Saturday, September 24, 2011

Weekly Sum-Up #4

It's Saturday again. Time really flies by.

First of all - I need your help. Once upon a time I got a package from a really sweet girl from England. I wouldn't be me if I actually remembered who she was (I knew it then, but forgot). She sent me the best Earl Grey tea I've ever tasted. There were just round tea bags in the package, no label, no anything. I could smell the bergamot when the package was still unopened. I'll looking for that tea. I need it in my life. This Lipton Earl Grey I drink now is OK, but it doesn't even come close to the real thing I got from England. Any tea junkies out there? Can you please help me? *puppy eyes*

This are my new beauty tubes: Balea Vitamin Cocktail face mask, Essence Tint It lipgloss in Turn to Lucky and AOK peeling. Are you interested in any of these? Should I write a review or not?

I really need to stop buying nail polish, because I can't update my database on a weekly basis. I'll do it once a month, hopefully. What happened? My BF took me to Müller store yesterday and they had all the new Essence products. Well, most of them. I got the last Crack Me! polishes in Silver and Blue.

I finally decided to buy Barefoot Through the Moss nail polish from the Natventurista Trend Edition. I've held it in my hands before (for four times to be exact) , but I just couldn't make up my mind about it. Now it's mine and I can't wait to try it. I also got Galactic Black from the new Colour & Go line. And another bottle of Blue Addicted.

The summer isn't over yet (EDIT: Actually, it is. *blushes*), but I'm already preparing for winter. This Kenny-from-South-Park-style hat should keep me warm. My hair does a pretty good job at that, but still. FYI: I'm wearing Stargazer 155.

Links and posts of the week:
Elsa P. from Like a Candy Shop is tempting me with this gorgeous NYC polish.

Sarah B. from Them Pretty Colors showed us some awesome holographic polish comparisons.

Akinator is a website I found out about via Twitter and that kept me busy for quite a while. Think of any real or fictional character and Akinator will try to guess who it is. He's good!

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Do you remember what colour the outer package of the tea was? Usually supermarket branded teas are in round tea bags but so is Tetley for example. I drink supermarket branded tea and prefer it to PG Tips or Tetley!

  2. @Nail Stories: No, she just sent me a couple of round Eary Grey tea bags. With no string and paper, no labels... She put it in a clear plastic bag and sealed it. It was soooooo scented and so good. Which is your favorite Earl Grey tea?

  3. Oh, I love Earl Grey... my favorite is Twinings Earl grey tea, but it's quite expensive but SOO worth it ^^

  4. They could have been some supermarket brand as I remember picking Sainsbury's Earl Grey (the fairtrade kind) and it was great...
    I hope your friend will remember sending you which tea so the great mystery will be unveiled :)

  5. I'm thinking maybe it could have been Twinings then. I don't drink Earl Grey very often but when I do it's Twinings! I can put some in the post for you if you want?! My favourite tea is Yorkshire, it's the best brew I've tasted.

  6. O, I used to drink so much good tea when I live in Riga, and enjoyed their Tea houses :)
    I would be interested in review of the peeling.
    And this week I want to say thanks to the Balea Teebaumöl Maske, which calmed my face very much. All of the red spots are gone :)
    You are ready for winter, looking nice :) I am still preapearing for autumn :)

  7. I'm a serious tea-junkie, but I have no idea which tea that could be.. however I can get you the real thing from my tea shop, but that might turn you into a tea-junkie too :D (lol, I'm watching South Park right now, the one where Kenny dies)

  8. @Nanethiel: I tried Twinings Earl Grey, but it's not my favorite. They might have a different quality for different countries though. It happened before.

    @stregalice: It could be, I'll see if I can get my hands on some. Thanks!

    @Nail Stories: I'm e-mailing you right now. =D

    @B.: Just a quick spoiler - I love the peeling so far. =) Have to get Balea Tee Tree Oil mask the next time I see it. I got three other masks from them the other day, but they're in bags. Will post about them too.

  9. @lackynails: Oh, honey, I already AM a tea junkie! =D I can never say no to a good tea, that's for sure. Oh, and I take mine without sugar. Sugar and tea - yuck! =D Is that the part where Kenny dies and everybody laughs?

  10. Hm, če imaš rada izrazit vonj in okus Earl Greya ti priporočam kar tistega, ki ga lahko kupiš v čajnici. V Ljubljani, na primer, v Cha. Meni je res všeč, kar poživi te, pa cela soba tako prijetno zadiši. :) Sicer pa pijem tudi tega, ki si ga fotkala, ampak sem totalen tea junkie, tako da si najpogosteje kupujem kar v čajnici čaje, tako da jih potem precedim, so najbolj izrazitega okusa. Če bi poskusila, pa nimaš v bližini nobene čajnice, mi magari piši, pa ti pošljem en 50g paketek. :)

    AOK piling pa *obožujem*! Super mehka koža, pa celo večnost ti zdrži tudi ob redni uporabi. Me pa zanima, kako se bo obnesla Balenia maska. :) Oh, Barefoot Through the Moss je fantastičen odtenek, super, da si ga dobila. Pa zelo lepo se nanaša! :)

  11. @Ulmiel: Uf, Cha je moja najljubša čajnica (kaj več tako ali tako nimam za izbirat XD). V boljših časih sem imela doma skoraj 30 različnih Cha čajev. Moram pa priznati, da me je njihov Earl Grey razočaral. Ko enkrat poskusiš pravo stvar, ni nič več dosti dobro.

    Piling sem uporabila že dvakrat in je res super. Mi je všeč, ker je gost in ne teče (kot moj prejšnji CadeaVera - groza!).

  12. HI my fav from earl grey's is brand whittington (eraclea collection) .
    And i totally understand you I and my mum create small tearoom in our house we have so many different teas :) sometimes impossible to choose one

  13. I'd ove to read your opinion on the tint it lipgloss and whether it really changes color. ^^
    As for the tea, I'm not a big fan of Earl Grey myself but if the tea bags were round, I'd say it was Typhoo.


  15. omggg i want a bottle of essence's blue addicted soooo badly but we don't get it here in aussie): and i can't afford lippman so..

  16. You are so cute! I love those colors!!


  17. i know this is going to sound weird, but i looooove how your eye kinds falls over your lashes? like the part right below your highlight area and the crease. i just love how it

  18. I try to love other teas but I just can't. I love Earl Grey and that's it! Twinnings is my brand. That doesn't come in a round. I'd love to try a brand that has a bit more bergamot. I won some tea from a blog and I chose the Earl Grey. It was awful & didn't taste like Earl Grey at all. Thankfully a friend took it off my hands. I couldn't bear to drink it. Love the hat! Totally a Kenny hat.

  19. @Aelin: It would be great if I had my own tearoom. =D

    @Faye: OMG, so many tea brands I don't even know. I wish I lived in England...

    @Me!: It does look like that tea... I should take a look and see if they ship to my country.

    @Nicole: Why don't you try swapping with one of the EU ladies. I'm sure they'd love to get their hands on some Aussie polish.

    @Alexisaurus: Thank you! =)

    @Beanie: Not weird at all. I hate my eyelids, but what are you gonna do...

    @Lucy: Well, not all of them are the same and Twinnings Earl Grey I get here isn't that good. I really wanna try some of that real UK stuff again. =D

  20. Moj mož je ekspert za čaje in jih kupuje preko interneta iz Anglije. Dobiš jih tukaj Vem samo to, da vsak, ki je začel kupovat pri njih, je postal tea junkie:) Pa dost bolj so kvalitetni, kot v Cha...preverjeno...

  21. Lol, actually it's the one where Kenny dies and everyone is sad. The only one I think :D
    I should have a tea blog too, or combine it with nails, for tea n' nail junkies!

  22. Pijem veliko čajev vendar redko iz čajnice tako da ti ne morem pomagat, bi pa rada videla kako se obnese spreminjajoči se lip gloss in siv crackle :)

  23. Unfortunately I've no idea what brand your tea bags might have been, but I'd recommend looking for an Earl Grey scented with real bergamot oil, not artificial flavouring. There's a big difference in taste! (Supermarket brands don't use oil, that's why the packaging says 'with a taste of...' or something similar)
    I write about tea, but only in Swedish at the moment. I'm in the process of finding a real-oil version of EG for daily drinking and the Earl Grey I have liked best so far is Canton Tea Co's Superior Earl Grey.

  24. Thanks for posting my link sweetie <3 !!

  25. Nihrida, kako si zadovoljna s tem glosom? Zelo bi bila vesela, če bi mu namenila par besed v kakem postu. Hvala :)


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