Saturday, September 3, 2011

Weekly Sum-Up #1

Sometimes there's just so much going on that I decided to do a weekly post on miscancellous things, thoughts, books, movies, photos, music ... well, everything. I'll also throw in some of my favorite links/posts of the week and I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do.

First of all - yesterday Mother Nature reminded us she's still the boss. We had hailstorms in many areas in Slovenia. A lot of crops are ruined, but we (my family) didn't suffer any damage, since we don't have the vineyard anymore. It wasn't too bad though, I've seen worse.

There's nothing like nature right after the storm ...

I know I've been nagging a lot about the new Sigma tool I received and reviewed, but things actually got worse yesterday. The pain didn't go away and my skin was becoming very red. My mother was shaking her head, my sister's BF asked me if somebody punched me ... =) No, it was that brush tool and I swear I didn't press it too hard on my skin. Cross my heart. Here's a photo of the redness and I can just tell you it looks really innocent on the photo. And sorry about the close up of my bare skin ... I didn't want to use any Photoshop on this one.

Links and posts of the week:

Show your nails on Oooh, Shinies!

Wanna see one of the most gorgeous red lipsticks ever? Head over to Scrangie's blog.

Sweet Sugar did one of the best Beach Manicure's ever.

Top 5 Nail Tips by You've Got Nail.

If you're like me and don't own any Apple products, but wanna know what it's like, HERE's something for you.

FYI, right now I'm dealing with the worst Catrice nail polish ever. I'll make sure to let you know about it ASAP. When there will be photos, of course. And later I'll go check on our little dormices - hopefully I'll be able to make some photos, so you can see them as well. Can't wait. =) Until then ...

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Woah! I like these weekly posts for everything! Good idea for you (organization!) and for readers (like a date!) ;)

  2. The leave pic is amazing!! I really love those photos of flowers and plants!
    and OMG! Get well soon with your skin!!!

  3. I got a Sigma kit as well and then had to realize that I am allergic to their real hair face brushes, the eye brushes are okay for me but with the face brushes I got red skin and all that as well :( Now bought some Real Technique ones and those work well for me

  4. I love the wide range of subjects of your posts :) Love the pictures and some TLC for your poor skin!

  5. You have the clearest and most beautiful skin I have seen in macro! So jealous!

  6. OMG, your skin really isn't okay. :( Love the Apple story though. :D

  7. Uf, ta reč ti je pa res fajn kožo zdrgnila :( upam, da čimprej mine :3
    In mislim, da je dobro, da nam narava vsake toliko pokaže, da je "šef". Včasih pač pozabimo na to...

  8. O, super! Všeč so mi take objave!

  9. My skin looks like that when my rosacea flares up (when my undereye retinol gets on my cheeks by accident or when I wash my face too often with a washcloth). My best suggestion is to try an icepack for short periods of time and be sure to put a soft towel between the ice pack and your skin. If you don't have an ice pack, you can use a bag of frozen vegetables or even ice in a plastic locking bag (Ziplock). I hope it gets better soon - it looks very painful.

  10. Love to have this as a regular feature. What happened that your family doesn't have the vineyard anymore? I've also been remiss in asking after your Father! I hope he's doing well. Your poor skin. You really must been sensitive to that machine. Your skin looks so pretty and clear, except for the redness. Lucky you. I have such large pores. Those are some big pieces of hail. It's gotten a bit less hot here in New Jersey. It's still very much summer here. Hope your having a nice weekend sweetie. (((hugs)))

  11. WOW that hail is huge! Your skin is amazing. I hope the redness gets better soon though, that must be sore :(

  12. Upam da ste uredu, na našem koncu Slo. hvala bogu ni bilo toče.
    Jaz imam tudi tako rdečo-razdraženo kožo ampak ne uporabljam nič posebnega. Zjutraj se zbudim in to je to, zato moram uporabljati podlago vsak dan, da vsaj malo skrijem rdečico, tako da si ti ena velika srečka z zelo lepo kožo

  13. I was there for my weekly blogroll visit and noticed you linked my Beach manicure with such nice words ...
    Oh, i'm blushing right now, thank you so much for that :)


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