Monday, October 10, 2011

Essence - Crack Me! Blue

Don't kill me ... it's another cracing nail polish. *hides*

La Femme Beauty, Ice Blue Cream, 2 coats + Essence, Crack Me! Blue, 1 coat

I don't have much to say about this new Essence shade of cracking top coat. The color is amazing and very pretty. You should really see it in real life: dark blue with a lot of lighter green-ish shimmer. I wish this was a regular polish. I bet it would be one of my favorite blue shimmers - and it's so opaque as well. I miss the flat brush, but the existing one is nothing I couldn't work with. The formula is very good and I like the way it cracks. Depend cracking nail polish is still my favorite though.

Essence Crack Me! Blue with top coat.

Do you like this combo?

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Don't worry, I'm not fed up of crackles yet ;-)
    I think this shade is beautiful the shimmer really lifts it.

  2. Predivan je! Predivna boja i crackle efekt :)

  3. Meni je tale zelo všeč, sploh ker boljše razpoka kot stara bel in črn.

  4. Ne vem če veš, ampak Ilirija trgovina na Tržaški ima (ob blagajni) Depend lake veliko ceneje kot DM. Negovalni in navadni barvni stanejo 1,26€ (v DM 1,70e), crackle pa 1,65€ (v DM 2,10€).

  5. I want to see it over black, I wonder would it be as bright on a dark base, or would it just "get lost" on it...

  6. Res je čudovit ampak silver odtenek mi je ukradel srce ;)

  7. This seems to crack a tad better than the white/black that were launched last year.
    The P2 and Depend make the best cracks imo.

  8. I'm just stunned how you're able to capture colours and details so extremely well on photos! I'm also very jealous of your beautiful nails. Mind sharing a few tips on photographing up, close and personal ;)

  9. V bistvu ga lahko uporabljaš tudi kot navaden lak, je videt prav fino :)

  10. I love crackle so you can keep em coming!

  11. @Taya: Že črn Essence crackle razpoka precej bolje kot beli. ;)

    @flecto: Tega pa sploh nisem vedela. O.o Hvala za informacijo!

    @Nanethiel: It wouldn't be as visible as it is over brighter base. It would be visible over black under certain angles, but I don't think that's the best layering combo.

    @MissDoll: O ja, srebrn je čudovit. Še pride na vrsto. =)

    @marox79: Essence can't really compare to Depend crackles, but I haven't tried P2 crackles yet. Based on the photos I've seen, they're really nice.

    @EyeGraffiti: Oh, you have nothing to be jealous about. Two of my nails just broke and I have nubbins again. =) To be completely honest, I don't think my photos are that good. I have no secrets when it comes to photographing: good lighting, lightbox and that's it.

    @tami: Vem, da ne razpoka, če ga nanesem kar preko golega nohta, ampak ena plast zame pač ni dovolj. Ne bi bila ''zdrava''.

  12. This would a great polish that wasn't a crackle. Gorgeous.

  13. I have the same one, but it doesn't crackle as much as it does with you.
    Any tips? How do you apply it?

    1. Try applying it with shorter strokes. That might do the trick.


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