Friday, September 30, 2011

Ruby Kisses - All Purpled Out

I still have my Depend crackle manicure on and I don't wanna remove it anytime soon. It still looks OK, with a minor chip on one nail and that's a rare thing. Most nail polishes usually chip on me the very first day. It's time for another ''from the vault'' post.

Essence, Break Through, 2 coats + Ruby Kisses, All Purpled Out, 1 coat

I should probably add another coat of Ruby Kisses, but I didn't feel like it at the time. I like glitters, but only if they're dense enough. And this one isn't. It looks great in the bottle, but when you try to apply it, you only get a couple of glitter particles in a clear base. Not crazy about it at all. What do you think?

I got a package from England this morning. Thank you so so much, Nail Stories! You should check out her blog if you're into nails (which you probably are, otherwise you wouldn't be here), it's really good! It's tea tasting time ... and I got Highland shortbread fingers as well, oh my ... they taste so good! I already tried the Twinings Earl Grey and it's not the one I was looking for. Right now I'm waiting for my cup of Sainsbury's Earl Grey to cool a bit, but by the sniff I took, I don't think it's this one either. Darn! I guess I'll never find that mysterious tea... Can't wait to try Yorkshire tea for the first time and Jasmine Earl Grey. That's it. I'm moving to England.

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Oh no! I was really hoping the mysterious tea would be the Sainbury's one because it's so fragrant. I'll keep investigating! I'm curious now! :)
    BTW - love the electric purple nails!

  2. Yay tea! Lol, I'm totally blog-damaged, my first thought was "I can't wait for a swatch of what it tastes like". Wtf.. :D

  3. @Nail Stories: You know what, maybe there is another answer to this secret - maybe I have it in my mind as the most awesome earl grey I ever had and maybe it just wasn't all that. =) I'm gonna keep saying that to myself. Hee hee

    @lackynails: You're totally getting some color drops and quick swatches!!! XD Now that I've tried the Twinings and Sainsbury's one I can say I like the second one better. It has more bergamot and the taste is softer than Twinings.
    I'll let you know about the other teas when I try them.

  4. I have a few Ruby Kisses polishes, some of them glitters, and unfortunately I feel the same way about not having enough coverage. I love the brand though!

  5. You don't want to come to England; Essence isn't sold here ;-)

  6. I'm so jealous of your beautiful nails. And the combination of the varnish is stunning!

  7. @jess//hello, polish!: And I only got two glitters. I should get one of the cremes next time I see them.

    @Laura: I haven't thought about that... Hmmm.

  8. I actually picked up this color in probably May and still have yet to wear it because of the sheerness. :/

  9. I saw it in beauty supply store and had a sneaking suspicion it was sheer. I have picked it up 100 times...wishing it came out as it shows in the bottle.

  10. Have you tried Ahmad Tea? It's sold in almost every souvenir shop in London and I swear - surely I'm not professional taster of tea - their Earl Grey is the best I've ever drunk:) Luckily, they sell it in my hometown, sadly far away from London:)

  11. Your nails look amazing, as always :D
    I like that the glitter is not so dense, so that you can see the base color still.

  12. I hope you do find your special Earl Grey tea. I also hope it will be available in the US. Now I'm going to put on the kettle and have a cup of Twinnings Earl Grey tea. It's the only one I like so far. I do like the glitter. It's perfect for letting the base color show through.


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