Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Best Top Coat Ever?

Is it possible? Could I have just found my holy grail top coat in Essence Nail Art Sealing Top Coat? It's been sitting in front of me for over a year, untried.

I don't wear one manicure for a longer period of time. I actually change my nail polish quite often and it's not all because of me being a polish junkie or because of this blog. The main reason is chipping. It doesn't really matter which brand of nail polish I'm using, they all chip on me sooner or later. Usually sooner - it mostly happens within a day after me putting the mani on. I consider myself a really lucky girl if I manage to get through the first day without chips. It's driving me crazy.

I used to use a fast drying top coat (Seche, 'David') and it used to be a must-have for me. Later I convinced myself I didn't really need one - neither Seche Vite neither David are available where I live and I was tired of having to order a tiny bottle from the ''other side of the world''. What followed was a topless part of my manicure life. Until my Depend Cracked Effect mani. That's when I used Essence Nail Art Sealing Top Coat for the first time. I liked the manicure so much, I knew I wasn't gonna remove it until it chips (and it should happen in a relatively short amount of time). It didn't chip. I thought that was weird and ''blamed'' it on the awesome Depend crackle.

The next time I used sealing top coat was with the Guppy Sanding Fruit Extract nail polish.

This is how my manicure looks on day 3. I can't believe my eyes. No chips, no tipwear. Usually I just look at my nails and the polish chips away. I washed my hair today and that means I got to massage my head, soak my nails in shampoo and hot water and whatnot for 10 minutes. It didn't chip. Then I washed the dishes in hot, hot water (without the gloves of course). And here they are. My nails after all the horror, chip free. I'll keep using this top coat to see if it's really the reason for my freakishly long lasting nail polish.

Ladies, this might be the best top coat ever...

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Wow, that's good going! My polish never lasts either, like you I just have to look at my nails and they chip so I'll be interested to see how it lasts! I bet I wont be able to get it here in the UK though :(

  2. nemoj zezat!
    bila sam oduševljena njihovim 'better than gel nails' top coatom, super ako je ovaj još bolji, obavezno ga probam ;-D

  3. hudo! do zdj sm bla addicted na Manhattan top coat, sam mi je razmazal mal laka ko sm dvakrat potegnila čez :( definitivno grem tega kupit tkoj ko lahko! tnx 4 beeing a nailpolish addict :P

  4. Yay I love finding topcoats that actually work! I hope. Shame they don't sell that here though!


  5. Drying time?
    Is it still available, because you said you had it like a year ago?

  6. I swear by Seche Vite especially because of the 'vite' part, but not so much on durability of the polish underneath. My polish usually chips on Day 3 so I consider myself somewhat lucky, I guess.
    I've tried the Essence Better than gel nails and am impressed. The drying time is good too and I haven't noticed much improvement regarding durability as opposed to Seche. My manis still chip when I wash my hair.
    Pity these are only available in places with both Essence displays, meaning I'd have to order online.

  7. I dislike the whole 'order one tiny bottle from the other side of the word'-thing too, when it's for a special color it's usually alright, but for a basic like topcoat.. nah.

    ..Which is why I bought the essence better than gel nails top sealer, that is quite thick too and does Seche Vite's job of making even glitter polishes glossy and speeding up the drying process rather well.

  8. WOW!! This review came at the perfect time, because my top coat is low and I need to get more.

  9. My all time favorite will always be Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri :).

  10. Wow, I'm impressed. I usually use Orly Sec N' Dry, but this Saturday when I painted my nails, (with Essie "little brown dress") I didn't add a topcoat and my nails already show a lot of tip wear and a small chip. Grrrr... I'll see if I can find Essence to compare it with Orly. Thanks for the nice review Nihrida!

  11. I actually bought this top coat because of some good reviews, and my nailpolish stay till day 5 now with normal daily activities. And during the summer, one weekend I went to the sea with red nail polish and survived 3 days in the salt water with minimal chipping out on the edges. I was so happy when I saw that mine is still on, and the nailpolishes of my friends was half gone :)

    But I have one question, do you also find that the brush of this topcoat can make bubbles? I think I read somewhere that it is better to use another brush.

  12. This topcoat is really good, I've been using it for quite some time now... Doesn't chip so quickly and it dries rather fast.
    And I love your mani and blog! :)
    Xoxo, Peppi

  13. Hi!!!
    I bought that top coat two times, because the long lasting effect is pretty good, but I felt that when it's going to end has a really bad aplication and I can't use it... I don't know why, but that only happen to me with the Essense Nail Art Sealer

  14. Ill be interested to see how you get on. Your base coat recommendations have been spot on so now you've found a top coat that works too I'll probably get it just to see for myself. Any thoughts on how it might work with foils and wraps to avoid the wrinkle effect that's still causing me issues?

  15. I have the same problem with chipping, so I got to try this too, thanks :)

  16. Thank you for the review!!
    You make me want it now!

  17. Odlično moram ga probati, iako moji nokti svakako ne mogu bez drugog laka nakon 3-4 dana, jednostavno žude za drugom bojom. :P

  18. To je pa zanimivo slišat. Jaz Seche naročim kar v ta veliki steklenički z ebayja - ravno toliko stane, da mi ni treba plačat carine in potem sem dobra za kakšno leto.

    Saj niso ukinili tega skupaj z novim jesenskim programom? Vem da vsa Essence lepila in podobno so šla rakom žvižgat.

  19. @Helly: There's always swapping... =)

    @nail crazy: Če je boljši ne vem, ker tistega nisem preizkusila. Pa sedaj mislim, da ga moram. He he

    @urshiusz: Možno je, da ti bo ta tudi razmazal lak, ampak po mojem je vredno. Glede na to, kako dolgo mi drži lak... svaka čast. =)

    @Alexisaurus: Swapping! *hint hint* ;)

    @Biberlee: It's supposed to be fast drying to coat. The drying time is fast to average. It's still available (according to their website + I think I saw it the other day).

    @marox79: Now I really gotta try the Better Than Gel Nails top coat. =)

    @2espresso: Exactly! You're the third person who commented on BTGN Top Sealer. I REALLY need to buy it now. =)

    @Leticia: Hope it works for you too.

    @Yona: It's not available here, so I guess I won't be trying it anytime soon. This one is cheap and it works, why bother with ordering online, right? =D

    @Andrea: You're welcome! I'd love to hear your thoughts on Essence top coat and how it compares to Orly.

    @B.: That's great news. Why didn't anyone tell me about this?! =D I used this top coat only twice and there was no bubbling so far. Some of the girls say it's hard to use it once the products dries a little though. We'll see.

    @Peppi: Thank you so much! =)

    @TheFluorescentGirl: It happens with most of the fast drying top coats. Maybe you could use some nail polish thinner to make it runny again and the application will be much easier.

    @Lianne: I'm glad to hear that. =) I don't know about the foils... It will probably wrinkle them as well. You should really get that special sealer for foils. I guess it's some ingredient in regular top coats that makes them crack and wrinkle.

    @Marina: You're welcome! I hope it will work for you.

    @rock-or-not: =) You're welcome.

    @Violet Fairy: Še vedno bolje, da ostane lak nedotaknjen, kot pa da ga moraš zamenjati zaradi krušenja. ;)

    @Anonymous: Pametno. Sodeč po Essence spletni strani je njihov Nail Art Sealing TC še vedno na voljo. =)

  20. Mmmmh... My top coat is Poshè fast drying, it really dries fast and doesn't shrink the polish, but it tends to go gloopy, for this reason I've bought a big bottle (2 oz) but I'll own it just in november. In the meanwhile I was searching for a cheap alternative, and the other essence top coat didn't make me happy. Soooo I'll surely try to by this one the next time, especially for using it when I make manicures to other people (they aren't bloggers, so they want long lasting polishes XD). Thank you for this advice!!! ;)

  21. So where can we buy this? Online? :) Can't find it on ebay... :(

  22. Če ti priporočaš potlej pa mora biti nekaj posebnega, bom nasledjič pogledala v trgovini.
    A je v takšni neprozorni steklenički, da ne vidiš koliko ga je še noter?

  23. Meni je ovaj losiji od better then gel nails...puuuuno puuuno se sporije suši...

  24. I use this one under ChG Fast Forward and I can wear the same mani for a week or more without chipping! It's such a great TC :)

  25. I'm new to blogging and I have so many new polishes (I went from about 10 to 120) that I swatch everyday but I really would like to give this a try! I wash dishes by hand a lot so if this will really work when I want to keep a mani for a few days then I will definitely look into it! Another great top coat is INM Out The Door sold at beauty supply stores, I don't know if you have that there but its like seche but not super thick! Love the orange with glitter!

  26. I had the same chipping problems but finally it came from my base coat (Catrice), now I use a Gosh base and Seche Vite and my manicures stay soooo much longer :)
    But I'll try that Essence stuff because the main problem with SV is the polish shrinking on the tips ... I can't get rid of this :(

  27. I have the same problem as Helly, ie Essence isn't sold in the UK, but it's great to know that's a topcoat worth trying.
    I didn't have a problem with chipping using Seche Vite but I didn't like the shrinkage. Now I'm using Sally Hansen InstaDry and that gives me chips usually within 24hrs :-(

  28. wow, i should definitely look for it..
    I don't think I ever saw it on Essense stands, but maybe I should look harder.))

  29. Se strinjam. Ga imam vedno doma in na vsake toliko poskusim s kakim novim hitrosušečim (trenutno od Sally Hansen, meh) pa se vrnem k temu, če si želim, da traja.

  30. I have the same problem of yours, just mine is plain tipwear. I guess because of typing on computer with nailtips, who knows!
    Eventually I just stopped applying TC and changed my mani every couple of days, which is funny, but I'm still looking for my miracle product (just in case I want my mani to look nice for more than 24hrs).
    I've been buying every top coat I see in local stores (and Seche Vite on Ebay), I own this one, too and I like it (especially to "seal" stamping), but I haven't noticed a huge difference with others in terms of shielding polish, I will try a comparison sooner or later :-) thank you for the review!

  31. Joj, jaz sem pa ravno danes kupila en drug top coat od Essence - Studio Nails Better Than Gel Nail Top Sealer, v črni embalaži ... Slučajno veš kaj o tem? Menda je zelo dober, če si v naglici in hočeš, da se ti lak hitro posuši.

  32. oh wow, seriously impressed by how impressed you were with this, although now i am upset because this is a right pain in the butt to get hold off. I don't usually bother with top coats: i get bored after 2 days and actually enjoy the process of applying nail polish, but this could be handy when you're on holidays and need a polish which stays! xx


  33. I swear by INM Out the Door top coat :)

    I tried Poshe, Seche and INM, and INM is the best one. It takes a bit longer to dry nail polish, but it doesn't smell and makes my manicures last a whole week without even a tip wear :)
    It also dries very thin, and I don't have a gel feel on my nails :)

  34. Se strinjam, tale top coat je must have. Sicer ni hitrosuseci ampak je super! ^^
    Sem ze pozabila kako zelo rada sem ga imela. Sem pa tudi jaz sedaj furala obdobje brez nadlaka.. ker 20€ za top coat, ki se zgosti ko je na 2/3 steklenicke pac ni kul.

  35. Nubar Diamont is still my all time favourite but I'll defenitely try this one too since their basecoat does an awesome job too

  36. That's wonderful that you finally found a top coat that works. My polish chips pretty fast. Nubar's Diamont usually does a pretty good job. The problem is that it shrinks my polish. The only polish that stays longer is one with glitter. I've got to find a good fast drying top coat.

  37. I might have to try this once it releases in Australia! I ALWAYS have issues with nail polish chipping, peeling off, etc. My nails basically reject nail polish!

  38. How is this polish still holding up? I did a friends nails a week ago. First I spray her nail beds with alcohol. I Then use a hardner as a base coat, two coats of polish; the polish I used was NYC, the dollar stuff from target then I used opi bonder and last "out the door" top coat. People think her nails are gel and it doesnt chip. Its a great top coat, I would love to see you review it. Its a lot of polish so i top it off with delore nail harder, its an oil that dries the polish and moisturizes but its amazing how fast it dries 5 coats of polish. If you dont want that much polish and dont care about a hardner you can use the bonder as a base but I have noticed that if I put the bonder between colors or after the colors it works better, odd. I believe that the bonder, alcohol and top coat make it to where it does not matter what polish you use. Also about 3 days later I then put another top coat on to make it last longer. so if this polish here works great then I would love to try it with my technique if you still like this top coat


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