. I'm not saying the other people are lying, but it's not all that. I'm gonna be open about it and say it: I honestly dislike this product. I don't wanna sound like a spoiled brat who's not satisfied with anything, so I'm gonna give you some reasons as well. Don't worry about that.

Yeah, the Cleansing & Polishing Tool comes in a nice pink box and once you open it, you can see a nice pink-ish plastic box with the tool and brush heads. You can't get me on your side with just being pink and cute, that's for sure. So I wanna try the product, 'cause that's what it's all about. I try to open the plastic box, but it's refusing ... and when I manage to open it, there goes my mani. Great! It isn't any easier to get the brush heads out of the packaging as well. You have to ''Toffifee'' them out of it and it's not a pretty thing to see.
That sealed the deal between me and the packaging - it's useless. And if you're planning on taking this thingie with you on a trip, it will take a lot of space. But you can't really just take the tool with one brush, 'cause there's no case for it and the brush head will have no protection. Gotta take it all or nothing, unless you decide to buy a special, smaller case for it.

The use of the product itself was an interesting experience. I almost gave up before trying it out, because I couldn't remove the brush head - you gotta be brutal with it. I could describe the whole fiasco of trying it out for the first time, but we all know the first time can be embarrassing. So I'll just skip to the important part: it was working (yay!) - as in moving, but it made my skin look awfuly red and it hurts in some places. Those brushes are just too harsh for my skin (and I have a normal skin, not sensitive). And I mean all of them, from firm one to the soft one.

Here are my pros and cons, but as you can see... all the pros are actually also cons at the same time. 

+ Very easy to work with (how could it not be, it only has one button for all three: start/stop, speed 1 and speed 2).
+ The set contains three different brush heads for different skin types (but they're all too harsh for my normal skin).
+ Price. It's not as expensive as other similar tools (but I wouldn't go too far and compare it to Clarisonic), but still too expensive for something that will make your skin look like it's burned.

- The plastic box which the set comes in is hard to open.
- The plastic box with the set is too big for traveling and there's no smaller travel friendly case for the tool.
- Not waterproof (which would make me very uncomfortable to use it in the shower).
- Speed regulation. I wish there were two buttons for that, so I don't have to press speed 2 before turning the tool off. It makes the water and soap splash around like crazy. Yes, it's quite a messy tool.
- Price. A good facial peel can do the same job without injuring your skin.
- It looses power soon. You'll need a lot of batteries for this baby.
- The brush head are too harsh for my skin (even the soft one).
- It looks and feels even cheaper than it is.
- Brush heads gather bacteria and that means you'll spend a lot of time cleaning the heads + you'll have to replace them sooner or later, which leads us to the next con:
- Sigma doesn't offer any changeable brush heads yet.

Do I recommend it? There's NO WAY I'd recommend anyone to buy this. You can try it if you want and who knows, maybe you'll like it like so many other girls, but this just isn't for me. My skin is inflamed as I type this and I can't see the reason to use this ever again. I'm so disappointed in this product and to be completely honest I'm disappointed in Sigma as well. I heard so many good things about them and their products and now I believe it's all because of their smart affiliate and incentive program. I do have the need to be nicer when I get stuff for free, but I'd never lie because I didn't have to pay for a product. That's just not me. I'm not sure I'll stay in this Sigma program and I don't know if I should do a giveaway of this product at all. What do you think? Anyone wanna try it out? Let me know.

*The tool was sent to me by the company.

Thanks for reading and commenting!


  1. i applaud your honesty!!! i loved how you described popping the brush heads out like trying to get toffifee out of the box- my husband's favourite candy! very descriptive. you made me laugh!

  2. that sucks! I had the Clarisonic and returned it as I felt it did NOTHING for me that the 30$ Olay brush can't. I'm not sure how available the Olay one is for you, but it's a great little (super soft even on my kitten skin!) brush.

    poor girl, nothing worse than a sore face. :(

  3. Mene že ob pogledu na te krtačke zapeče koža. Ampak moja je precej občutljiva...

  4. Don't feel bad about giving a bad review to a product from a company you're affiliated with, it's an intelligent and honest thing to do. If you didn't like it, say it, otherwise you will lose all credibility with your readers! If Sigma stops sending products to you because you give fair and honest reviews, bad for them, they will lose credibility as well, and if you don't feel like giving one of this set away, don't. It's your blog, your house, your rules!

  5. Sigma now changed their incentive program, right? I'm kinda disappointed, because I got E25 as a gift and the brush is really great. Most of their brushes are. But the new gifts seem to be the ones that don't sell that well, it seems that they just want to get rid of the stuff. I also gave up, because I don't want to become a blogger who insanely collects followers for the sake of prizes.

  6. The photos of the brushes didn't looked appealing to me to buy it, but maybe I would buy this if they ship to Slovenia someday... read some good reviews on it... but I am also thinking that is worth to buy the Clarisonic mia... will see... for now I just use manual face brush from Muller and I have mixed emotions about it, somedays I love it, somedays I just skip using it :)

  7. Girl, I don't know if you really have bad luck with sigma or the products really suck...
    In our country, bloggers talk so nicely of it all, and I was seriously thinking of buying a brush set for me, but now I don't know anymore. Are our bloggers just talking sweet because it was for free and from the affiliate program or maybe you just had bad luck (again and again...)? Or maybe our nacional brushes are so bad that the sigma ones look marvelous? =X

  8. That doesn't sound fun at all...but you sure made me laugh! Mmm toffifee ^^ And that speed regulation with stuff splashing around, instantly saw it before me, lol.

    But more serious now, I wouldn't try this out myself, I don't think it looks all that handy and stuff, even though it's pink. Your review only added to that :)

  9. aww, sad to read that :( when I saw the title I was completely excited about it, I expected it to be awesome.. shame on Sigma..

  10. Thanks for a detailed and honest (and funny) review, I always appriciate honesty, especially in circumstances like these.

  11. Thank you for sharing your honest opinion.

  12. Hello,
    i don't comment often but i love reading your blog. Your posts and pictures are so neat (and i don't mention the drops so we can see the colour of the products).
    The brush heads do look harsh so i'm not surprised it didn't make any good to your skin :(
    Otherwise, i loved the use of the "toffifee" technic, made me smile ! :) (also laughed a lot with the special tutorial you posted a few days ago, but it's late and i don't remember if i commented, so better say things twice then never!)
    Keep posting :)) !

  13. Great review, thanks for posting so honestly!


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