Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bad Video, Product Placement and Something on Selling Out

Every once in a while I get a sudden urge to post about everything and nothing. It's one of those times, so I won't take it personal if you don't read this mess. =)

First of all, I'd like to say something about press samples and bloggers. Jacie from You've Got Nail wrote a post titled ''Am I Selling Out'' about it not too long ago and it really made me think. Is it really that bad to receive samples and review them in return? I say, if you remain honest, there's nothing bad about it. I can't count the times I've searched for reviews on the internet before buying a certain product - that's good for me, 'cause it saves me money most of the time. And if someone say something is good and it doesn't work for you, that doesn't mean that person is being dishonest. I don't know if it's the jealousy talking or what. What do you think?

Moving on to a bad video. Don't ask me how I managed to see the new Britney Spears Criminal video... it's a long story. The (not so) important thing is that I did see it. If anyone is selling out, it's her. I haven't seen so much product placement since the Lady Gaga Telephone video. And the video is bad as well. You gotta see it...

I mean ... who wears a wrist watch like that with an evening dress? I don't care what the fashion experts say, it just looks bad.

Women used  to go to the bathroom to powder their nose, but who needs powder, when you can wear more perfume. They're gonna know she's wearing radiance, whether they want it or not.

Before miss Spears runs away with a ''criminal'', she acuses a fellow young lady of being a prostitute. Very classy.

And there's another shot of the watch. Oooooh, it's Swarovski? Then it's OK, you can totally wear this with your evening dress. *in Borat's voice* NOT!

The only 'criminal' thing about this video (besides it's title) is how bad this fake back tattoo looks. I can't even find the words...

Store shots are quite popular these days. Rihanna used them too in her new We Found Love video, where she stole some things with her boyfriend, but Britney isn't a woose. She brought her gun and robbed the place.

Citroen should be so proud!

Titanic? No, it's still BS's video.

I'm gonna stop before someone start screaming at me, telling me to 'leave Britney alone!'. That's why I won't comment the music and her singing. *shivers in horror*

Since I already mentioned Rihanna's new video - I guess Nivea and her became BFFs.

BTW: Why does We Found Love remind me of a movie? Ever seen Requiem for a Dream? *hint* I'm not gonna lie, I kind of like it.

P.S: I think it would be fun to cut all of my hair off. I'm gonna hide the scissors, go sit in a corner and wait for it to pass. Damn you, Britney!


  1. I have absolutely ZERO problems with bloggers accepting and reviewing samples, so long as they follow ethical protocol. The problem I DO have is with those who seem to enter the blogging world with the sole purpose of being popular, and then not-very-subtly make it known that they're MORE than happy to be contacted by manufacturers and their PR people.

  2. I haven't seen Britney's new video yet, but you are 100% right.

  3. I don't think it is selling out. I would love to get free stuff from companies that I am interested in, because it would allow me to review more things without it costing me an arm and a leg to do so.

    It is selling out when you give dishonest reviews in the hopes of getting more items, if you are paid to give a good review, or if you give good reviews so that people will buy through your affiliate link. I think most people are savvy enough to see through that now.

    I think the FTC requiring a disclaimer allows consumers to decide for themselves if a review seems honest.

    I read reviews from people I follow, and I think that allows me to get an idea of what that person is like and what their level of honesty is. I think this is the best way to form an opinion of a review.

    Wow, that was long winded lol! As a blogger myself I now understand just how big a financial investment it is to provide regular reviews, so if a blogger occasionally gets things for free it is of no consequence to me.

  4. I have no trouble with bloggers accepting PR products - IF they're completely honest about the review. I don't want to read review after review about how they LOVED each and every product. And I don't want it shoved in my face that "you" get products of this and of that. Just tell me what I want to know, show me some pics and get on with it. As for the BS's just that...BS. I'm not a BS fan. Never have been; never will be.

  5. PMSL @ 'Citroen must be so proud'. Nothing like a bit of gun crime to reinforce a brand image. Just shows how very little conceptual thought goes into pop promos these days compared to the thought that goes into driving up profits and attention. But then again it is a song about how she's okay about being in love with a criminal.... Maybe she's saying subtly she's ok about robbing these advertising criminals too?

  6. Britney use some kind of "Nihrida pose" on first picture. And yes, fake tattoos sucks.

  7. Jaz pa sem še danes bila tako zelo navdušena nad pesmijo, pa še spot mi po dolgem času ni bil brezvezen. ampak sedaj ko visim vse te podrobnosti.. ojoj :)

  8. Videos like this make me especially angry because they teach people that this crap is acceptable. Accusing someone of being a prostitute? Being with a criminal? RObbing a store? At gunpoint? What - The - Hell!? Horrible... This world is going down the tubes...

  9. lol.this made my day. love the analysis on bs... pun intended.

  10. LOL - that Borat's NOT comes to my mind pretty much every day at various occasions xD

  11. Hehe, I know those moments, some of my blog entires are so long I bet noone read them ever.

    As for the sell out part, I love YGN post on it ... and I think recieving samples is far from sell out. I say why not. It's a good way to show products and companies (at least American ones) discovered that. People read blogs, it's a fact. What's essential about the whole reviewing thing is that the review is honest. I fell in love with a certain blog, and enjoyed reading it for a few months, until I noticed that every single product the blogger recieved was superb in her review, even if she was the only one on blogsphere who gave the positive review - the difference on reviews of free samples and the ones she paid for herself was just too obvious. It can happen a few times, but not every single time you're reviewing something. I think honesty is the key. That's when noone will call you a sell out, at least they won't have a point in doing so.

    I won't go into the Britney Spears failure. For me it starts with her music, the details only make me laugh, they're so stupid. I'm guessing these are her perfumes or something? I remember smelling one in Muller and I almost choked at the sweetness of it. I greatly dislike her music and I don't follow most of the popular one anyway so I can't really say anthing smart about it. :) I really laughed at your fake tattoo comment though, haha. :D

  12. I am ok with bloggers receiving products for review but there are still a couple of things that bother me like the fact that the companies are using it as a very cheap way to have good advertising. And also the fact that some blogs end up doing nothing else than products reviews and tend to be too much on the enthousiastic side.
    I don't know. Like many things it is good as long as it is well done. But I definitely think that the people who criticize that are a little bit jealous.

    And also, I read mostly French blogs and since last week we are seeing the same series of golden make up on every one of them. Every single french beauty blog. And this is just annoying to read. But now I really feel like buying this golden eye shadow... lol!

    And last, I like the way you review products because you don't hesitate to be critical and it is just a post every now and them, not all of your posts.

  13. I hadn't seen the Criminal video before, just watched in now and I have to agree... the product placement is just so ridiculous and in-your-face! I mean, come on! Who goes to the toilet at an event/ party and puts perfume on? The camera shots on the products are so shameless! However, I'm partial to pop music and the video is somewhat sexy, exactly what we would expect of Britney.

    The Rihanna video - totally Requiem for a Dream. The fast motion, the pills, dilating pupils, their infatuation and ultimate destruction! Oh, and what about the Sanex body wash on the edge of the bath there?!

  14. Great post. Very good analysis of the Britney ad, oops, videoclip.

    As for the sell out bit, a few blogs do seem a bit like the TV shop channel, always talking wonders about the products from such and such brands or products that are sooo great. I don't think they're selling out for the shake of getting freebies -the thought has simply never crossed my mind-, to me it just makes them boring. It's similar to all those GlossyBox posts, you love reading the first 5 but after that it's just, Ok, here comes another one. Perhaps it's a question of timing, if you wait say, a week or more to tell your thoughts about it, your review will be more solid and your readers will read it with more interest.

  15. I enjoy long posts. I also find nothing wrong with bloggers accepting samples. I would never expect to go out and buy every polish & beauty item available. Unless your filthy rich you have to accept samples. Honest opinions are welcome. I can tell who is being honest. I don't like blogs that state they accept samples. Just doesn't seem right. Britney Spears makes me want to vomit. I don't think she can sing & I really can't stand that genre of music. I love rock music & BS would rot my brain!

  16. Heck, you want bad product placement? The No Air video (yeah, the Jordin Sparks/Chris Brown one). There's the T-Mobile branded phone shots, the Nike shoes shot which they tried to disguise as a dancing shot, the BMW logo shot, and then the huge sweeping shot of mark cosmetics all over the counter with absolutely no relevance (which was because, at the time, Jordin was a spokesperson for mark).

    I don't see anything wrong with gratis. As long as the company doesn't expect a positive review or promotion in return, and the person who receives it is honest, it can be a pretty great practice. I've received free samples from a couple companies; one asked that I post an honest review in return, and the other asked for feedback but said a review wasn't necessary. If the people who read my reviews know that I did receive the samples for free but my opinions are 100% honest and my own, where's the harm?

  17. Haha this was funny :) The watch was really ugly with that dress!

  18. Have you ever seen Jennifer Lopez video "On the Floor"? I think it's the father of all the selling out videos. Swarovski, BMW... You feel dirty just by looking at it.
    Anyway, I don't see what's the problem if a blogger reviews some samples she got; things only get nasty if said blogger starts to recommend awful products just because the company said so. But I don't think it's very common...

  19. This whole post is so great... LOL. Thank you for brightening my day!

  20. Haha, I like this post :))
    Tattoos are hilarious!


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