Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Essence - Must Have

I'm gonna miss the discontinued Essence Multi Dimension nail polish line. I really will. Some of the brushes were bushy and some of the formulas were hard to work with, but there were also some real gems in that line. Like this one:

Essence, Must Have, 2 coats

This gorgeous gunmetal grey shimmer covers perfectly with 2 coats. It dries fast, the brush is OK and it looks wonderful. Very rock chic if you ask me. Bye bye, beautiful!

Bonus eye make up, made with:
* Urban Decay Primer Potion
* 88 Matte Eyeshadow Palette
* Essence Black Mania eye pencil
* Max Factor 2000 Calorie
* ES False Eyelashes (A500)

Which are your favorite Essence Multi Dimension shades?

Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. I love this colour. What a pity that this line of nail polishes has been discontinued.

    Beautiful makeup!

  2. That is a gorgeous nail colour! I want it now. :)

  3. Totally must-have! :D
    (From Multi Dimension line) I love "Makes Me Weak". ;)

  4. I actually believe I have only one Multi Domension polish! I don't know, I never liked the brush, I bought one or two shades and wasn't happy, gave them away, and then somewhat reluctantly bought All Access (because of a recommendation I couldn't resist), which is the one I still have and love today.
    The gorgeous dark, teal-ish green shimmer is too cool for my skintone on its own, so I layer it with an old, sheer, slightly shimmery, warm dark green by MNY, and get the perfect dark green shimmer for me. <3

  5. i just love the beautiful make-up :)

  6. woww most beautiful black i have ever seen in nail color love it

  7. It's so nice to see you with fake lashes! OMG your eyes look great, you should do this more often =) where did you buy them from?

    p.s. I love the polish too, but the makeup look just took center of my attention :D

  8. This is really a great shade. I bought it last year and I swatched it too, but my photos weren't good. Anyway, I love all those shimmers! :)

  9. I'm going to miss them terribly too. I know the Colour & Go line has always been very popular, but my first Essence product was a Multidimension polish like eight years ago, so I guess I'm quite attached to them.

  10. @Atqa Beauty: Yeah, I'm sorry I didn't buy more of these MD shades. Thank you! =)

    @Kyky: I googled it. It's a nice peach pastel, but it would look terrible on me. I'm almost completely sure. =)

    @2espresso: And you have the best one! =) All Access is my all time favorite green shimmer. It's gorgeous!

    @Markétka: Thanks!

    @Nanethiel: Thanks! I got the falsies via KKcenterhk: http://www.nihrida.com/2011/05/review-kkcenterhk-es-a500-false.html

    @marox79: Me too. I've been using their black nail polish in Fatal for years.

  11. in looooooooove with the nail polish !!! such a gorgeous colour !!

  12. Totally not nail polish related : I still get over how gorgeous your eyes are.
    And everytime, you post eye make up pics, I am just awed.

  13. Zopet me lak pušča ravnodušno, ampak MU je prekrasen. Tako subtilno in hkrati dramatično. Big lajk. :)

  14. I have it and it's great, you're right (I took stunning pictures). I still can't understand why they discontinued this line, I bought almost all colours I found on sale (to pick a favourite I went through my swatches and I can't choose between their rich cremes as Trendsetter, vampies Midnight Rocker and Purple Cherry, not to mention as some gems like foil Purple Diamond).

  15. This nail polish is an awesome color

  16. Gorgeous grey. Love the shimmer in this. Love those lashes. The makeup is lovely.

  17. That really is a beautiful polish and may I add you have stunning eyes!!


  18. I just re-read my comment: I did a mistake as I meant to write YOU took stunning pics (BTW mine have been taken on a September afternoon and I'm afraid they're too yellow, so I might have to re-swatch).
    How annoying is someone that self-celebrates on another person's post? Sorry!!!

  19. krasan je, meni je totalno must have :-D
    i super ti je make up :-D

  20. Definitivno moja omiljena nijansa iz te linije, nosim je jos od prosle jeseni, bas je taman za kisne dane :)

  21. Sem ga zagledal kako je sameval v košarici pa sem ga kar vzela :)


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